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Iran's Green Revolution Takes New Form in Rebellion-Nameh!

Updated on February 14, 2012

Elections March 2

While much of the civilian population in Iran does favor the West lifestyle, especially its 30 million under 35 yrs.old, its government does not share this view and promotes hatred against most European and American interests. While the Green Revolution may have been suppressed, it is not dead. Looking for another means to protest and to antagonize its leaders, for the past few months Iranian have been writing letters.

Yes, you heard me--writing letters. This harmless and safe method is taboo and can get one in serious trouble in Iran, especially, when the letters are anti-regime and anti- Ayatollah Khamenei in nasty terms.

Operation Nameh (letters in Persian) in most cases, have the protesters writing letters and sending them via email or posting them on various blogs. They follow the same denunciations its government has a deaf ear towards, accusing the great Khamenei and others of approving of torture, tolerating cooperation, causing economic hardships, breaking Iran's own laws to stay in power. They accuse him of being a selfish asshole who cares only about himself and he is not Holy, but just an old man. They accuse him and his cronies of taking Iran down the path of destruction and ruin with their desire to obtain the bomb at all costs. While many of the letters sent are from average angered citizens, some have come from prominent-previously pro-government personalities who express great concern about this regime and how the Iranian system of government is inherently flawed. Still, most while in public, speak softly among friends about these issues because Iranian secret police are everywhere. A friend may actually be a foe.

Many call the "father" of the revolution in 1979, Khomeini, a cardboard Iman. Then, like now, the country's Khamenei has the silly status of a God, so mythological. In Iran, the powers are known as "vali faqih", he alone, has total power by his word. He alone can overrule other governmental factions and Iran's military and courts.

The reason why this letter writing is dangerous in Iran is because it is illegal, punishable by death, to insult the supreme leader, yet thousands are writing this God-like man in no uncertain terms. Because of the sanctions, many more grow increasingly pissed off about just their daily lives, while their leaders get the best that the world has to offer. This new way to rebell began in November when Khamenei's own cultural advisor urged hundreds to start the campaign. It has continued even he was arrested and remains in jail. The most shocking letter cam from Iran's Revolutionary Guards Admiral Hossein Alaei, which was published in the press and called upon the government learn why the Shah in 1979 deposed-because then, the government was a dictatorship and refused to listen to the people and allow peaceful demonstrations. Then and now are the same. Millions are not happy with the government and want freedom.

Despite all this, odds are nothing will change for the better for the average Iranian.


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