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Is President Obama a Sacrificial Lamb?

Updated on July 20, 2009

Who is Barack Obama?

When Barack Obama was announced as the nominee for the Democrat party, I found myself asking a question; who is Barack Obama? Up until the run for president I really hadn't heard much about the guy, and reports about who he was were pretty obscure. Being an over-the-road truck driver at the time left me searching for information whenever I could. After deciphering the information, I was sure I wasn't going to vote for Obama. I couldn't get behind most of the issues he supported, and to be quite frank, he scared me with his leftist beliefs. But still, there was something about his charisma, his well-rehearsed orations and presence, that left (no pun intended) me believing that John McCain was in trouble; with John McCain not being my first choice by a long shot. So here we had a relative unknown, from Chicago, and a national hero ready to go head-to-head.

The media began it's frenzy. Suddenly you couldn't find a newspaper, TV, or radio that wasn't singing the praise of this unknown, Barack Obama. Here was the perfect spokesman for the Leftist ideology. This guy was absolutely in the right place at the right time (again, no pun intended); here you had a minority, with Muslim ties, a message of "Yes we can," a staunch belief in green technologies, and a message of disdain for President Bush; the stage being brilliantly set for an outcome now in the history books.

A Bitter Republican Party?

After the race, the media continued it's love affair with Barack Obama, and couldn't help reporting how bitter the Republicans had become about the win. Quite literally, the Republicans lost the race; they weren't even close to prepared for Barack Obama, and the Democrats had a far superior marketing strategy.The Republicans, on the other hand, began spreading their own version of "Yes we can," that came across more like the song "We Shall Overcome." Suddenly, right-wing pundits started conveying ideas that Barack Obama wasn't going to be as far left as we imagined, and the Democrat party might have a few battles on their hands when it came to key issues. Republicans started pushing the ideas of retooling the GOP, and banding together; something we hadn't seen prior to the election. All this to make themselves feel better about how ineptly run the campaign was.

Now the Republicans are showing a passion like never before. The pundits are talking about how out of control the government is, while the left-leaning Republicans, Democrats and Progressives are going about their business making a mockery of the constitution. Where were the bitter Republicans before the election? Where was the passion for our Republic before the election? The Republican passion, before the race, reminds me of a child poking a stick at a leashed dog; all fun, until the dog gets loose; well the dog is loose, and the Republicans are running; all the while crying how mean it is. Maybe the Republicans are bitter, but it's for their lack of competency; what else can they hang their hat on?

Another Stage is Set

So the stage has been set for another act; an act destined to change the course of our country's history forever. We are watching nearly irreversible changes being made, giddy with our love affair with this newcomer from Chicago. What's truly happening behind this curtain of romance? Barack Obama may be the new face of change in America, but he isn't driving the change. President Obama is merely the pretty packaging that's drawing attention away from the actual ingredients. This is way bigger than him, and these changes have been in the pike for many years, and there is no way to say this without sounding like a conspiracy theorist; there are no coincidences in politics.

Our government, and it's self-perceived scope, has been growing since the great depression. Welfare and Social Security are prime examples of programs that have been doomed from the beginning, and now the government can't get rid of them. The government can't, nor do they have to. These programs have become entitlements (not privileges), and we have come to accept them as a fact of life. Add to this the dying screams of the unhealed masses of people, crying for health-care, lining our streets, and you have the perfect formula for cradle-to-grave, government coverage, at your expense. Remember, if you are a contributing member of society, you have to pay for these benefits, after you've been taxed to pay for these benefits; a dynamite business model.

The housing market didn't collapse overnight, yet we constantly hear about the greed of CEO's and big business; they are the cause of all this. The complete lack of government oversight, which we're told we need to save us from ourselves, has nothing to do with the real estate flop, even though the warning flags were planted years ago. The treasury continues to print money, of no real value, to buy bad loans. I used to play a game where I bought empty houses with fake money; this is no game however. Our government now has its hand in the real estate game, and has a say in how home loans will now be made in this country. Reviewing this strategy should seem eerily familiar. We, as taxpayers, will be paying to rebuild the banking industry, and the government will be controlling how the banks lend us our money; Where is the greed in this country?

Two of America's automakers are in the hands of labor and government, and we are footing the bill. You can argue that it was necessary for the government to save the auto companies, but there is no rationale for it. This was strictly a power grab by (dying) unions, and the government kowtowing to one of the biggest Democrat lobbyists. Again, the answer being government: "buying" an industry, telling us and them what's good for us and them, and sending us the bill. I cannot wait to see the Eco-friendly, good-for-all-of-us vehicles our once-proud industry will crank out; because when it comes to practicality, there is no greater embodiment than government ingenuity. We the people will not only be paying the government, and labor, to build the cars, we will have to buy them too; don't forget the sales tax on top of that.

I could go on-and-on, but if this doesn't open your eyes to the bigger picture, then you choose not to see. President Obama may think he is in charge, but he is like a raft in a rapids. He may be on top, but he is at the mercy of the undercurrents.

The Alter is Ready

So if Barack Obama, the storefront of hope, can't pull this off, who will bear the brunt of the blame? It will be President Obama, but it just won't matter. He is the perfect sacrificial lamb. He is a minority, he is the first black president, and the media refuses to pass any chance to exploit that fact. So if people dislike him, it is because they are not enlightened, or they are bigoted. No matter how far south our situation goes, or how great it gets, Barack Obama will always be the first black president. It will never be about his policies or politics. If you think this is untrue, put any non-minority in his position. Would the love affair be as strong? Would we be as tolerant of the mass destruction of our constitution? It wouldn't be a sacrifice, it would be a slaughter.

