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Iran's Trickery For The World.

Updated on April 9, 2015

Quite a cute trick.

Iran is trying to trick the rest of the world with more demands in the nuclear bomb agreement that is scheduled to be signed in June, 2015.

Its president, Hassan Rouhani, is saying thus,
"We will not sign any agreement, unless all economic sanctions are totally lifted on the first day of the implementation of the deal."

The deal will be between the United States and five world powers, to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, perhaps, "forever". However, to "sweeten the pot" for Iran to be serious about the negotiations, a time frame of some sort, 10 to 15 years, has been worked into it (agreement) to keep Iran's interest in the talks going for now through to the final deal.

We all know that, if Iran ever gets the "bomb", every nation in the Middle East will also want one, making the proliferation of nuclear bombs a reality; in fact,all progressive, as well as progressing nations, will be wanting such a bomb.

Yet, the sanctions that have been imposed on Iran as a precautionary measure by U.S. and the other five world powers will nullify the whole idea of a meaningful agreement, if they are to be removed.

In other words, the sanctions, which are presently leveled against Iran are drastic-ally affecting that country's economy; and that is what is holding Iran at the table to participate in the negotiations leading to the said agreement dealing with Iran's program to build a nuclear weapon; and if they are "lifted" right after the nuclear deal, it (deal) will have no effect.

Iran will have the opportunity to refuse to honor the deal and continue in its nefarious act of researching the means of building a nuclear bomb, which will be a threat to its neighbors, particularly Israel and Jordan, and to the world at large.

If President Barack Obama will have anything to sustain his legacy as president of the U.S., which at the moment looks abysmal, to say the least, he will be the one NOT to sign the nuclear deal, if Iran pushes the demand for the world powers to lift the economic sanctions. Or his reputation will be in tatters for now and eternity.

Iran is playing it smart to trap the rest of the world in a corner that will be hard to come out of, by forcing world powers to commit themselves to a deal that Iran will only be a participant by a simple signature of its representative(s), and practically nothing else to contribute, to hold it (Iran) in its commitment to that agreement. That must never happen.

Iran's trickery to beguile the world is pretty obvious in its current bellicose actions in the Middle East, and its promotion of Islamic terrorism around the globe, and that mustn't be ignored by world leaders.



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    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 2 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      An interesting, seemingly forthright position on a very important agreement. It sure does make me uncomfortable. Thank you