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Is America Getting What They Speak?

Updated on June 18, 2016

Are We Reaping Our Words?

What you think about, you talk about. What you talk about, you bring about. Familiar words to anybody familiar with the law of attraction.

In this very volatile time in history, is America reaping the fruits of our talk for the last 10 years? If we keep talking about certain things, are we destined to have them come about in our reality?

Now, I know that this article may come at a time where everyone is supposed to be in a uniting mood, but this article, I believe, is not divisive, it is merely pointing out a potential problem we have in this country.

What Are We Getting Now?

Let's just run down what has been happening in the US over the last few years:

Mass shootings, violence in the streets, a divisive society, hate crimes, wars, battles. You name it, it is happening.

Why? Why don't these things get any better. Why don't they go away and turn back to positives?

I submit to you, the reader, and the American public is that we keep beating the drum of these issues! Let's look...

What Have We Been Talking About?

Let's have a look at what our society is hearing on a DAILY basis...

The WAR on poverty..............The WAR on ISIS

The WAR on Drugs................The WAR on GUNS

The WAR on obesity...............The WAR on _________ Fill in the blank

We televise wars. We analyse them ALL day on the TV, Radio, and Newspapers

We televise racial acts. Play them over and over and over and over

We refer to states in the election as BATTLEGROUND states. Is America turning into a BATTLEGROUND?

Candidates run ATTACK ads. really? ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK

Republicans and Democrats not working together!

Is this the way to fix these things? We use words that constantly bring about bad things!

What Has Really Happened?


Drugs are out of control

Obesity is out of control

Gun control is out of control

Mass shootings keep happening

and on and on and on

Even though we have waged WAR on them!

Can't We Turn It To A Positive?

How about this:

The initiative for a HEALTHY society

The PEACE movement

A COMPETITIVE ad based on POSITIVE attributes about our candidates

and so on.Let's focus on positive news.

This does not mean that we put our head in the sand and hope it all goes away. We still have to be proactive to solve these issues.

However, let's beat the drum of positive messages. Not WAR and ATTACKS

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