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Is Government ignoring their responsibility of tomorrow?

Updated on April 29, 2014

The responsibilities of government are twofold. One involves living up to their responsibilities identified in the Constitution of our country and the Constitution of their state. In reference to our Constitution our elected leaders have a huge responsibility to manage the funds they receive to accomplish their responsibilities under the Constitution. One is spending money wisely and only spending what they receive. Needless to say our federal government is failing in this responsibility.

Many critical decisions need to be made by our federal government which seems to be increasing in number as we speak. Some decisions/issues involve problems around the world and what action should we be taking as a country. As elected officials making a commitment to resolve issues facing citizens seems to be constantly put off for the next legislative session. This is the wrong way to run a government. The same can be said about some state governments.

State governments have issues just like the federal government though not on as large a scale. The financial stability of state governments in some cases is a problem just like our national deficit. Fiscal responsibility is a philosophy which many elected officials seem to have problems with resolving. This does not mean there have not been suggestions to resolve our deficit only that the two political parties cannot agree on what needs to be done.

Another aspect of government responsibility includes providing for the common good which includes safety, security and providing an environment in which individuals can flourish. Security is a responsibility at both the state level and the federal level. Security concerns with respect to what the federal government is doing or not doing affects the security of citizens in individual states.

Government responsibilities can be summed up in a quote by Abraham Lincoln which states:

“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.”

Evading problems is something our federal government seems to be something they do quite well when instead they should not be evading them but stepping up to the plate to resolve them.

We constantly see decisions being made in the short term on critical issues pushing the issue for others to solve. Granted there are major critical problems for which the actions to resolve them will not be easy but resolving them not will be easier than resolving them later. Problems will only get worse if they are ignored along with the actions to resolve more difficult.

Many individuals understand the principle of the need to resolve problems not ignore them. This principle seems to be absent within the culture of the federal government at least in some cases. Part of the problem with government ignoring their responsibility of tomorrow is political in nature and I can understand this to a point. Voters and citizens will be more favorable of government policies/actions if our elected leaders at all levels of government would start making decisions in the best interest of the country not their political party. Government needs to address our problems head on for if the major problems can be resolved the right way our country would be better off economically.

Economically speaking our country has a high unemployment rate with millions of individuals out of a job. The federal government needs take their hands off the private sector and allow the free market to operate as it should. Part of this involves our current tax regulations. It is without question something needs to be done with our current tax structure which has been on the agenda of legislatures for several years with no one making any serious effort to change it. In addition there are other regulations which are hurting our economy. The number of regulations and their length is burdening our economy. Granted we do need some regulations in reference to the responsibilities of the federal and state governments but they have become too much. The uncertainty of what actions government is going to take from one year to another is hurting the need for growth of business. Businesses need consistency in laws and regulations so they can plan their future which may include expanding and hiring more workers. In this respect government is ignoring their responsibility to improve the country by their actions not negatively impact it by their actions.


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