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Should Happiness be a Right?

Updated on February 10, 2017

Happy People

Happiness, a Right or a privilege?

The basic truth is that, it feels nice to experience some sort of happiness every now and then. Weather as individual or as a group. Mostly in everything that we do.

In other words, from the daily work routine, as a student, or from other sources. Reason being that Happiness in itself should be viewed from the angle of being a Right instead of a privilege.

However, it is seen by some scholars as a state of the mind, either from a satisfied accomplishment or from having a good time.

The likes of Aristotle have the believe that happiness is the best goal the individuals and the societies should strive for. What that means is that, the government, schools, family, individual and all other agencies in the society should all seek to bring us happiness, satisfaction and sense of purpose in life.

He went further to project happiness more than just the general feeling, perhaps, including our state of physical and mental well-being.

But whatever the case maybe, or rather the source of true happiness, the best source is derived from internal compare to that of the external.

On the other hand, happiness could also be interpreted as a mental or emotional state of well-being, characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.

Many studies have been geared toward spelling out the very specific factors that directly cause happiness. Although there are a good number of correlations, few of the findings are totally reliable or consistent.

Mainly because, we all value different things in life. Some might say it is desirable to live in a big city, while others dream of living in the countryside. Some take to fun, going out and meeting new people, some sports, cooking, being with loved ones, listening to music, reading and so on.

Happiness, not only does include seeking pleasure, property or self-interest. It encompasses the freedom to be able to make decisions that results in the best life possible for human beings everywhere, which includes intellectual and moral effort.

Well, it is of interest that everyone has his or her own version of happiness. Therefore, this lead us to some basic relative sources of happiness.

Symbol of love

  • Love. This is a psychological feelings which could be given environmental interpretations. It is also the physical expression of love that actually symbolises that one is loved. Hence the culture of a particular group of people has a lot to say about how love is viewed in that society. The good news is that no matter which type of society one is from, it’s in our human nature to long for that Special Someone. Having someone loving you for who you are is a great feeling and source of happiness.

Groups of Friends

  • Friends. Some people say good friends are hard to come by. These are people whom we rely on in difficult circumstances. They are always there for us no matter what may come our way. Both in good times and bad times. They are always by our side to support and advice. Naturally, to be loved and accepted by your friends is a gratifying feeling we all want. This in turn gives us great happiness just by knowing that these people are always there for us.

Family having fun

  • Family. Everyone needs a functional one whether biological or adopted. A family’s love for one is a source of happiness and confidence. A place where one feels that complete security and love, also where time has no bounds. Such as a brother will forever be a brother, a mother will forever be a mother, same with sister and father. But sometimes friends will come and go or rather you leave some.

Career lady

  • Career. Doing something you love, as well as giving you that sense of accomplishment, plus getting paid for it, brings that feelings of a smile to your face. There are people out there who can't believe that they are getting paid for having fun. To them their job is a source of happiness, that's how much joy they derive from it. The more we get successful in what we do, the more we have that sense of self-worth and purpose. Having more Financial freedom is a thing to look forward to too. The act of being able to carry out your financial duties to yourself and to others is another source of great feeling. That's not to say, for those who are not so financially buoyant but still feel their sense of worth and purpose, are left out.

Having alone time

  • Oneself. There are times one needs to be alone. Alone Time. Do what one pleases, whether it’s bumming around, playing your favourite game, breaking your record of your longest sleep and pampering yourself. There's nothing as pleasing as having a quiet time to mirror yourself per the past, present and future. In other to know where you stand and which way you are heading.

A praying person

  • Religion. Some believe that just as we are in the physical, we also have spiritual nature. This is where religion comes in, source of spiritual needs. For most people this serves as a source of happiness, satisfaction and fulfilment. Because it addresses their spiritual needs by communicating with their God. Despite which religion one belongs to, it is true that man has certain needs in terms of his faith, finding inner peace and well-being. Even an atheist has to find his inner peace somehow.

We all have the will to influence our happiness anytime. To be really happy means to have an inner sense of purpose and fulfilment. Happiness comes with clarity of direction from within, and the ability to give meaning to every situation and experiences.

Happiness should be seen as part of fundamental human right to exercise in any part of the world. Let's endeavour to help others to achieve that happiness in whatever way we can.


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