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Is Cyberbegging The Way Of The Future?

Updated on September 14, 2011

When I began my website in 2006 and began posting on HubPages it was because I thought I had pithy, interesting things to say about life and love (and everything that happens when you’re living your life and loving). Sure my deep dark desire was that Rosie O’Donnell would find me or some other celebrity and within weeks I would quit my day job, have my own writing gig on The Huffington Post, a segment on Entertainment Tonight and doing book tours as the Jewish David Sedaris. I did all the things you’re supposed to do to “monetize” your online writing and then some. And although I know there are hubbers out there who say they make thousands each month from Adsense and other ad related revenue streams, I would say I’ve made a total of about $600 in the past three or four years. (Yes, I get that my hubs are about life and not necessarily the ultimate pumpkin pie recipe.) Politely put, I guess I get that I’m not mainstream material or as I state on my website, “I’m an acquired taste, you know, like Tab Cola.”

After being laid off five months ago, I began the big hunt for a job, spending eight to ten hours a day filling out applications online which netted me about six or seven interviews. (Although I’ve been close to an offer a couple of times I’m still unemployed.) I have stacks and stacks of index cards I use to categorize the jobs I’ve applied for and as those stacks grew, so did the stacks of bills. And while I’m appreciative for the unemployment, let’s face it I don’t know how anyone actually lives on that amount of money. So once you’ve depleted your financial resources you begin to look around at what you can sell.

And after that you begin to get really desperate. I recently came across a site that not only talked about “cyberbegging” but they’ll let you post on their site for a small fee and a monthly fee to continue to keep your cyberbeg up on their site, taking none of what you take in, just the monthly fee. While they claim that this may take awhile for you to get money in, they also tell of people who aren’t out of work or desperate who have posted that they want to get rid of their credit card debt or something and within months they’ve raised thousands of dollars that they don’t have to pay back and they’ve paid off their credit card debt due to the kindness of strangers.

So as someone who has always prided himself with having some pride I began to think about cyberbegging as an option and wondered if I could do it. In the past when I put the PayPal donation link on my site, I always felt as though it was a nice way for people to show their appreciation, if they wanted to, monetarily to help me continue to pay to keep the site up and running. But I’ll be honest, since 2006 I think I’ve seen a total of $200 come my way. Was my PayPal link cyberbegging? Sure, in my head I reasoned that I was providing a service by entertaining with my writing. If anything I considered it more my cyber tip jar than begging but maybe I was begging all along (just apparently not doing a very good job of it)?

So in this day and age where technology reigns supreme I wonder if cyberbegging is the way of the future (or right this second). I read about a kid who did a YouTube video asking for a million dollars because he wanted to be a millionaire and someone gave it to him, never asking for the money back or caring what he would do with it, just gave it to him. I know people say that you only get the things in life that you ask for so is it so wrong to ask? Can you sit at your computer with your Cheetoh’s stained fingers begging without the need for a cardboard sign and sitting out in the elements? Sure, you CAN but SHOULD you? Could YOU? I was raised to work an honest day for an honest day’s pay and I’ve done that my entire life even after I was unemployed working diligently every day to find employment. So what I discovered is that I can’t be a member of the cyberbegging community because it just doesn’t feel right for me. That said, I have over 900 blogs/hubs (both written and video) here and on my website and if you’ve read or watched them and enjoyed them and want to show your appreciation monetarily, I would really appreciate it (you can visit my site for the PayPal link). And for those of you out there who are considering cyberbegging I’ll include the link to the site I found below should you want to give cyberbegging a try.

Maybe I’m cyberbegging in my own way. After all, I just asked for money and told you how to get it to me, right? But I’ve always thought of begging as asking someone for something and giving nothing (but the good feeling of helping someone out) in return. Well, hell I’ll give you that but I’ll hopefully also give you something to think and/or laugh about so again, in my mind, it’s just a cyber tip! And suddenly the word, “semantics” is running through my mind!


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    • profile image

      charlotte 6 years ago

      Hey Scott! Nice to read you! I'm sorry to hear you've been laid off, but glad you know you have a wonderful spouse to help you! :)

    • SweetMocha-Monroe profile image

      SweetMocha-Monroe 6 years ago

      Very interesting hub.