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Is There really an Apartheid in Israel? Does Israeli Apartheid exists?

Updated on October 25, 2011

Some People claim that Israeli Apartheid exists...So, Does It?

What is Apartheid?

Well, I won't tire you - you can go and read it here -

Basically it means racial segregation in S. Africa that enabled the white minority to rule over the non-white majority. Hmmm, than minority rules over the majority...

What's up In Israel?

Democracy - the people elect who rules.

Oh, wait a minute... Can Muslims and anyone other than Jews elect and get elected in Israel?

Duh! Yeah! That is a democracy...

Aha! but there are elections also in Lebanon, Egypt, Iran etc' and everyone can vote as well.

Well, yes, but there is only one party in these countries, and it is so good, it wins over 80% of the voters each and every time! (except for Lebanon - there they kill the prime minister elect, if he doesn't do what the Hizballah wants.

And what about the Arab countries around Israel, the ones campaigning against the "Israeli Apartheid" state?

Well, you know, there is a problem with the people there... they cannot have a democracy, they will not know what to do... that is why they have totalitarian regimes or have monarchs.
Not a single Arab country is or even close to democratic. (Do you want to say Lebanon? In theory - you'll be right. Unfortunately, a country that a prime minister is killed and has an Army called Hizballah ruling it rather than the sovereign army, is not considered a democracy)

Google "Democratic Arab Country" and you'll probably get into the Sci-fi section.

Here are some pictures with examples of the "Apartheid" in Israel:

So, what am I actually saying? (thanks MG Singh)

Israel (if you were really thinking that) is NOT an apartheid state - not even remotely. Not everything you hear from people, is right - first check who is saying it.

The Palestinian propaganda, as well as the Arab countries' propaganda, is working - saying things many times, with a short repetitive slogan is working. It doesn't mean it is true (ask your advertising expert :) )

I am not saying Israel is perfect - no country is, but no one serious can say it is an apartheid state and not a democratic country (and if someone is saying it is, well, you know their agenda...)

...and when compared to the countries around it, well, no complement will be big enough!

I would like to hear from you - let me know what you think. Comment right here - I will try to reply to you as soon as I can.


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    • profile image

      LFCE 6 years ago

      Thanks MG - appreciate your comment.

      Most facts are known, if you check the facts :)

      Some people follow heated rhetoric that is nowhere near the truth. Hence this post (and pictures - they are worth more than a thousand words!)

    • MG Singh profile image

      MG Singh 6 years ago from Singapore

      Excellent post. But what are you stating ? Most facts are known