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Is President Donald Trump a Racist?

Updated on July 9, 2018

Donald Trump isn't a Racist

The anti Trump only has to say Trump is a Racist, so the only counter argument needed is that Trump isn't a Racist, then it is up to the viewers to determine why or why not! It was only after Donald Trump ran for the presidency in 2016 that he was called a racist.

Anti Trump people came out during the entire election campaign, and the election, the post election and are still doing it today. They do it with emotion, rage, denial of facts, and it isn't just the Racism, it has spread to each and everything that Trump does, did, will do, and even suggests about doing. This is an indication that the problem lies in the anti Trump and not Trump himself.

Hp is biased on this viewpoint! Why was this article denied featured status three times? What you do to get this article featured status? And how could you even start when hp doesn't give any meaningful feedback on what

The only thing that Donald Trump did to have people call him a racist was to just register with the Republican Party. There were more calls that he was a racist when he ran in the Republican Primary.The calls increased when he won the Republican Primary.Democrats realized he could be a problem for them.It was at that point he became their enemy.He was worse than Bernie Sanders who was an independent turned democrat for the presidential race in 2016.Trump was a staunch supporter of the Democrats, and even for the Clintons.

Trump wins the republican primary

At this point, the democrats and Clinton take him seriously as a threat to their path to the presidency.

Trump then becomes President Elect

When Trump won the presidency he was not only called a racist, but the left made him an honorary White Supremacist member. It not only didn't stop when he took the office of the president, it hasn't stopped since. They used his ninety day temporary travel ban from its origin as a protective act of national security into their catch phrase of racism. The democrats didn't care about national security, not when Trump was keeping the democrats new group of democrat voters.


This leads us into the current attacks on president Donald Trump being called a Racist. The only Racism in that scenario is that of the people that are making the claims that he is a Racist. These people cannot nor do they even try to substantiate their claims. Yet, there are many people on the left that still believe these utterances and don't care that there is no proof to these claims.

Is this the basis of the cries of Racist?

There is no evidence to show that president Trump is a racist

The reason that people say that Trump is a racist is based on sound bites from the media and their liberal guests.

The whole strategy of the left including the twice failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is to make demeaning and even outrageous statements about president Trump.

These include statements about him being a Racist. The idea is to do damage to his record of performance and keeping his campaign promises. It takes only a statement against president Trump to whip up the millions of anti Trump people. They parrot these defamatory statements without any foundation, or threat that the media may fact check it.

  • Another example is the Trump Russia collusion, a politically engineered democrat Hillary Clinton fabrication that is kept going simply because the democrat politicians keep harping on it.
  • Yet, two years later,
  • there has been no proof,
  • no evidence or
  • any corroboration about it from any of the multiple investigations.

When people say that Trump is a Racist, it would be fitting to ask them for proof. They have none, but that doesn't mean they will concede the point.

This article focuses on whether president Donald Trump is a racist using the latest story about Haiti, El Salvador and African Countries.

That whole story is made by unnamed sources according to the Washington Post. To put this story in perspective, what were the reasons that these sources "leaked" these statements to the Washington Post?

This story was allegedly based on a BiPartisan group of congress discussing US Immigration. The story would that contained an alleged statement by president Donald Trump in that meeting would be inferred as a negative.

The single word that was alleged "shithole". If the Washington Post can publish this word, what objection would hubpages have to my referencing it?

The media that references this WP article calling it RACIST.

  • The next word is countries.
  • The countries are Haiti, El Salvador, and African nations in general.
  • How many people and governments in the world call the United States names?
  • And how many of the name callers are then called Racist?

DEMOgandists have captured this private conversation allegedly leaked by someone in that private meeting in the Oval Office.

  • It is one thing for a person in that meeting to call a press conference and mention the contents of the meeting, but it is another of hiding as an unnamed source for the media.
  • The leaker knew that the inference would be against Trump and he would be called a RACIST.
  • This makes the leaker an advocate of RACISM. Using Racism against a person is itself an act of Racism.
  • No matter what is the leaked information, shouldn't the American people be concerned about these leaks?

The point is that the Demogandists are Racist because they will use any and all material as propaganda to make their opponents look bad.

The fact that the Haitian president flat out said that the Clintons and the Clinton foundation used their storm devastated country to get donations to help Haiti. But, these donations only made it as far as the bank holding the Clinton Foundation funds.

