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Is Hillary Clinton a Clone?

Updated on October 13, 2016

Say Hello to Dolly the Cloned Sheep circa 1999

Sheep Cloning Happened About 17 Years Ago.

Remember many years ago when a sheep was cloned? It happened between 1999 and 2003. People were angry and others wondered when it would happen to humans. The cover of Time Magazine asks "Will There Ever Be Another You?" It’s been almost 20 years since then and yet we haven’t heard about people being cloned. Of course there are likely laws in place that prohibit such things. Yet, it makes your wonder. Doesn’t it?

Hillary's Health Deteriorates

These past weeks Hillary’s health has been in the forefront. The question has come up as to whether Hillary is even fit physically to take the Presidential office. She's had what looks like seizures on camera.


Mysterious Circumstances

Her secret service men have been helping her stand so that she doesn't fall and one was caught holding what appears to be a Diazepam pen.

Mysterious Object

What's This?

After the first debate, an object was pointed out under her clothes on her back.

Object Under Clothing is Very Large

Coughing Was Supposedly Pneumonia

And then the coughing thing happened a couple of weeks ago causing her to take a couple of days off. She claimed to have walking pneumonia, but who recovers from that in a mere two days? No one. Most online authorities say it takes at least 4 weeks for a full recovery. So, this is where mine (and other people) are starting to wonder exactly what’s going on. Not only did she recover in 2 days, but she also looks thinner and healthier than ever.

Is She a Clone?

I frequently read a website where the writers claim to be in contact from other worlds. It just so happens that one of the channelings from October 12th addresses the issue of Hillary being a clone. If an individual has been cloned, “You notice the abrupt and considerable change in appearance toward vibrant health and youthfulness of some world leaders as seen in TV films or photographs. Usually this high robustness and stamina immediately follows a day or a few days of absence from the public eye after a period of increasingly evident aging appearance. You attribute those remarkable differences to the person's brief vacation or recovery from a proclaimed illness, but here it is known that, simply, a new clone has replaced the old one.”

The information being channeled claims that Hillary had to claim that she had pneumonia to give the clone time to download her information, i.e. memories, etc. Once this information was downloaded, the clone then replaced her in the public eye looking younger and fresher than ever.

“Only the clone and any successors will be seen publicly from now on because Hillary’s deteriorating health would be such a marked contrast to her clone’s vibrancy and high energy.”

Do some research for yourself. It’s an interesting subject. The thought that over 20 years ago we created the first clone of an animal and then haven’t done anything else in the public eye since makes me wonder and question it alone.


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