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Iran's Government: Collision Course with the West

Updated on January 4, 2010

A Rumor of War

 If there was a banner year for Iranian interference with world peace, 2009 was it. This is a recap:

  • On Nov. 4th, Israeli commandos intercepted an ship 100 miles off the Israeli coast. It carried hundreds of tons weapons from Iran for Hezbollah in the Gaza and Lebanon.
  • since the 2006 war with Hezbollah, Iran has resupplied Hezbollah with 40,000 rockets of short and mid-range abilities.
  • Hamas test fired an Iranian rocket that is capable of hitting Tel Aviv, Israel's largest city.
  • Iran threatend to disrupt the world's oil supplies shipping routes, which would send the price of oil to $300 a barrel. They can easily do this.
  • Iran obtained at least 30 Russian SS-N-22 Sunburn anti-ship missiles to which the West has little abilty to stop.
  • Hezbollah and the Mexican drug cartels established a relationship which allows members of Hezbollah to be smuggled into the US.
  • In October, Iran rejected the West's solution to the nuclear issue, that is, to ship its low enriched uranium  out of the country to Russian and France for high enrichment and returned to Iran for peaceful purposes.
  • In late November, Iran pulled out of the Nuclear non-proliferation treaty and then announced it plans to build 10 new nuclear plants by 2015.
  • Iran and Venzuela are united against the West with weekly flights between the two countries as Iran searches Venzuela for uranium deposits to mine.
  • General Ahmad Vahidi, Interpol's most wanted terrorist, responsible for truck bomb attacks in Buenos Aires in  1992 and 1994, the 1983 Beirut, Lebanon attack that killed 241 Marines was named Iran's Defense minister.

A single word they need to answer is, why? Why to any one of the above. If there is still doubt that Iran's government is the "evil" in the Axis of Evil, one only has to look at the corrupted election that kept the madman, Ahmadinejad, in power. Their numerous muscle flexing of long range rockets clearly meant to put Israel, Saudi Arabia all on notice.

God help the world if Iran does get the bomb. They will use it, and if they don't, they will truly act like a badass punk on the Middle East block with threats and rumor of threats.


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