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Is America Safe From Terrorism?

Updated on January 28, 2016

The Southern Border is Wide Open.

Throughout history borders helped to determined that a country was a unique entity. Borders help to eliminate confusion and eliminate territorial disputes. When borders are unclear it sets a country up for problems down the road. The fact that the border in the south of America is open creates a potentially unsafe situation that has many asking, "Is America safe?" It is true that there are border patrol agents stationed there. Their mandate has become unclear as they are often encouraged not to enforce the laws.

The Grid is Not Hardened or Protected.

Many people in America do not understand that the entire way they live their lives depends upon the power grid. The power grid is a fragile thing that can be brought down by such weapons as an electromagnetic pulse event. Such an event would take place if a nuclear device was detonated high above the atmosphere. Once the power was out on this delicate grid it would not be coming back soon. Clearly, we cannot even begin to ponder is America safe until this problem is addressed. Unfortunately, the cost of protecting or "hardening" the grid is very high and the United States is in debt now.

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The Military is Greatly Weakened in Size and Equipment.

In the 1980s and 1990s and for that matter most of recent history, America has been the dominant military force in the world. That has changed however, through a slow and insidious process whereby the military has been cut. Many of the planes and ships are at this time quite old and have worn out parts. Likewise, many vehicles have been altogether cut and not replaced at all. This is not to disparage the courage and bravery of the fine military personnel but they are doing their valiant best with what they have. Yes, it is still a fine military to be reckoned with but is America safe when it is far from its former glory due to the cuts?

Political Correctness Has Forced Many Silent.

Americans have a history of speaking their minds. This is because they are accustomed to freedom of speech. Many however are countering this value of free speech with the idea of "hate speech." Supposedly if hate speech is used then it is unacceptable. Yet many times throughout American history those who dissented were naturally considered hateful by those whom they disagreed with. Offensive speech is still protected speech as it is considered to stimulate natural debate which can only be good for the country. Hopefully that will never change.

Is America safe? At this moment, thank God, it is. But America should stop drifting away from the values that made it safe in the first place.


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    • Shadrack2 profile image

      Shadrack2 16 months ago

      With the current trends across the globe. No one seems to be safe from the terrorism menace.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      bradmasterOCcal 16 months ago from Orange County California

      There was never an apology given by the US Government to its citizens for failing to protect them in their own homeland. The attack on Pearl Harbor was bad enough, but for 911 to happen indicated that the US Government didn't learn from their mistakes.

      During 911, not a single military defense went into action, and our mighty USA was successfully attacked by 19 terrorist, who only spent thousands of dollars to break the security of the US that spent trillions on defending the country from foreign attackers.

      True, there are 60 years between these attacks, but there was less than ten years between the attacks on the WTC.

      So, I would say that it would be wishful thinking to say that we are safe from terrorists attacking our homeland today, or in the future.

      As you said, PC has given an advantage to the terrorists, along with not securing our borders from both terrorists, and the drug cartel.

      The US has always been reactive rather than proactive when it comes to terrorists. They are always looking for a repeat of the last terrorist type of attack, while the terrorists are moving in another direction.

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