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Iran's Defence Minister accuses US of being a burglar

Updated on March 31, 2017
Donald Trump
Donald Trump | Source
Theresa May
Theresa May | Source

We all know since the Iranian Revolution onwards there have been tensions between the West and Iran, particularly between the US and Iran.

From Jimmy Carter to Donald Trump the US and Iran have had a turbulent relationship but when the nuclear deal was signed there seemed a glimmer of hope.

The deal was signed by the Western powers including the US with Iran to curtail its nuclear ambitions in return for a lifting of sanctions. These sanctions being lifted would enable Iran to be a world player with trade and so ease life for the Iranian people.

Iran and the US whether they liked it or not have been on the same side in the war against Islamic State. The US allowed the Iranian Air force to attack Islamic State positions in Iraq and although Iraq is a sovereign state one does wonder how much the US pulls the Iraqi government's strings behind the scenes.

Ever since Trump has come to power and he took a rather dim view of the Iranian nuclear deal tensions in the Persian Gulf between the Iranians and Americans have been soaring.

Not a month goes by without some sort of incident taking place nothing really serious but it only takes a misunderstanding by either side to get into a shooting match. Iran's Defence Minister Hossein Dehgan has described the American presence in the Gulf as like a burglar trying to break into someone's house and he asked the Americans to stop trying to cause trouble with Iran.

The Defence Minister went on to say what are the Americans up to in the Persian Gulf and they should leave or else find themselves in a lot of trouble.

The Defence Minister was replying to an American General who said the Iranians were a destabilising force in the region. This statement came about from the American General because of Iran's alliances with Russia, North Korea, China, Syria and Hezbollah which are challenging Western, Israeli and Arab nations authority in the region.

The world right now is a dangerous and unknown place and to quote a Chinese curse we truly do live in interesting times.

Iranian Flag

Short Bio of Hossein Dehgan

1) Born Hossein Dehgani Poudeh

2) D O B: 2 March 1957

3) Aged approximately 60 years of age

4) Went to University of Tehran

5) Is an independent affiliated to no political party

6) By Profession is a metallurgical engineer

7) Has served in the Iranian military

8) Fought in Iran - Iraq War

9) Fought in Lebanon War

10) Fought in South Lebanon War

11) Awarded Order of Courage

12) Ranked as a Brigadier General


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