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Is Donald Trump Right For The US?

Updated on December 9, 2015

Donald Trump

What is happening in America? Is it crippled?

Donald Trump may be the next US president as he continues to lead in the GOP presidential candidate.

I watch Donald Trump on Youtube or any other video sources very regular and wonder if he will be the next president.

To me, it seems as if Donald Trump may just be the next US president. I may be crazy, but It seems very likely that he will be in the White House next year as commander and chief.

What if it was so? How would the image of America look? I sit and wonder as I write this.

Will America be respected more worldwide? Will he make the military great? Will he make America great again?

Do you agree with Donald Trump's views? His he reaching the silent majority that he talks about in his speeches? Share your thoughts and let me know.

From the very first time that Donald Trump announced that he was running for president, it seems as if the whole US got a shake. He has shaken up the media and accuse them of being biased, nasty, bloody and so on and so forth. He has even labelled his rallies and speeches as "A Movement"

The Mexicans were outraged, China was called too smart for devaluating their currency, president Obama was labelled as incompetent (and is still labelled so) "Stupid Politicians" and many other insults were given to many other people all over the world.

Trump says that he will build a wall greater than the great wall of China, with a big beautiful door in the middle of it.

You just really have to listen to Trump when he talks, or just laugh and have fun along the way.

George Bush was heard saying that "Mr Trump can't just insult his way into the Whitehouse".

Donald Trump might be the most insulting and straight forward talking person to have ever run for the office of the United States.

It is a very entertaining show so far. Many people I talk to say that they watch Donald Trump for the entertainment value that he gives, but what if he turns out the be the next president? Will Hillary Clinton take him more seriously?

What Do You Think The US Will Be, Under Trump?

So, imagine Donald Trump shaking Obama's hand; accepting the keys to the Whitehouse. What will that exchange look like? Will they embrace each other, or will they fight :)

Whatever happens, it will be something to see.

I can remember watching a video on youtube sometime ago where Obama was making fun of Donald Trump at a Whitehouse's Correspondent Dinner, I think. If you have time, you can go to youtube and search for it, it is titled "President Obama Roasts Donald Trump At White House Correspondents' Dinner!" There was an image where Obama displayed The Whitehouse showing a very huge Trump logo on it.

I wonder if they will be corresponding after the exchange?

What Will Donald Trump Do As President?

Donald Trump talks a lot and he is not afraid to talk what's on his mind. He talks about great things in his speeches, but will he really do what he says, or will he be just like the politicians that he bashes against continuously?
That is something that we are all getting used to seeing. (that talk and do nothing mentality)

Does he really care about the country, or his he doing it for his own personal gains? Does he need to gain anything else?

Donald Trump owns some of world's largest businesses and is one of the most wealthiest person in the world. Does he has an agenda that he wants to fulfill or does he just genuinely want to make America a beautiful, rich and therefore great nation again?

Is America great right now?

According to president Obama, America is "leading now and doing great" search for this video on youtube: Obama channels Trump: 'America is winning right now'

You be the judge. Is Trump right, or is it Obama?

So will he make the military the strongest they have ever been? Will Putin and the rest of the world respect America again? Will China stop ripping us off? What will happen under Trump?


Whatever happens under President Trump, I only wish that the US will be a better country. I would like the country to be more loving and more tolerant. There are many evil going on in society at the moment.

There is discrimination going on against races and genders and everything else that stupid people want to discriminate against.

It is time to stop this evil and madness in the world. I understand that this world is dangerous and that people choose to do things based up off of their own ideology. The best thing to do is be tolerant and vigilant in your movements.

I could continue to write more about my opinions. But I think that I will take a break for now and see you again some other time. I will write more when I do get the time to do so. Thanks for viewing.

PS: Let me know what you think of this so that I may know if I should continue or not. I just write what is in my mind and just want to share it to you and get your feedback. Once again, thank you for reading.

Donald Trump Image

Will Donald Trump Be The Next President?

Will Donald Trump Be The Next President?

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