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Is It a "Man's World" as Some Women Contend?

Updated on April 15, 2018
ValKaras profile image

Val is a life-long practically oriented student of effective emotional and attitudinal responses to the many challenges of life.

Sharing the Same Sun
Sharing the Same Sun

Offended, but High-Ranking in This World

I can't think of a better way to start but say how every horny idiot with no moral brakes should be put behind bars, where he might contemplate more respect for women in the future.

From addressing women in indecent ways, to offering promotion for sex, to groping, to drugging and rape---any of it might be a standard feature in societies where women have no rights, but not in our so called "free world". Some male specimens obviously don't have a healthy idea of boundaries in freedom they are enjoying.

However, are they enough of an evidence, as we may hear these days being said, that this world belongs to man to do whatever he pleases?

Well, I wouldn't really go that far with it, no matter how numerous may be all these current accusations of men sexually assaulting or insulting women.

The following is not to make their sins smaller or more excusable, but simply to offer a new perspective on this burning issue. What first comes to mind is that book titled "Twelve Against Gods" by William Bolitho, in which he brought certain historical powerful men down to a level of ordinary humanness---while showing that behind each one of them was a woman. Curiously, their very drive for greatness was inspired by woman of their heart.

Then, there is that saying: "If Cleopatra's nose had been differently shaped, the history of Rome would have been different". My own little humorous contribution to this line of thinking would sound like: "If Laura had not played so hard to get, there would have never been any of those divine poetic love odes devoted to her by her longing admirer Francesco Petrarca."

Indeed, one might almost start wondering---who is really making this world turn?

Don't Be a Silent Victim to Make It a Passing Trend
Don't Be a Silent Victim to Make It a Passing Trend

Hopefully Not a Passing Trend

Just for the hell of it---and maybe I am pulling devil's tail---how many good looking, in love, and being loved women are participating in any of those public protests demanding more rights for women?

Indeed, when it comes to just about any public upheaval, doesn't it take a bunch of regularly pissed off folks dissatisfied with their lives---in this case their romantic one? Then they raise a lot of unnecessary dust instead of simply treating each case and punishing those who deserve it. Like, the fact that there are certain criminal elements in society doesn't mean that the whole society is rotten and a big deal has to be made out of it.

Hey ladies, isn't that enough for you to have made obedient suckers out of us catering to your whims---what more do you want? Almost all of the couples I have ever known have a woman calling shots in all matters except for those which they don't want to be bothered with.

Hearing about all these new series of accusations against sexual offenders, I just can't help but wonder how long it will go on, almost as a trend, before it diminishes like so many others have so far.

Like the one in a recent past with a sudden series of passengers suing airlines for misconduct of flight attendants. It was running for a little while, as some folks were instigating a fight with an attendant to win a monetary compensation from the airline---and then, as if all flight attendants suddenly turned angels we don't hear a thing anymore about their "rude behavior".

No, I am not taking lightly all those women's accusations---those horny bastards should be brought to justice. But, I still somehow don't buy into the "massive women's victimhood"---possibly on account of them being officially the "weaker of the genders".

During my working years when I was applying for a job, I don't remember having to arm-wrestle a female applicant to grab that job from her, if she appeared more qualified. And with all of my different skills I never even dreamed about seeking a job of a secretary, because I don't think I would impress any boss with my hairy legs.

Are You Sure You Hear My Orders?
Are You Sure You Hear My Orders?

Women Are Better Leading Behind Throne

Talking about "weaker", despite my seeing women as equal to men, I somehow don't think it would be a good idea that all world's leaders become women.

Namely, you see, men may be arrogant and all that which has made human history one pathetic story, but at least they can be persuaded in their bedrooms to make changes in their policies. Women, on the other hand tend to be competitive, cunning, and revengeful towards each other, which is not good.

Just watch the difference between them and men at a party. Men don't give a rat's behind about how other men are dressed, if they have gained or lost weight, what jewelry they wear, if they are bald or grow longer hair...anything. Do I need to describe women's curiosity based on competitive spirit, or should I just call them mean when dealing with one another?

Imagine them with their gossiping tendencies as leaders making secret gossiping partners with other leaders, or ganging up against some others and making instant enemies---with some unpredictable outcomes. If Trump, as a man was ridiculed for his hairstyle, and that was counted as a bad point in his resume for presidency---imagine what would women find as a "threat to homeland security" in another female leader's change of her hairstyle.

