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Is Childhood Still Golden in the 21st Century?

Updated on March 22, 2019
"As a young adolescent, it is clear to me that childhood innocence is fading..."
"As a young adolescent, it is clear to me that childhood innocence is fading..." | Source

Is Childhood Still Golden in the 21st Century?

Many adults are able to remember their childhoods as a time of innocence and purity. A time where they didn’t have to worry about the burdens of adulthood, and instead, focused on enjoying their lives and having fun. This specific time in their existence is golden; a memory that can never be returned to, nor equalled.

With the new age of technology, children experience a completely different childhood than any other age before. With the internet at their fingertips, children are now able to access Netflix, YouTube, Instagram and other social media platforms wherever they wish. Nowadays, it isn’t uncommon to go to the mall and see kids huddled over phones and other devices, completely absorbed in what they’re viewing.

Although technology is certainly helpful in educating (and distracting) kids, children are now exposed to subjects and issues that would be deemed inappropriate back in the day. Their innocence seems to be ‘lost’ at a very early age. The time so treasured in a human’s life, this golden time of innocence — is undeniably shortened. Due to an all-too-early exposure to media and technology.

However, can this innocence be mistaken for ignorance? Perhaps it’s better for children to learn about the world earlier on, rather than later. It prepares them for a realistic future, and helps them understand their surroundings at a greater depth. They don’t grow up sheltered, and instead learn to be informed. But can’t this wait for a little while? Shouldn’t childhood be a time where children play outside rather than on phones, growing their imagination without the need to be attached onto a screen?

Of course there are exceptions to this. Some people have problems that prevent them from living a normal childhood, but for other children, who are given phones and iPads purely so parents won’t have to deal with them is a whole other story.

If a young adolescent like me is able to see the problems with technology in my own generation, then why can’t some parents see it too? When I was very little, I was exposed to themes that I could do without, even now, thanks to the internet. I feel like I missed out on the era of having a golden childhood; playing outside, passing notes in class, actually talking to my friends instead of sitting bored as they use their phones.

It is clear to me that the innocence of childhood is fading, and unless society is able to find a balance in using technology, then this innocence will be gone for good. Though the hardest part is trying to find out how to stop it.

Do you think childhood innocence is fading?

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    • RTalloni profile image


      4 weeks ago from the short journey

      Considering the focus of too many classrooms, the exposure of all that the entertainment industry offers families, not to mention the internet, children are suffering incredibly. They are given meds, and therapies, and neglect, but what they need is a protected childhood.

      Parents willing to do that are mocked, and even attacked, but they care more about what is good for their little ones than what others think. Home educators have been known to say, "I home school my children because I've seen the village and I don't want them raising my kids."

      Today, the home schooling movement has evolved magnificently and countless children involved in it are enjoying the childhood you speak of in this post. You might be interested in some of the major blogs and resources available to home school families.


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