  • Yet, there was no cry that the Clintons were RACIST, or that the Clinton Foundation was Racist.

The reason why that is true may be because the Republicans are not REPUBLIgandists.

Read the rest of the article for more of my comments

Demoganda is Propaganda from the Democrats in case you wondered.

The DEMOganda continues everyday, and today it is another leak from the Oval office. Once again the DEMOgandists jumped at their tired old cry of RACSIM. It is like that old saying, “I you are a hammer than everything looks like a Nail.”

The Washington Post claims that they have two sources, but as usual they are not named. Nor did these source come out on their own and make these statements in public.

The topic is “Shithole” the strong inference in the story is Racism.

Here is the story as reported by the Washington Post with my annotations.

1. President Trump grew frustrated with lawmakers Thursday in the Oval Office

  • B:-- Lawmakers, these are grouped without naming them individually. But it is purported that one of more of these unnamed people are the source.
  • Oval Office – Once again we are getting leaks from the Oval Office. Maybe we should put a permanent webcam in there and post it on You Tube.

2. when they discussed protecting immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador and African countries

  • B:---
  • Topic is immigrants
  • From Haiti specifically
  • From El Salvador specifically.
  • From unnamed African Countries.
  • These are countries

3. as part of a bipartisan immigration deal, according to several people briefed on the meeting.

  • Topic Immigration Deal – both parties
  • The Washington Post sources – several people at the meeting.
  • Unnamed – why should they be unnamed.

4. “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?

  • B:-
  • All these people --- Not Racist”
  • Shithole counties --- Not Racist. It is the same as when foreigners, and foreign governments say things about us. Are they being racist or just giving their opinion on what they think of our country.
  • Would CRAP countries been a better word?

5. Trump said, according to these people, referring to countries mentioned by the lawmakers.

  • B:---
  • Again the reference is to countries as being the shithole.
  • Would you be racist if someone asked you a question such as. If you had to choose to move to one of two countries which one would you choose. The two countries are Haiti and Norway. If you chose Norway, would that make you a racist?

6. Trump then suggested that the United States should instead bring more people from countries such as Norway, whose prime minister he met with Wednesday.

  • B:---
  • Is that a racist or just a logical choice?
  1. The president, according to a White House official, also suggested he would be open to more immigrants from Asian countries because he felt that they help the United States economically.
  • When was the last time that Asian immigrants were a problem in the US?
  1. In addition, the president singled out Haiti, telling lawmakers that immigrants from that country must be left out of any deal, these people said.
  • B:----
  • The Washington Post, “These people”. Which of the lawmakers said it?
  • Why are these Lawmakers at this meeting hiding behind anonymity?
  1. “Why do we need more Haitians?” Trump said, according to people familiar with the meeting. “Take them out.”
  • B:--
  • Once again the Washington Post is unnamed, “people familiar with the meeting”.
  • As to the alleged Trump statement, what wrong with it?

So that was the report from the Washington Post, that will print anything from anyone without getting anyone to come forward and identify themselves.

The fallout from the unnamed sourced Washington Post article

· What politicians are saying after Trump’s vulgar remarks at immigration meeting

This sentence is biased because is makes these unnamed sourced statements set the tone as “Vulgar”.

· The report if it was unbiased would allow the reader to determine what they thought of the alleged Trump statements.

· With all the statements made by the DEMOgandists on president Trump from being stupid, delusional, incompetent, and even calling for his assassination where does a word like “Shithole Countries” fair?

· Listen to what the Rappers say everyday, and how many people buy their Rap.

Whose are the biggest abusers of RACISM in the United States?

· At the top of the list, it is the DEMOgandists always finding anything that is said by anyone outside of their group as RACIST.

· They don’t care how inapplicable their statements are to the statements or action made by their enemies. They just rely on repetitions of these cries of Racism to become true.

· They have made it so, all that needs to happen is to make accusations, even unfounded ones against their enemies and incite the public to act as if it were the truth and the whole truth.

· It is the same mentality that existed in the old west. The inciters would liquor up the crowd, get them drunk. Point to the person they want to hang, and get the rope. While the crowd is dazed and drunk they find a tree, and hang person. No Trial, No Law, No Logic, and no chance to think about it.

