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Is It Time For The United States To Secede From The U.S. Government?

Updated on November 3, 2012
A map of the United States showing the southern states that seceded from the union.
A map of the United States showing the southern states that seceded from the union.

Yes, it's a rather drastic suggestion, but it's not one that hasn't happened in the history of The United States. The South seceded from the United States over the issue of slavery. It wasn't what one would call successful, but it has happened. And the United States only exists because people couldn't tolerate the tyranny of the British government and came to the United States to form a more perfect union. The sad thing is more and more it seems the United States is becoming like England with a few rich aristocracy running things and the poor being taxed to death. Unfortunately, there's no new world the disenfranchised of the U.S. government can go to escape to where things are better and where the rich don't run everything and keep the poor subjugated. So that means we might need to stay where we are, break out ties with the U.S. government and secede from the entity known as The United States.

The United States was formed on the belief it would be a government by the people, of the people and for the people; but can you really say that's how it really is? We have a presidential candidate who has basically disdained 47% of the people he claims to want to be president of. A man who thinks it isn't the government's responsibility to take care of the people of the United States if they fall on hard times and need help. Yet, each citizen of the United States is expected to support the government through the taxes they must pay to it each and every year.

A lot of companies are asking employees to take pay cuts in lieu of facing unemployment. Our government is in more debt than it's ever been before. But has any of the rich politicians offered to take a pay cut to help reduce the debt of the United States? No, they're more likely to put through pay raises for themselves. And these are the people in control of our government.

The taxes in the United States is getting completely out of hand. The IRS took nearly half my retirement fund when I had to withdraw it to purchase a car. If you win money in the lottery or a sweepstakes, you have to give a large chunk of it to the government. If you inherit money, you have to give a large chunk of it to the government.

The politicians are even using taxes to try and control what the citizens of the United States eat or do. I don't smoke, but I know people who do, and I was completely shocked to learn how much a pack of cigarettes cost. It's ridiculous. The government jacked up the prices on cigarettes thinking they could force people not to smoke by making them so expensive. Guess what? People are still smoking, the government is just making you pay a hefty fee to enjoy that right.

They also pass laws to try and control you. In Vermont, if you don't buckle your seat and they catch you driving without your seat buckled, they'll give you a ticket and you'll have to pay a hefty fine. Now, I could understand a law that makes it unlawful not to have a child buckled up, but if you're an adult shouldn't you have a right to choose if you want to buckle your seat belt or not without having to pay a price for choosing something the government has decided you can't do?

When I lived in San Francisco voters there passed a law to legalize medical marijuana. Yet the law kept raiding clinics and closing them down because they were handing out medical marijuana to terminally ill patients. Smoking marijuana by terminally ill patients has been found to stimulate their appetites and increase their quality of life. Unfortunately, like cigarettes, the government sees marijuana as evil, and won't even recognize it can be used to help sick and dying patients. The government would rather let terminally ill patients have no appetite because of the treatments they have to endure to try and fight their disease instead of allowing them to use something that can improve their quality of life.

It's the same for doctor-assisted suicide. I worked in a nursing home and I saw people's lives prolonged way past the point they had any quality of life. They couldn't see, they could hear, they couldn't walk and in some cases they were begging to just let them die, but they were made to continue to suffer so every last ounce of life was squeezed out of them. Even when someone has a Do Not Resuscitate order, sometimes it isn't honored, because life must be preserved at all costs, even at the pain and suffering of the patient.

We came to this country to have freedom, but in a lot of cases the government is slowly taking away all our rights. Lately, I've heard politicians are trying to get a law passed so if you have food stamps you can't buy soda pop and snacks with them. See, they've decided that stuff isn't healthy for us to eat, so they're trying to find a way to stop us from consuming them. They've even been trying to increase the taxes on soda the same way they've done with cigarettes. It's just another attempt to try and take our freedom of choice away from us.

I guess the biggest shock I got recently was when I went to vote early I discovered there were actually five people running for president. See, I only thought there were two. The media acts like there are only two. Have we heard anything about the other candidates in the media? Have any of them been included in any of the presidential debates? No, the media has only acts like two candidates are running. That voters have only two choices to choose from. Apparently, these other candidates couldn't afford the price of admission and couldn't raise millions of dollars in donations to waste of political ads, so they weren't considered worthy of mention or to be included in any debates. Remember when our mothers would tell us as children that one day we could grow up to be president? Well, she forgot to add, only if you're rich and have lots of money.

How is that any different from the British aristocracy we came to this country to get away from? Only the rich and well-born could hold titles such as duke, or earl. In this country, only the rich can be elected to public office. By and large, the rich now control our government. They've helped to get rid of a lot of social programs to help the poor. They tax the poor to death, while paying very little taxes, themselves. In a very real way, our country has become the thing it came to this country to get away from.

We saw how very little democracy we have in this country during the election between Al Gore and George W. Bush. There were stories that a lot of the poor were stopped from voting in Florida, a state that just happened to be controlled by George W. Bush's brother, Jeb. And when the whole hanging chad debacle occurred the courts in Florida voted against a recount because it would take too much time. It would take too much time to find out who the American public really elected as president? What happened to our democracy and a country where it's citizens decide who they want to lead them? Can any of us say that our country still represents all the ideas it was originally formed on? You know? All men and women are created equal and everyone has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

Things haven't gotten so bad, yet, that we need to secede from the United States government tomorrow, but I do think the need may occur sooner rather than later. The rich have entrenched themselves so firmly in charge of the government there's no way for the poor to wrest that power away from him. So the day is going to come when the poor have had enough and they'll make the decision to break away from the rich-controlled United States government.

It's not like it hasn't happened before in our country's past history. It happened during The Civil War when the south seceded from The United States. Unfortunately, that decision was doomed to failure. If individual states were to secede from the United States again, it would need to be done in a well thought out manner. There would need to be a plan in advance on how citizens would be able to support themselves and a new government charter would need to be drawn up. We might need to return to our roots and become an economy based on agriculture instead of one based on capitalism. We might even need to go back to a barter system of trading goods for work. It would be no easy matter, but it might be a preferable to continuing to live under the rule of our current government.

Quebec tried to secede from Canada, but they were a lone state and it didn't work. It would take a mass exodus of states banding together to make this work. Our past history shows the poor and down-trodden will only take so much subjugation before it bands together and fights its oppressors. Seceding from the current regime seems the least violent and less destructive alternative.

Thing aren't going to change in this country as long as the rich are in power And as this presidential election has proved, the media will only cover the super-rich candidates running for president and ignore the other candidates that don't have access to their kind of wealth. Imagine if the other candidates running for president had been given equal time to tell voters what they stand for and what they would do if they were elected president? Maybe voters would have found an alternative to re-electing a president that really hasn't done anything during his first term and a man who wants to get rid of even more social programs to help the poor and who disdains almost half of the population he's running to represent.

Something has to be done to change things. The rich are running this country into the ground. Something needs to be done to save us and this country from their greedy grasp.


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