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Is Globalism Really Left-Wing?

Updated on May 23, 2017

Workers of the World, Unite!

So Karl Marx closed his seminal work, The Communist Manifesto. His writings had a profound impact on the world - my mother recounted to me how, in one of her earliest jobs as a florist, an order would be put into the florists annually for a bouquet of flowers, destined for Marx's grave in Highgate Cemetery on his birthday. Romanticism aside - in addition to his disavowal of French radicals in the 1870s by exclaiming: "if anything is certain, it is that I myself am not a Marxist" - his body of work unleashed numerous wars and death throughout the 20th century.

Our penchant for intermittent mass human culls that bolster natural ones always is sent marching forth by the deadliest weapon people wield, ideology. It forges armour for legions to assault the beliefs and freedoms of others, nowhere else is this more witnessed than in modern communist values. Akin to our base instincts is the need for opinions to evolve, adapt to surroundings and find a new place in which to spread, communism does this via college campuses. What began as feminism extended feelers out into gay rights, race rights through intersectionality that calls for a strange dichotomy. On the one hand progressive notions champion unity through our innate similarity as a species, yet espouse a rigid delineation of identities lest someone takes "offence," a term that is now so broad as to mean next to nothing.

Such disdain for the uneducated plebs without a degree (or tens of thousands of debt from the age of eighteen) is inherent in the progressive line of thought that they know best because your age-old standards are vile and racist. Hence their horror when Brexit and Trump occurred, despite the media telling people ad nauseum that neither scenario was in the least bit possible. The outcomes of the major political events of 2016 shook the very foundations of a globalist agenda that made every person in support of such a theory sick to the very core. They always fail to acknowledge that Hillary Clinton is the biggest corporate puppet going, as is the EU, Donald Trump's billions mean nothing if he isn't the right fit for Wall Street.

Closer integration, the dissolving of borders, combined with ideals of smashing tradition, opposed to a variation of thought, nations and cultures and more importantly, wealth and rights permeating throughout all levels of society are integral to progressives. Globalists fail to glimpse how a real lack of diversity creates a pool of dutiful workers and customers; it is evident that communism works well for mindless, cutthroat capitalism, just a swift glance at China is a testament to that. Rights spent on the need to spend endlessly.


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    • alancaster149 profile image

      Alan R Lancaster 11 months ago from Forest Gate, London E7, U K (ex-pat Yorkshire)

      Fine start, Bradley, but this could be easily developed. There's a whole wide world out there that could be spanned either by 'Globalism' or 'Globalisation'. Maybe you could explain the differences between the two? Bill Gates worked out the difference a while back with the aid of his little black book (connections), as did Chairman Mao with his little red book (feelers).

      Marx couldn't be described as 'Marxist' in the same way as Christ couldn't be Christian, (you can't follow yourself here or on Twitter, either) but being both similar in outlook their philosophies have also been exploited by both sides. Although many can't understand - through being blinkered by 'education' - Christ was basically a Communist in outlook, just as Marx had to be able to understand Capitalism in order to try to dismantle it. There are enough swindlers, con artists and now 'hackers' out there who do understand how to exploit the financial urges of investors for a quick buck. Trouble is, they get greedy and hang on for that extra tidbit... like that big pike in the lake.