· Today, the DEMOgandists use rhetoric and shills like unnamed sources, and paid accusers to generate the same rage as the hanging crowds of the old west.

The DEMOgandists want to provoke even more division in the United States

Then they have their anti Trump allies in the media to start pulling the threads of the fabric holding the States United.

  • Democrats and Republicans criticized the president for referring to El Salvador, Haiti and African nations as “shithole countries.”
  • Lawmakers were taken aback by the comments, according to people familiar with their reactions.
  • The president’s remarks were quickly met with scorn from Demo­crats and some Republicans and could throw another wrench into bipartisan discussions on immigration, which had shown promise in recent days, according to legislators.

This is the knee jerk response from the Forum

The statements made in a forum.

  1. Why doesn't this man put a muzzle on his mouth, does this sound Presidential to you?
  2. How does he remain so stupid as to let such comments get into the press? He has to know what the results are going to be.
  3. KKK just gave him a big thumbs up.
  4. Can you imagine Trump calling a group of European nations "shithole countries"?
  5. you are making excuses for this despicable person. But, of course you can't see it. It is pretty obvious to most of us. Who is going to agree with you on this assessment?
  6. So who lives in these ******** countries? Equivocating is not going to save you.... So we generalize and say that African nations are generally 's***holes? What racial group do you associate with living in Africa?

According to the Oxford dictionary,

shit is defined as

  • "(i) Faeces,
  • (ii) Something worthless; rubbish; nonsense",

whereas crap is defined as

"(i) Something of extremely poor quality,

Racism and Donald Trump

Do you think president Donald Trump is a Racist

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Evidence of Racism

Do you have evidence of president Trump's racism?

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President Trump

When did you first think that president Trump was a Racist?

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Featured Article

Should this article be featured

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I have made my case that President Trump is not a Racist

I have given proof that ;president Trump is not a Racist.

But the racists appear to be the left including hubpages.

By refusing to feature this article, the question that comes to mind is why not? Hp cannot define why they claim it lacks quality. Then we can point to the content that Hp seems to be biased about, and that is any articles that put Trump in a good light. Or in the case of my article setting the record straight that president Trump is not a Racist.

The left labels ALL White Men as White Supremacists

he left labels ALL White Men as White Supremacists

It is interesting to note how the left conflates their rhetoric to encompass an entire field. For example, there are real white supremacists in the US and in the world. They are a very small group of the population.

  • They are less militant and into civil disobedience than their black counterparts. Looking back at the riots of the past three years many of them involved blacks. They were rioting for a number of reason, including police brutality, and oppression against the blacks.

While at the same time, the white supremacists keep a much lower public profile than the black rioters.

When a black person ran afoul of the police, the militants in the black community would jump into the action with their cadre of racism.

The US prisons and jails are filled with blacks that have committed crimes. That is a fact.

There may be occasions where some blacks have been wrongly charged and even wrongly convicted, but these are exceptions.

They also happen to anyone that is involved in actions involving the police. Across the board the police need to be better trained and vetted to assure there is little bias against certain groups of people.

Conflating Racism or Fabricating Racism just by uttering it.

This leads into the people that call any kind of opposition to the Blacks real or imaginary as Racist or Racism.

  • There is no doubt the NeoNazis and White Supremacists if there is a difference between the two are full fledged Racists. But, putting all white people or even all white males into the group of white supremacist is conflating for the value of making white against black as a Racist position.

There is no evidence that any group of color has a rudimentary dislike and bias against any other group of color. Us against them is the theme of the people that call others Racist. And these people see Racism in every place they want to find it.

  • That proposition takes away the independence of the person as they are cast involuntarily into a group. How can it be true that all white people hate black people? But that is exactly what the criers of Racism want everyone to believe.

Reality tells a different story.

Today, the Democrats have declared themselves the protectors of the blacks. Yet, it was the democrats that created the racial conditions and black slavery that brought the US into the Civil War.

  • Both sides in the Civil War were predominantly white, as was the population of the US when it became an independent sovereignty.
  • The point is that the whites in the Republican party and the North fought and died for the freedom of the slaves, that the blacks of today enjoy.

Also, the democrats didn't stop their racism after the Civil War. In the 1960s, the South was still treating the Blacks as their slaves. If you are interested in finding out more, google it.

Democrats today use words including that of Racism and Racist for political advantage.

