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Iran's Epic-Fail Wink at Goldilocks Trump

Updated on January 16, 2020
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Leila is a freelance writer who targets controversial issues from unique perspectives and a pharmacist who practices the profession in Liban

“I’m wide awake”, Suleimani opens his eyes this fateful Friday morning and embraces an “Enjoy Your Day” drone strike carved with an exclusive message: Made in U.S.A.

But the ultimate question here is: Did Iran really “enjoy their day” that fateful day? And in the midst of this so-called Persian “Tragedy”, was this a “shining glow” disguised as a “painful blow”?

Let’s travel back in time for a moment; According to Captain David Morehouse, one of Americas foremost psychic spies, a CIA top secret program by the name Stargate was established in the year 1991 which was the code name for a secret US army unit established in 1978 by the Defense Intelligence Agency; This unit was created to investigate the potential for psychic phenomenon in military and domestic intelligence applications.

Stargate project involved a tool of the mind called remote viewing which was the ability to remotely view events, sites or information from a great distance. A man of the name Ingo Swann was striving to break free from the mode of casual experimentation and candidate burn out and aimed to develop a set of protocols that place clairvoyance within a framework named “Coordinated Remote Viewing”.

Now of course, the US government is certainly not that naive to base their findings on vague information but will rather go that extra mile to confirm them using scientific tools such as tools of forensic investigation; The more scientific validation they achieve on their findings, the greater the accuracy of this martial art of the mind called “Coordinated Remote Viewing”.

Captain David Morehouse himself claims to have worked on hundreds of remote viewing assignments one of which was a successful attempt in searching a soviet jet that crashed in a jungle carrying an atomic bomb. There is also one very successful remote viewing story about the US governments attempt to detect drug lords; A project called Sun Streak was assigned a task that dealt with detecting ships carrying illegal narcotics. Using this “Intelligence tool” they were able to hunt down Pablo Escobar and other drug pins by accessing their minds to reveal elements of their plans that would not have been obtained by other means.

Some members of Sun Streak were moved into the counter Narcotics Joint Task Force headquarters in Florida where they worked there for nearly a year. In his book “The Psychic Warrior”, Captain David Morehouse states that the commander sent the Defense Intelligence Agency a memo saying that the remote viewers had saved the task force millions of dollars on search and seizure operations.

The “Viewers” were a tremendous success and new power tool in law enforcement. Now over the past few years, there has been a lot of secrecy concerning this unit. However it is important to note that Iran lives by the mantra, “Know Thy Enemy” and so they were definitely in recognition with this highly trained American Intelligence Unit.

In other words, they knew that Suleimani was being tracked by the CRV viewers in the CIA and so Iran had to get Suleimani into the role of actually “planning” sinister attacks on the United States followed by his plane’s arrival at Baghdad International Airport in the early mornings of January the thrid. It therefore makes sense that this was actually a bait trying to drag the United States into such an act especially during times of Impeachment since Iran knew that the United States army which is the most powerful army in the world, was turning against Trump and this was not in their best interest. It is worth reminding our readers that before this event, US army officers were involved in the act of impeaching Trump and this was clearly shown in a breaking news title on CNN during the impeachment phase.

The Iranians would therefore harvest the fruits of their “labor” and turn a convicted president into the American Hero who “saved” America from the so called “planning of sisnister attacks” by Suleimani . and voila! America has now “Successfully” eliminated one of Irans top commanders under the “Powerful” trump administration. It is not in their best interest to have an American President that they have nothing on. If that does not work for them, they would therefore put the blame on the US and use it as a card for future negotiations as in "Look America! You owe me something!". Now the United States can ditch that move and detach themselves from the situation by putting the blame on Trump and ridding the government of those responsible for the mess. Trump was going to be impeached anyway but the Iranians are trying to buy themselves some time by distracting the Americans from the impeachment phase.

Now if Trump really was a true patriot and really does believe that America comes first, he would actually step up and be honest with the intelligence unit and abstain from his constant use of nonstop lies and constant mocking of the intelligence unit because this has greatly damaged the intelligence unit’s belief in themselves and their findings. It is tragic to see a unit with a long archive of successful attempts in narrowing down a lot of investigations and saving millions of dollars and catching a lot of terrorists be ridiculed and weakened by a selfish man who is obviously serving his enemies more than he is serving his people. A true leader does not weaken the most powerful unit in his country by refusing to testify to contradict their findings. And that my friends is why Iran is so relieved that the United States is being run by a Persian-plated Russian man.

Regardless of whether Iran wants Trump or not, America should stay focused on the impeachment trials, because they have every right to free themselves from anything that hinders their growth and they have every right to gain total independence from any act of corruption be it from their interiors or their exteriors.

As for Iran and to their most misfortune, their "Look America! You Owe Me Something!" was met with Americas reverse card singing "Look what you made me do" and the show has finally come to an end.

You can all go home now.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Leila Fawaz


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