If this isn't already woman's world, then making it more so doesn't really look all that promising. But O.K., I hope you have detected a bit of humor in all this, even though they say there is some truth in every joke.

Yes, You Show Him Who Is the Boss!
Yes, You Show Him Who Is the Boss!

Choose Between a Smack and a Kick in Groin

With exception of those business women, or those with careers at high executive positions, and also those who have at home a "yes-dear" man doing it all for them and instead of them, women have so much more on their plate than men.

Raising kids, cooking, cleaning, washing, the whole household package---whereas the "king" comes to his castle, complains about being tired, and basically spends the rest of the day just hanging around and looking tough, with his scepter in form of a beer bottle in his royal hand. You, "yes-dear" suckers don't know what you are missing for sure.

One way or another, you ladies have certain advantages over men, first of all maturing faster than men, and with all that on your plate you are more grounded and able to meet challenges of life.

And when it comes to those sexual advances of those horny morons you have another advantage that you are surprisingly forgetting---the mighty Achilles has a secret, "more sensitive" part on his body than his heel. Even a tight underwear may get in the way, for him to see stars in excruciating pain.

Every time I watch a movie with a rape scene, I curse the script-writer for not letting that poor woman push her knee onto his groin---with guaranteed results of him losing every interest in sex.

Even if you don't hate him enough to hurt him like that, a good old-fashioned smack across the face will surely wipe off his Casanova grin. Come on, not that either? Hey, you must hate him at least that little.

Enough Room for Two at Top of the World
Enough Room for Two at Top of the World

Man's World? In Which Universe?

If half of those stories from a documentary about "secret life of Hollywood" are true, there is nothing connected to sex to be taken seriously there, because sex in that line of business is only exceeded by drug abuse.

I am under impression that sex has become as much of a formality there as having a dinner together. Young starlets hopeful to get a small part in a movie or at least in a commercial know what the price may be, and unfortunately they don't mind it all that much.

Well, it comes with the territory, like having ambitions in political life and being naïve enough not to expect to be lied to---a lot. Hey, whole nations get screwed by leaders who do it---just because they can, so why fuss over being abused in a job-for-sex deal.

Is it immoral? Yes. Should it be stopped or at least minimized? By all means available, from a smack on the face, to a knee kick, to a courtroom. Crying after the fact of agreeing with that sort of transaction is an act of getting even, not so much of a "hurt pride". No one with a pride will agree to it in the first place. They don't ask for sex at MacDonald.

And there is a big "Welcome" sign at the gates of penitentiaries for all rapists, so don't be quiet about it, don't be a victim.

Other than this issue of unwanted man's sexual advances and assaults, I am a little slow with figuring how this world may look like "man's world". None of the women who have been hurt by men should be allowed to be jurors in this issue of whose world it is.

For there are many decent guys out there, myself included, who respect women and---for sake of a little humor---do all their sexual advances only secretly in their minds. To expect from us to change that would be like expect from us to stop growing facial hair.


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    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Vladimir Karas 

      8 months ago from Canada

      MizBejabbers---I screwed up while partially responding to another commenter. Don't mind me, and I am not about to give you any excuses.

    • MizBejabbers profile image

      Doris James-MizBejabbers 

      8 months ago

      Val, the reference to "this old lady" was to myself because I'm now a great grandmother. That meant that I've seen at least two, going on three generational changes, and with each change came attitude changes. I'm still not sure whether men weren't as aggressive in my young days or whether women are just more "touchy" (absolutely no pun intended) today. Or it may be that the attitudes we faced caused those who were abused to continue to be afraid to speak up. I don't know, but I think that today's fascination with media does give women a louder voice. You are entitled to your opinion, just expressing mine. I don't know that we disagree. I didn't interpret it that you were taking man's side.

    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Vladimir Karas 

      8 months ago from Canada

      MizBejabbers---Later on I realized that there was another part of your comment to be addressed.

      Namely, in my article I separated two issues. One was of male sexual offenders, who should be prosecuted without any question about it.

      The second, to which I gave a spice of satire was about a drawing a wrong conclusion from all those offences that "women are taking a back seat in this world".

