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Conscious Shopping.... is it Activism?

Updated on December 8, 2018
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JL Reyes is a Poet who dabbles in Journalism and Romance writing. At best, her style is eccentric. She only wishes to inspire.

Everyday ads are shoved in our faces. From the moment we log into our Facebook accounts, scroll down our Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and RSS feed—we see dozens of things marketed to us. Telling us about things we wouldn’t think we need but suddenly would because it says we need it.

With ad-trackers constantly on our trail, they are now tailored-made for us. It’s strange; Why is our search information so important and why is no government officials protecting it?

A report by NPR News (National Public Radio) states consumers made up two-thirds (66%) of the U.S. economy in 2008. By 2017, it was reported by the Foundation for Economic Education that consumers had accounted for 70% of the U.S. economy. The numbers continue to rise.

Our money is vital, it drives the economy. When we choose not to spend and “save” we make a significant impact. A small alteration in our consumption can immensely reduce our carbon footprints, support worker safety & small businesses, and wildlife conservation.

Small examples would be choosing free-range or cage-free products. Shopping at unionized retail-stores. Or seeking “fair-trade” labeled goods. There’s no pressure, right now we tackle the importance of being aware of our power as consumers.

In silent protest, we can stand up for what we value and become visible with our dollars. Together, we can stifle companies into honoring our value’s and not what saves them more money in the long-haul. Conscious shopping could be fun. It could be difficult. I assure you, it will be empowering.

Take a moment and ask yourself, what do you value?

Whatever you chose, it’s a start! And if you still aren’t sure that’s okay. There's a first step in every path, but there is only one truth. We have only one Earth.

The struggles, the battles and prejudices we face each day will not matter. What we leave to our future generations could be far worse than anything.


Below are titles to documentaries on corporations and their influence in politics, ethical shopping and solutions for global warming. Please comment if you have any additional information to share!


  • "The True Cost"
  • "Is fast fashion really worth the price?"
  • "Before The Flood"
  • "Is there a chance of reversing climate-change?"
  • "A Plastic Ocean"
  • "Dive deep and see the impact plastic has on our marine-life."
  • "Cowspiracy"
  • "Explore the impact of animal agriculture on the environment""
  • "Food Choices"
  • "13th" (talks about corportations having powerful influences in law-making process)


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