The democrats merely have to utter the words Racist, or Racism and everyone reacts to it as if it was true in every instance that it has been used by them.

Reality check, it is more likely that the speaker using these words is most likely a Racist and a manipulator of Racism.

The New Democrat Civil War

The democrats have the history of slavery and that is truly a racist act. What has president Trump done that is racist?

In the past decade, the democrats and especially president Barack Obama have done many things to instigate a division against the people of the country by their color and ethnicity.

This divide has become more inflammatory than the actual Civil War. The sad part about it is that the Black Community is being left behind from the democrat party. The Democrat Party of today is the champion of another color and another ethnicity, these are the Illegal Aliens.

The age old black democrat voters are moving away from the democrat party.

The reason is that many of the Blacks today no longer have to lineup for the handouts given by the democrat party. They are in the position to make their own way, and at the same time they have become more independent when they vote.

Democrats now try to replace their lost black voter fold.

Now the democrats need more voters that are dependent on them. And while illegal aliens are not allowed to vote, as well as not being allowed to be in the country in the first place, The democrats have given them the status of pseudo American Citizens.

Illegal Aliens the nuevo democrat voter

In California, they even give illegal aliens Driver Licenses. These licenses are the same as given to legal residents of the state. The democrats have also opposed the Voter Photo Id, and this allows anyone including dead people to not only vote but vote several times in one election.

The democrats don't care that illegal aliens are prevented by the US constitution to vote in the US elections. But they are doing everything to enable and encourage them to vote, and by doing so allow them to break more US laws


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      3 months ago from Orange County California

      Need Some Goals?

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      Is your Hub evergreen? Evergreen

    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      7 months ago from Orange County California

      Thanks POP.

    • breakfastpop profile image


      7 months ago

      I'll keep it simple. No, President Trump is not a racist!!!!!

    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      7 months ago from Orange County California

      These are from a forum that claimed that president Trump made some expletive statements in public about African and Caribbean countries.


      First error is that the statement they a referring to was made in close session in the Oval Office. None of it was recorded.


      “ As we all know, Trump made derogatory, inflammatory statements about Haiti & some African countries. B:---

      • Saying that president Trump made Derogatory and Inflammatory statements is an opinion of this person.

      • President Trump never admitted to using the word, Shithole. And because the meeting wasn’t recorded it cannot be verified. Not by a democrat, as he is biased and his statements are to be considered making a statement for his side, rather than for the truth of the matter.

      • President Donald Trump's administration is significantly scaling back the number of immigrants granted what's known as Temporary Protected Status, which allows them to live and work legally in the US.

      • TPS protects these individuals from deportation, as a form of humanitarian relief for people who would face extreme hardship if they were forced to return to homelands devastated by armed conflict and natural disasters.

      • Under the Trump administration, the Department of Homeland Security has announced the end of TPS for immigrants from El Salvador, Haiti, Sudan and Nicaragua but extended it for immigrants from South Sudan. And this year, the agency will decide whether to extend TPS for five other nations: Syria, Nepal, Honduras, Yemen and Somalia.

      • About 435,000 people from 10 countries have TPS, according to the latest data provided to CNN by US Citizenship and Immigration Services. Some activists and experts use lower estimates, noting that official statistics likely include people who are no longer in the program because their immigration status has changed or they have left the United States.

      • No matter how you slice it, tens of thousands will lose TPS in the coming years, which means they could face deportation if they don't leave the United States.

      • Did you notice the term TEMPORARY, Well many of these countries have been on this status for a long time.

      “He further stated that immigrants should come from so-called desirable nations instead of so-called undesirable nations. Even though Trump was talking in so-called code, the racial language was apparent.””

      • It just so happens that these countries are not white, and they are not countries without problems.

      • And what is wrong with the US having people from countries that are in good shape, and their people can contribute to the US?

      • The comment about the Racial Code is just DEMOganda and saying it doesn’t make it true, nor apparent except in the minds of Anti Trump people.

      ”Conservatives, reactionaries, & retrogressives are being threatened by progressivism which upsets their order of things. Conservatives reactionaries, & retrogressives want America to return to an era where everyone was in his/her place & to dare to venture out of such a place brought dire consequences.”


      • Demoganda.


      “They don't want an America where people can experience full equality & use their fullest human potential for the betterment of themselves & society. They are threatened by new societal paradigms.”


