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Is America the next target for a Nuclear Assault?

Updated on April 14, 2010

Iran on route to building a nuclear bomb?

According to senior military and intelligence officials, Iran could amass enough nuclear material to create their very own nuclear bomb. Judging by the recent altercations between Iran and the United States of America, we could be the next target of a nuclear strike. These allogations claim that Iran may be able to construct a nuclear missile strong enough to reach the United States within a year tops. Are we in danger?

A lot of stories by politicians can be proven to be false or simply an over-reaction. Even though this may be just a way to scare America, we should keep this possibility in mind. Iran is an enemy of America and could launch an attack at any given moment.

President Barack Obama's Remarks

President Obama says he won't take anything off the table, meaning that a military assault is an open option. This simple remark can mean a number of things, including sending more troops over to Iran to flush out this threat. Is this the correct option to deal with a potential nuclear war?

Iran is pursuing a missile program, including international missiles that would require outside knowledge to accomplish. This means they may recruit the expertise of other countries that may be enemies of the United States. This doesn't necessarily mean they are planning to create a nuclear weapon for the sole purpose of launching an attack on America, but we need to be aware of the threat at hand.

Our troops are still wondering in Iran, which could inspire the idea that so many have been making assumptions about. Gen. James Wrights says once Iran decides to build one bomb, it could amass enough uranium to do this within 12 months. Of course they would need enough time to test the weapon to see if it's combat ready. This could take years to accomplish.

It's believed that a sanctions resolution will come from the U.N Security Council within weeks to pursuade Iran from creating a nuclear weapon. The U.S government has documents that say Iran will have a usable nuclear weapon in as little as 3 years. Iran claims that its nuclear program is designed for energy purposes, not for the use of weapons.



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    • Captain Jimmy profile image

      Captain Jimmy 7 years ago from WV

      This is coming soon, who's the real terrorist bring down our nation?

    • msorensson profile image

      msorensson 7 years ago

      Hmnn..nothing is impossible will always be my stand..

      It is possible if neighboring countries to us, Mexico or Canada would allow the nuclear weapons to be stored there.