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Is Global Warming a Fact or a Misinformed Fiction

Updated on October 28, 2011

Some Things Just Don't Make Sense

I have read a lot about global warming, what is causing it to happen, and what is actually happening concerning this alarming subject. I understand that all the pollution we put out in our air can change our precious ozone layer, our layer of safety between us and our radiation spewing star that keeps us alive with it's warmth.

I see documentaries on the television about how the glaziers are melting, and how our shores are moving up on the landmass so many inches a year. I have researched the ozone layer myself, when the big thing was "there is a hole in the ozone" which in itself did not make sense to me for would we not be sucked out by the vacuum of space? As it turns out there is no hole in our ozone layer, but it has become alarmingly thinner in the last forty years. We have lost about half of it since 1968, which then two and a half hours in our sun, now equals 12 minutes. This fact does alarm me, as what we are calling a sunburn, no longer is a real sunburn, but a radiation burn on our skin. The difference being that a sunburn is equal all over and a radiation burn tends to be blotchy and comes with a slight nauseous feeling and sometimes a headache. This does alarm me.

Here lies my confusion and what does not make sense to me. There are things in nature that pollutes as much if not way more than our automobiles. What about volcanic eruptions, and wild fires. Does this not pollute all at once hundreds times more than what we are doing?

I also find it alarming when our government chooses to leak to the media things that normally are kept from us so that there is not a mass hysteria. Also, I have found that when we have disasters that are meant to have the public help to fix, that when we are asked to " do our part" to also look and see what that entails, and if there is money involved. Certainly in this global warming issue, there is definitely money to be made, and money by the billions that has already been made off of it.

Certainly all the green companies that have popped up stand to make money, as well as anyone who can invent other things in our future that will help "fix" this global problem. I also think that there are people behind the scenes that are helping to promote this problem are making their pockets fill. Is it possible though that our government is misinforming us for another reason, besides the obvious one, money? Indeed if we dig a little bit harder, we will be able to find other reasons to keep the population busy.

This question is very possibly answered yes for things like the destruction of the rain forest, which is probably the number one cause of this global warming, is rarely discussed. There is also the topic of rare earth deposits, which has nothing really to do with global warming, but is very easily smoke screened so that while in it's infancy, the public will not be able to speak out and ask why we are not mining these deposits here on our lands, instead we are once again handing the money over to another country where it can be gotten much cheaper and sold to us for a much better profit.

Why do our leaders do the things that they much know are not the best for our people here, not the best decision for our earth, but still let it go on without informing much of anyone of it's existence. Let me tell you, in one word the reason---MONEY. Money that goes into their pockets from lobbyists, from private individuals and companies who will be able to capitalize on it happening this way, not because it is better for all of us on a whole. It was said a long time ago, and it remains true to this day.....if you want to know what is really going on, just follow the money.

Surely everyone must see the stupidity of believing that we are causing global warming, when it appears so obvious to me that between the methane we and the animals produce, the volcanic eruptions, the destruction of the rain forest, the wild fires and the list goes on and on, that not only have these things happened for hundreds of years, but they are by far causing more pollution than we can even think about. Maybe it is a ploy to get our economy going again, by making a cause to promote new and better things and ways for us to live and let the earth live in a healthier manner, but to me it makes much more sense that it is a matter of money, and who gets it first, and who gets more of it.

So maybe it is a good thing to stop and before you become an alarmist, and before you believe what you read and are told, use your own head and "question authority."Here is a good example of why we should do just that. Perhaps the global warming that is taking place would have happened if we never had cars, engines, or anything like that. Maybe it would have been exactly as it is naturally, but there are greedy people on the earth that will do and think of any and many ways to make a buck and be sure that it ends up in their pocket. Be sure that you all.......question authority, for though they are just people too, some of the people who live among us do not have the best interest of all in mind.


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  • JY3502 profile image

    John Young 7 years ago from Florence, South Carolina

    I have been thinking the same thing for years now. It's amazing what people will fall for.