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Is Being a Nazi Cool Again?

Updated on August 2, 2016

The Rise of Evil

This is Not a Drill

I can remember multiple instances of Conservatives accusing liberals of using Nazi-like tactics. Censorship, lies, and victimizing some groups while demonizing others are tactics that Adolf Hitler's regime employed to move his agenda forward. Time and time again, voices that level these accusations are told that they should never invoke such a harsh accusation against anyone. The retort is typically issued by the dynamic duo of the media and liberal politicians (occasionally joined by a John McCain RINO type). Whenever conservatives yield to whims of these people, liberals take one step closer to ruling this country with an iron fist.

Ceritifiably Sane

You might think I am crazy for leveling an accusation, but I am not the first. Honestly, this Hub is inspired by a segment on the 8/2/2016's Rush Limbaugh Show where the host spoke about a University of Texas student that was suspended for posting "All Lives Matter" on her Facebook wall. In a manner of speaking, I am rehashing what Rush said, but not really. What he said today was nothing more than a confirmation of things that have been brewing for a long while now. I've wanted to write on this topic for quite a while, but just couldn't find the words or the motivation to do it.

As a Conservative, I have noticed that fellow Conservatives do not receive the same sort of protection from the media that liberal politicians get. When somebody calls Obama or Clinton a Nazi, the media and other public figures jump up and call foul. But how many times have you heard Trump referred to as or portrayed as a totalitarian Nazi? Does anybody in the media rush to his aid?

The indication that it is okay to label certain people Nazis while portraying others as pristine glistening angels should be a warning flag to the American public. This is propaganda 101. Trump is the devil and Hillary is an angel - no - a god. You don't question the words of a god and you never trust the words of the devil (yes, I get the irony that Trump recently referred to Hillary as the devil).

All Lives Matter

I have yet to figure out what is so offensive about the slogan, "All Lives Matter" (ALM). I understand that it is a rebuttal to the claim that, "Black Lives Matter" (BLM), but look at what BLM has done and encouraged. The Black Lives Matter movement has basically put a hit out on police officers and especially white police officers. The people of that movement have prided themselves so much in their skin color that they have forgotten that we are all created in the Image of God. What's just as bad, leaders in the African American community have failed to condemn the acts of violence and hatred committed in the name of "Black Lives Matter." So yes, BLM, "All Lives Matter."

The reason that ALM is tagged as offensive is not because it undermines African Americans. It is offensive because it points out the blatant hypocrisy of BLM. In the minds of Liberal Progressive Democratic Politicians, this can't be allowed. People need to be subjugated to their petty prejudices and the narrative must stand that only certain races are persecuted by other races and it can't happen the other way around. It has gone so far that liberal professors, politicians, and news anchors agree that only white people can be racist. It does not exist among minority peoples.

All Lives Matter is offensive because it is less offensive than Black Lives Matter. My heart breaks whenever anybody is killed unless they are the worst of the worst offenders. I don't care if you are a criminal or a law abiding citizen. My heart breaks for people who are killed or who have lost a loved one whether it is justified or not. It's sad. But the suppression of this slogan and the example that is made of anyone who uses it is something that would have made the Third Reich proud.

Political Correctness and the Death of the First Ammendment

Political Correctness is not a kind attempt to be sensitive and respectful toward people. It is an attempt to silence dissenters. I remember a few years back that the actor, Kirk Cameron, had appeared on the late Piers Morgan Show. The interview was about a documentary Kirk had just filmed, but Morgan couldn't help but ask him about what his views on homosexuality were. The attention shifted away from the movie and became focused on how Kirk Cameron had admitted that he was against the practice of homosexuality. The next day, headlines lit up the internet stating that "Kirk Cameron's Homophobic Remarks Offend the Masses."

Homophobic remarks? I heard nothing of the sort when I listened to the interview. Kirk's response to Morgan's question was, "Well, Piers, you know that I am a Christian and the Bible teaches that homosexuality is a sin." Boom, that's it. Cut, Print, Deliver. That was chalked up to "hate-filled homophobic remarks" by the press. Sad thing was, I went to Cameron's defense on my Facebook Page and I was mortified to discover that a good number of people agreed with the media's assessment! Zoinks! Was that really homophobia on display?

