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Is America Fed Up with President Trump?

Updated on August 18, 2017

The Demise of the Trump Presidency

For many, Trump during the campaign seemed like a breath of fresh air with his bravado opinions and show-like antics. His crowds were large in a sea of opinion that most media outlets indicated he could not win. Well, they were all wrong and now we are stuck with this man called Trump.

The disgust of many Republican and others is on the crescendo wave. When a Missouri state senator tweets that President Trump should be assassinated, but then quickly deletes it out of repercussions, it speaks volumes. This thought has no doubt crossed many people's minds since January. When the CEO's of Trump's business round table to bring business back to the USA resign because of his comments of the alt-right hate groups, it speaks volumes. Then, when Trump dissolves this same group of key CEO's in fear of more resigning to save face, it is obviously not good. When there is NO facts about the many things Trump states as fact, like the recent "General Pershing bullets in blood", and even his own supporter, Fox News, exposes his lies, a tidal wave is coming. When the mother of the rundown woman in Charlottesville states she will not speak to the President because of the alt-right racist comments of President Trump, it is stunning.

Now, perhaps, the one area many may actually agree with Trump has been dealing with North Korea. As all agree, the past successive administrations for 15 years have talked and talked and sanctioned NK for nuclear weapon development. NK has sold their technology to Iran. Iran has research engineers in NK for rocket development. When NK threatened Guam, Trump called their bluff with equally provocative talk. This shocked many Americans. When NK was pressured by China after Trump pressured China to do more, NK backed down. Sometimes, talk is cheap and ineffective. This had happened over the many years with NK. At least for now, NK has been put on notice that its antics and threats will not be sanctioned by any of the superpowers. Kudos to Trump for this. It is perhaps his only success. Trump did not create millions of jobs within the past six months, but he did help get to that number.

Trump should listen to the criticism: Fox News said, "There are no good Nazis" and to Heyer's mother, "Think before you speak". All this controversy has happened in just six months, we still have 3.5 years of this. The most laughable thing is that Trump seems to think he will be reelected in 2020!


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    • Alternative Prime profile image

      Alternative Prime 4 months ago from > California

      I watched "Delusional Donald's" latest "HATE Fest" in Phoenix the other night to see what he's trying to PEDDLE to his "SHEEP", and his "ANGRY Aimless Babble" just "BORED me Nearly 2 TEARs" ~ I actually felt SORRY for the rather impotent crowd who were forced to endure the same OLD Tired Racist Laced ROUTINE ~

      Blah Blah Big Useless WALLz....Blah Blah....Make America White Again....Blah Blah I know I'm an Incompetent Moronic IDIOT who thinks he's ABOVE the LAW but PLEASE stick with me ~ Just Sickening to think this ANTI-American BOZO is temporarily occupying OUR White House ~

      Nevertheless, Canadian Business-Persons have begun to REMOVE his Name from their Properties, just in the last couple weeks Hard-CORE Repuplican Congress-Persons are finally beginning to question his competency and mental stability & of course IMPLY Impeachment behind closed doors and even in public, Charities & Corporations are Abanoning him ~ His COLLAPSE Continues ~

      This "Grand CHARADE" which has literally DESTROYED the Fabric of the USA appears to be nearing a conclusion & THANK God for that ~ What will be left underneath the dust covered RUBBLE? WHO knows ~

    • perrya profile image

      perrya 5 months ago

      Thanks for your insight

    • Alternative Prime profile image

      Alternative Prime 5 months ago from > California

      OUR Military Generals & ADMIRALs have indirectly "REBUKED & Condemned" Mr. Trump which of course means they've had just about enough of serving under a Disgraceful, Dangerous, EVIL Minded, "Psychologically CRACKED" Self Serving Clown ~

      Their recent letters which essentially attempt to SEPARATE or Distance themselves from this Mentally Compromised Pseudo-President SIGNIFY a "Abandonment & Dis-Loyalty" which indicates from this point forward, Mr. Trump Receives ZERO Unconditional Support from OUR Armed Forces ~ BAD Sign & EXTREMELY Dangerous with Global & DOMESTIC Violence on the RISE in recent months ~

      When U LOSE the Military, you've LOST the Presidency ~

      The only thing I'm Moderately SURPRISED about is that it actually took this LONG for "Military BRASS" to assert Patriotic ALLEGIANCE to OUR Nation before Allegiance to a Bizzare WEAKLY individual who finds himself and his entire campaign staff and perhaps BEYOND, in the midst of an INTENSE Criminal INVESTIGATION that includes RUSSIAN "Ties, Contact & CONSPIRACY" ~ Better late than never I guess ~

    • Ken Burgess profile image

      Ken Burgess 5 months ago from Florida

      You and others can keep typing this, but it just isn't so.

      Most Americans are sick of CNN (and Fox now that they cleaned house and got rid of most of the conservatives), sick of Congress, sick of the lies, sick of being told by air-headed egotistical idiots be they Hollywood snobs or D.C. elites what to think and what to believe.

      Trump's routine got old before he ever became President... but the crap coming from D.C., Hollywood, and the media that covers and covets everything these turds say is a LOT older, and a LOT more annoying.

      That's why Trump is there, and that's why, despite all the whining hysterics against Trump, he won the election, and still has the support of half the country, and will have it next year, and the year after that, and those numbers will only grow as the economy and jobs numbers continue to grow.

      That's the reality, I wish all the Trump haters would just deal with it and move on... because its not going to change no matter how much whining and complaining is done.