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Is Governor Mark Sanford Gay?

Updated on June 24, 2009

Gov. not gay

Old photo of Governor Sanford
Old photo of Governor Sanford

Why People Think Mark Sanford Is Gay

Sadly, when you create a veil of lies, sometimes people go overboard in overcompensating in the other direction to try to figure out the truth. "Conspiracy" theories have already started popping up on the Internet questioning, basically is Mark Sanford gay, and if so who is his lover. Is it some Argentina beach bum?

I suppose people might think this because of a notable history of family values preaching Christian politicians who turned out to be queer as a two dollar bill. (See Larry Craig, etc.) There was even a cunningly devised fake news story on Daily Kos claiming that the same gay guy who brought down Haggard was claiming that Sanford was in Colorado with him this weekend. Sorry Libs, it's not true.

What is already coming out is that he is not gay. He really was in Argentina, not Colorado. And what has just developed is that the Columbia, South Carolina newspaper The State has in their possession emails that passed between Sanford and his woman lover. When these are published tomorrow the gay rumors will finally be put to rest. At least he's not that hypocritical...

Plus, the fact that the Governor's wife, Jenny Sanford, is taking him back also points to his non-gayness. No woman is going to take back her husband after he's been with men. LOL. Maybe the new Equality Generation will break through that glass ceiling as they grow up, get married, and find out their husbands are homosexual.

The Governor's Wife... and Romney

Is this the scene that sparked the Governor's jealousy and pushed him all the way to Argentina for love?
Is this the scene that sparked the Governor's jealousy and pushed him all the way to Argentina for love?

Jenny Sanford Thrilled to be able to apply the "lessons of Solomon"

Religion is still the opiate of a large percentage of the masses, I guess. Or else Jenny Sanford is just trying to get the press heat off her family. In her statement released about her not gay husband Mark, she said she asked him to leave a couple weeks ago so they could work this out. He went to Argentina to be with his other woman, got caught, came back, and now she is ready to "apply the lessons of the wise Solomon" in making their holy marriage right again. How many chances does this guy get?


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    • sillysqrrl profile image

      sillysqrrl 8 years ago from World Citizen

      ROTFLMAO! I love Sanford & Son

    • Temperance M profile image

      Temperance M 8 years ago from Oregon

      I would cry if he were gay...seriously closted gay politicians have done more harm to gay rights that some straight "bigots". Sad but true....

    • profile image

      Gaybashir 8 years ago

      Aint that same Gouvernor who promoted South Carolina as a Gay destination in all London Subway during the Gay Pride in 2008?

      Calling it the "So Gay" State

      Well once again, they found a Bimbo to take the hit...

    • profile image

      Gaybashir 8 years ago

      Well it seems that they found a local Bimbo to post as her "Straight" mistress..

      The leak email the so call smoking gun that disproove his gayness was written in July 4th 2008!

      Independance Gay Day!

    • profile image

      Gaybashir 8 years ago

      A well placed leak, guess we gonna have to torture them to find out their sources.

      Who have access to Mister Gay/not Gay email account?

      Buenos Aires is the San Francisco of South America

    • Will James profile image

      Will James 8 years ago from New York, NY

      "The State" is the name of South Carolina's newspaper.

    • profile image

      Gaybashir 8 years ago

      Yeah right, he is the state governor and the state will release email that prooves he s not gay...

      What sounds gay to me is claiming that this is the smoking gun that will disproove the fact that he is gay .

    • Alex ONeill profile image

      Alex ONeill 8 years ago from Sweden (But I'm from Colorado)

      I'd like him more if he was =D


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