      • There is no such thing as “Full Equality”.

      • Being on welfare, and not speaking English, and not having any skills or education is a burden on American Taxpayers.

      • The “Societal Paradigms” is Socialism.


      ”In essence, Conservatives, reactionaries, & retrogressives are quite threatened that America is changing & becoming more inclusive for all. Such pundits such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, David Duke, & others of their ilk are pushing for the old America. Conservatives, reactionaries, & retrogressives are fighting to retain the so-called old order. They will resort(& have resorted) to means to retain that old order. Progressivism is here to stay & there are some who are quite UNCOMFORTABLE w/that. Your thoughts?”


      • The old way is when America was great, and it was diverse then.

      • One only has to look at Bankrupt California to see where liberalism and progressivism leads to in our country.

      • They have the highest taxes, too many regulations, businesses leaving for other states that make it easier for businesses to exist. The personal income in CA is the highest in the country.

      • They give illegal aliens welfare, free education, free medical and even driver licenses.


      "Even though Trump was talking in so-called code, the racial language was apparent."

      This "code"; something the TDS crowd uses to change meaning and/or words in order to have something to complain about? In this case so that the race card can be played?

      Because for sure there is nothing whatsoever racist about recognizing that some nations are more similar to our own culture than others. It's called "reality", not "racist".


      “What non-white countries are similar in culture to our own? Is that possible? You are 'on the spot' now, what is your explanation. You guys always dance and equivocate around the issue, so what is your 'reality' in the face of that?”

      • I pondered how to address your comment without automatically being labeled a Trumpite –

      • but decided it was probably a wasted effort to even offer any disclaimers.

      • My criticism of your response has to do with accuracy,

      • not a defense of Pres. Trump,

      • but because I am not on the Righteously indignant bandwagon, and agreeing with your assessment,

      • I am certain that it is a Trump supporter I will be, whether true or not. (to mitigate any support for the claim I am a "Trumpite," I am only addressing one point of your comment)

      • What was the racist "Code" you say he was speaking in, (others said he was using racist "CodeWords" )? I looked at the quotes that have been directly attributed to him, and I have read the descriptions of other things he is said to have said "... according to people with direct knowledge of the conversation." (Washington Post), but not actually printed as quotes.

      Here is what the Big 3, (CNN, Washington Post, New York Times), each reported as direct quotes:

      "Why do we want all these people from 'shithole countries' coming here?"

      "Why do we need more Haitians? Take them out."

      Source: CNN

      CNN also reported this: 'A person familiar with the meeting said ... the language was salty on both sides.'

      As for what others say he said; The Washington Post had this: '... according to people with direct knowledge of the conversation." Pres. Trump also said we should be looking for immigrants from countries like Norway. But this were reported as hearsay, not direct quotes.

      I don't offer these links and quotes to show my Google prowess, (I am sure you too have already looked at these same reports), but only to make sure we are talking about the same Pres. Trump comments.

      What was the code you mentioned he was speaking? Can you guess that what were the "CodeWords" others have mentioned? What was the "apparent" racial language?

      Maybe if you can support your code claim the rest of your comment will benefit. I would welcome further discussion concerning how it is that Conservatives are now also Reactionaries and Retrogressives.

      ps. I couldn't find anyone attributing your "so-called desirable" nations wording to Pres. Trump, only that he said, "like" Norway. Did you see "desirable" reported somewhere as his descriptor?


      ”I was softening the language of what Trump stated regarding Haiti, El Salvador, & some African countries being *****hole or undesirable(my language) countries while Norway was considered to be the " desirable" country. Trump seem to contend that non-Caucasian countries are somehow inferior while Caucasian or let's us be more exact, Nordic countries such as Norway to be vastly superior.”


      • Trump seems to Contend - is the opinion of the demogandist

    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      7 months ago from Orange County California

      In the forum on the s.......e word this is typical of what the demogandists call Trump

      "I started to begin a thread on this same topic earlier today. but I knew there a few who'd defend the Buffoon-In-Chief no matter what foul statement he spewed from his racist pie hole. Disgusting at the very least! "

      And there is a whole list of these rude, derogatory, vulgar and untrue words used in these anti Trump forums and articles.

      Those are OK but let a non Demogandist say something and it is construed as a national disgrace.

      How can these people make this kind of statements after making their statements.


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