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Should Democrats Be Legally Liable For Illegal Aliens?

Updated on November 9, 2017
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The Right Way

Anyone who has ever dealt with the legal way to bring immigrants into the country is familiar with the idea that the government wants you to be legally, financially and personally liable for that person. They do not want you bringing in a person who will go on welfare. They don't want you bringing in someone and then throwing them out into the street or employing them in a sweat shop or in a prostitution ring.

The Democrat Way

In the past, the Obama said that it would review the status of 5 million foreign criminals who broke at least three laws to take the job of an unemployed American. At Obama's discretion, some of these illegal aliens will not be deported even though they are in the United States illegally.

Obama should be personally, legally and financially liable for any illegal alien he fails to deport.

The unemployment level for US citizens is over 5%. For blacks who are here legally the unemployment rate is even higher. Whose job is Obama going to give away to an illegal alien? If there are not enough jobs for law abiding citizens, how can their be enough jobs for foreign criminals?

For those who say that there are jobs that American's will not do, the question is, has that job been offered to American in the unemployment line?

If the job is valid and legal, with legal wages and working conditions, an unemployed American will do it. If the job pays slave wages it is illegal anyway.

There are those who like to argue that this or that US policy, or individual or organization is racist. What could be more racist that taking the jobs of poor blacks and giving them to foreign criminals and fake refugees?

Sanctuary Cities

We should go further. Every mayor or government official at any level who does anything to aid or abet illegal aliens who are trying to stay in the United States should be held personally, financially and legally liable for any illegal alien they help to break the law.

Sanctuary cities and sanctuary states are criminal conspiracies to break federal law and to aid and abet foreign terrorists. Sanctuary cities and sanctuary states not only encourage terrorists to enter the United States, moreover they promise to protect these international criminals once they get here. Sanctuary cities and sanctuary states are treason and the those who support them are in my opinion bribed traitors.

What does Mexico do?

Anyone who studies what Mexico does to illegal aliens who enter their southern border should realize that a simple deportation is fairer and more humane than most of the countries in the world.

Some Americans who trespassed in Iran just got 8 years in an Iranian prison for doing so.

Give Til It Hurts!

What would you give to foreign criminals?

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