Of course Kirk Cameron's remarks were not homophobic, but that was not the point. The point was that he had not learned that if he was going to be a public figure, he better understand that you do not mold your own image, the media does. They hold the power to make you or break you and all it took was one conservative remark for the media to swarm to Cameron's unsuspecting body and pick the flesh from his bones. All Cameron was doing was expressing his beliefs. The media made it clear, the only acceptable beliefs are those of the secular left.

Trump for America

Donald Trump was not my first choice for the GOP nomination, but there is an obvious reason why he has been as popular as what he is. He doesn't give a rip about what he says or about what anyone thinks about what he says. He shoots off a remark and then he doubles down on it once the media firestorm ensues. If people continue to attack something he says, he triples down on it!

Conservatives, Republicans, and Christians have been way too quick to succumb to the pressure of the media's opinion. Eric Metaxas, the author of Bonhoeffer and now a talk radio host, is quickly finding out how people on "his team" will throw you overboard if they are prompted by the media. As an Evangelical Christian, you expect scrutiny from the mainstream public, but when other Evangelicals pounce upon opportunities to bring you down, you know you've got problems. And that, in itself, is the problem!

We Eat our Own

I was horrified at the response to Ted Cruz's speech at the Republican National Convention. Everything he said was spot on and he did not speak one word of criticism of the nominee, Donald Trump. In fact, he congratulated Trump on his victory. But because Ted Cruz did not endorse Trump, every Republican within the circumference of the earth was saying "What he did was awful. We can never forgive him. And you know what? He's not even really a conservative!" All of that just because he did not endorse Donald Trump, even though Trump knew after reviewing Cruz's speech that he would not. We need to figure out who the real enemy is.

The real enemy actually does want to silence people like Ted Cruz. He is a strident Conservative who knows exactly who the Democrats and the Liberals are. If we were to refer to the liberals in the Democratic party as Nazis, that would be an accurate depiction.

Nazis believe in censorship; the liberals believe in censorship. Nazis blamed the Jews for their country's problems; liberals blame Christians for this country's problems. Nazi's were big believers in forcibly sterilizing those they view as unfit for society; liberals are militant proponents of birth control and abortion. On the latter point, the vast majority of abortion clinics are established in lower end socio-economic neighborhoods that are dominated by African Americans. The list can go on.

The problem with Republicans is that we are such a principled party that our nominee actually does matter to us. The Democrats are cookie cutter. It would not have mattered if Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Matt Damon, or Lisa Simpson got the Democratic Nomination. They would all implement the exact same policies! The Republicans had an ethnically diverse field of candidates with a whole lot of different ideas to make this country better. We, as Republican voters, get so attached to the candidate that we agree with that we could not imagine voting for the others in the election.

Are They Really That Dangerous?

Are the Liberal Progressives in the Democratic Party really as dangerous as the Nazis? Let me answer that with something that actually happened. Last year, it was uncovered that Planned Parenthood had been aborting babies, preserving their body parts, chopping them up, and selling them to a company called Stem Express. When asked about this, Hillary Clinton denounced the people who uncovered this scandal and said how horrible it was that these people edited the video in such away to take the abortion doctors out of context. By the way, some of the videos were three hours long that were released. She then went on to explain how Planned Parenthood provides lots of other services for women, like mammograms. Which, by the way, the director of Planned Parenthood is on record twice for this claim. The first time she said that they do not provide mammograms at Planned Parenthood, but the second time, after the scandal was uncovered, she said that they do provide mammograms at Planned Parenthood. People, some of these videos showed Planned Parenthood delivering some of these "aborted" babies alive so that they could preserve the more difficult to obtain organs. They killed these babies, harvested their organs, and sold them to a company for a profit.

If that does not answer your question to how bad these people are, I don't know what will...well, maybe lying about Obamacare, funding terrorists, lying about Benghazi, stacking the Supreme Court with Judges who would just as quickly throw out the Constitution, illegally run guns across the border and give them to Mexican drug cartels, own an illegal server through which classified material was shared and hacked, calling police officers stupid, and forcing the American people to purchase a product that many people can still not afford. I'm telling you, these people are dangerous.


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    • profile image


      18 months ago

      Evil is just evil and it does not matter what they wear. Those who believe in God should condemn them and not vote or support either party. I vote for truth and anyone who will bring these criminals to justice.

    • AlexDrinkH2O profile image


      20 months ago from Southern New England, USA

      Excellent article! I've been fighting against "PC" and the totalitarian "progressives" for years.


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