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Is Australia following the greece.?

Updated on July 20, 2015

Financial burden in Australia

It looks the economy of developed countries is downwards.After Greece ,Australia is under huge debts due to decrease in mineral prices.If situation not recover Australia could face financial crisis.
In the April report , Australia have loss of 4.14 billion dollar in its Trade. After reduction in the cost of iron Ore, Import-export difference increased.cost of iron ore is 50 dollar/ton which was 180 dollar/ton in 2011. similarly four years back Thermal coal was 180 dollar /ton and now it is only 60 dollar /ton.
In 2012 it share approx 65 % of service and Trade. so after drop in the cost ,Australia has taken the huge debt.


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    • prashant17july profile image

      prashant17july 2 years ago from lucknow

      it looks recession is coming back