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Is Justice Blind?

Updated on August 6, 2009

Lady Justice

We have all seen the statue "Lady Justice", we all know what she stands for: justice is blind and impartial. This is not to discuss about the statue but rather to discuss the question: is justice blind? In the United States Supreme Court the motto is "Equal Justice Under Law"; is it? Since the beginning of nations and government there have been courts of one kind or another and all have tried to be fair, in the beginning. In the beginning, the laws were set, supposedly in stone, and the punishment was set. But soon there were those who did not like the laws that were set and they got together and devised a way to make it so the law could not touch them and their friends. People became greedy and wanted freedom only for themselves. Soon all these people were implanted into the government, in one form or another, and soon all the law abiders were the ones who were put into the courts with made up charges and they were sentenced. While the law abiders were doing time, the lawbreakers were out and about having their own way. If one of them was put on trail they were released promptly. Today it is happening again. Is Justice blind? How many lawbreakers are being released with only a slap on the wrist? How can Justice be blind if the criminals are getting of scott free while the victims are paying the price? It seems now a day that criminals have more rights than the law-abiding citizens. If the cops don’t say one thing, just one thing right, the criminal goes of free as a bird. Is this justice? I say nay. The justice system has been taken over by crooks and thieves. No matter where you live, the criminals are in the government. It is time for us to stand up and take back our Justice and our peace. Let me continue with the history lesson from the beginning of this article. After time passed the government began to crumble because where criminals rule and reign so does chaos and destruction. All the nations of the past of crumbled and fallen because the government was run by criminals and there was no Justice. Is Justice blind? Somewhere along the lines people have taken off the blindfold of Justice and has poisoned the mind of Justice so that it is now unequal and disregarded towards the law. Now it may seem that I just want all the criminals and lawbreakers locked up forever, but this is not true. I want to see Justice as it is supposed to be, blind and impartial, if someone broke the law they must pay the penalty or else chaos and anarchy will ensue. Nevertheless I do not want the criminals locked up forever, on the contrary I want them to pay the price but I want them to realize that this is not the way to live. If they would look at it from a different angle they will realize that they are doing wrong and being punished is a way for them to fix the problems inside themselves and make a fresh start. If the lawbreakers would only realize why they are being punished, because they broke the laws designed to protect, they would come to the realization that they have endangered society and themselves and they could take the steps to fix the problem and get back on track. And when they get back on track they can contribute and construct society not deconstruct. But when criminals want to act they way they do they must pay the penalty. Is it fair and just for the victims to pay the price and penalty when the lawbreakers don’t? Is Justice blind? Or are we blind? Blind to the destruction of the world we have worked so hard to build. Blind to the millions of lawbreakers that are running our lives. Blind to the injustice that is being shoved onto our backs. I have taken off my blindfold and am ready to put it back on Justice; are you? I want Justice for all; do you? I want to live without worry about lawbreakers; do you? I want to take back my Justice and the Justice that is free; do you? If you have said yes to even just one of these questions, then lets work together to tell our courts, lawyers, and government we want Justice blind and impartial. Tell them that we want Justice for all and not for a select few. It is time to take a stand, if you have even a glimmer of courage and self respect, stand with me. I will continue stand, even if I am alone; will you? Is Justice blind?

Will You?

Will you take a stand for Blind and True Justice?

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      lee 4 years ago

      My site to wake up america is this is play to play to plea b justice like g ryan in chgo I need a tough civil rights lawyer to reopen this unprevented tragedy ,85 or not my life is totally destroyed and familly the dupage cou court system from Hell a big cash cow of bribery, 630 4207160, please help me get justice for these girls and hope a class action of repeat offeders for others, plead out, mass m urderers, of judical and proes homicides pay to play sincerely leah johnsom, .