      Of course, there are still legal steps to be more implemented than they are when it's about women's equality---just like it is the case with discrimination based on skin color, age, religion, etc. Of course, we live in a world that's far from being perfect and just---BUT, we can't use these series of sexual abuse cases to prove anything more than that. It would be like saying that---since there are "some" black criminals "all" black folks are criminals.

      Cases of woman's discrimination should be treated separately and punished accordingly. My article simply says that one thing doesn't mean another thing.

      And just because I took some time to entertain myself with thoughts about some aspects of woman's leading role in family, in man's inspiration to succeed, and so on---doesn't mean that I am "taking man's side", after I already said that everybody mistreating women should be punished.

      Anyhow, I hope this addition helps to clarify some things from my article which may seem inconsistent with one another.

    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Vladimir Karas 

      8 months ago from Canada

      MizBejabbers---I never had an ambition to please the taste of every single reader. As a matter of fact, I am primarily writing to express my own views, not worrying much about people's possible response.

      When they come to a store to buy a particular item, they don't blame the store-keeper for not having what they want--they go to another store. Likewise, I am not forcing anyone to either read my stuff or to like it for that matter. That's why we have so many TV channels, to switch to another one when a program is annoying to us.

      Having said that, quite frankly it doesn't bother me one bit if my sarcasm is at times hard to detect. What if I like shifting from one tone to another, being at moment serious and going a little crazy in the next moment? What if I hope that people might go a little flexible about the above article and figure when I mean something literally and when I don't?

      The old lady you are mentioning is using the familiar "projecting tactics"---projecting her own angry mentality to another person and calling HIM angry. Should I be impressed?

      And what if it makes no damn difference how many don't like my article---because there are always those who do? I don't write by assignments having to follow anyone's guidelines.

      Do I sound offended now? That would be another misreading---I am saying all this with a smiling soul, but people choose how to interpret my words and I can do nothing about it. Words are known to sound differently in mouth and in ears---and I am fine with that.

    • MizBejabbers profile image

      Doris James-MizBejabbers 

      8 months ago

      Hey, Val, I will say that you haven't quite mastered the art of sarcasm yet, and I think that's why sometimes the reader misinterprets what you're saying. That's the editor in me talking because sometimes you fool me, and I'm pretty good at knowing sarcasm when I read it. Everything before the photo of the silent victim sounds pretty serious. Maybe switch to satire?

      Now having said that, I'm kind of at a loss for words myself. This old lady is a couple of years older than even you, so I've seen attitudes change at least three or four times in my long lifetime. While both my husband and I agree that true sexual predators need to be stopped, a lot of this stuff today is much ado about nothing. But to put myself in the place of a 20-something who is staring at the dropped drawers of a middle- age or older-than-that man would be pretty daunting. I'm not sure how I would act in that scenario, especially if I knew that all my hopes and dreams of a career hung on how well he thought was hung.

      But as far as whistles or a little pat, etc., went. We girls just figured that went with the territory of immature males. Maybe guys weren't as grabby in our day, just verbal. I think you can blame today's reaction on Women's Lib.

      I definitely think that the Women's Lib movement was badly needed because we women had to fight for our equality in careers, and we still made lower wages. We were paid less than younger men even when we were training them to do the same work. However, I think the overreaction to simple male teasing just comes with the territory as an aftermath. Perhaps if we had not had to fight so hard for our professional rights, some women would not take as an insult every verbal tease a man dishes. I don't have a daughter, but if I did, I would have tried to teach her the difference between simple teasing and a sexual assault. Some of these women don't seem to know the difference. That's the pity.

    • LimeyFeline profile image


      8 months ago

      Oh dear, I hope you feel better soon!

    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Vladimir Karas 

      8 months ago from Canada

      Limey Feline---Thank you, I am feeling fine. I hope you recover from the "scare" soon. Sorry, but I can't be responsible for the way you chose to interpret the article. As for my "anger", I have been a meditator for the last 5 decades, quite efficient at my stress management, and you are among those rare people who ever got the idea that I would have some "pent up anger". However, feel free to keep your impressions whatever they are. Maybe some sense of humor might help though.

    • LimeyFeline profile image


      8 months ago

      Mr. Karas, are you okay? You seem to have a lot of pent up anger. Your article oozes of sexism and entitlement, and is quite frankly scary for a woman like myself to read it. I hope you feel better soon.


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