Don't get me wrong; I want this country to succeed. I want us to attain our former glory, but it isn't going to happen. I would have to have my head in the sand to think our government will ever give up the power we have let them acquire. It would be idiotic to think the next time someone cries "Crisis!" our politicians won't be scrambling to find the next great government answer; it's what they do best.


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    • profile image

      Geir (Gerhardt) Smith 

      8 years ago

      obama's the antichrist

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      (Mr.) Puppa,

      You wrote this post quite some time ago, but I suspect that an increasingly-large number of people will be typing "obama sacrificial lamb" into their google search bars over the next several years. You should credit yourself for being, it would seem, one of the few people to make this observation (though I really don't read blogs). The mainstream right-wingers (even Limbaugh) haven't really latched onto this yet. This guy is clearly a puppet, and he doesn't have a darned clue as to what they're (Axelrod, Emmanuel, etc.) using him for. He needs to go away in 2012, but I would reserve any animus and outright hatred for his handlers, and not necessarily Obama himself.

      First of all, he's not that bright (let's be honest), but he's just aware enough to believe that collectivism is the true path towards solving the eternal problem of poverty. The race issue only compounds this, since the majority of African-Americans are poor. He wants to help the poor and, in particular, the non-white people of our country. I respect him for that (poverty and ignorance are pretty crummy), though I do not believe this goal should entail socialism and unfair taxation of the producers within society.

      My point: Obama has been told, probably since birth, that he is "special" and "bright", etc. He has also been fed a load of commie propaganda since birth, and he probably believes it. When you consider his natural public-speaking ability, he was the perfect candidate for the role. But, I repeat, he's not that bright!….like, really, not, um, all, um, that, um, bright. Frankly, I believe that affirmative action got him into Columbia and Harvard.

      I feel bad for him in some ways, because the commies have been using him to push through healthcare, etc. However, said policies could truly "destroy" the USA within a generation or two. This is not Sweden! This is a very large country, quite different from a small, relatively homogeneous European country. Americans do not take care of themselves (exercise, healthy diet, etc.), so government-run healthcare is going to cost much more than in more health-oriented societies. I am not obese, I exercise regularly, eat healthily, etc, and I work 60-70 hours a week for my "outrageous" $70k/year salary, which does not go very far in suburban/Boston Massachusetts, believe me.

      Given this, I resent my ever-increasing health insurance premium costs, because I don't ever use my damned health insurance! I am paying for the bad habits and unsound lifestyles of others, and I really don't like that. It's not about class or race, I just don't think it's very fair. Hell, I have lived most of my life without heath insurance. This current debate bemuses me.

      Furthermore, I have lived amongst (and with) poor people at many times in my life. Poor people usually smoke, drink too much, eat unhealthy food, and eschew exercise at higher-than-average rates than less-poor folks. This has been my observed experience. The problem is that these people can't afford to live like that, and they're either too depressed, ignorant, or stupid to understand this. Basically, they use much more (in healthcare costs) than they give (in taxes/premiums, etc.), yet they are still ungrateful and nasty when someone tries to convey this concept to them.

      Obama is the ONLY president within recent memory who could conceivable use the pulpit to chastise and shame these people into semi-normal lifestyles. A rich white guy cannot get away with telling poor, non-white people that they are living irresponsibly. Obama, however, has that privilege.

      I would respect Obama if he actually had the guts to tell "his people" where to shove it, but he never will. He's a coward, like most politicians. Hell, Bush didn't have the guts to tell Americans that their SUV gasoline was going to fund Muslim terrorists!

      Thus, despite the fact that Obama is a puppet, I hope that his example serves as a warning to the next president. Bush was the neocon puppet, Obama is the Soros puppet. We really can't survive on this trendline.

      We need someone in that position who is NOT a puppet. We need an intelligent, free-thinking person who respects the rights of Americans and the ownership mentality.

      Though part of me feels "bad" for Obama, I think it's time that we actually have a sacrificial lamb. None of these people (Nixon, Carter, Clinton, Bush) ever PAY for their ineptitude and arrogance. If something doesn't change soon, we're all going to be sold into permanent wage slavery, working for the likes of Messrs. Axelrod and Emmanuel.

      I cede my soapbox!

      Thank you for your well-written and nuanced Hubs!

    • puppascott profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Michigan (As far as you know...)

      MM, thanks for stopping by.

      Like you, I am not a fan of the bailouts, nor do I see the logic in them. If GM were to have fallen, I am not convinced we would be worse off. It may have been in the interim, but the great thing about capitalism is the fact that someone always finds a way to fill a niche. We have only filled our children's future with taxation; they deserve better.

    • Mighty Mom profile image

      Susan Reid 

      9 years ago from Where Left is Right, CA

      Hi Puppascott, I came by to visit after your clever poem comment on my hub about Sarah Palin. I may not agree with everything you or my friends Tony or James A Watkins espouse politically, but it's refreshing to read well thought out commentary like your hub. I was not among the Obama cult. I am flat-out against the bailouts of the auto industry and AIG. But admittedly, I am not an economics student so I am open to learning that these "saves" are necessary for free enterprise to continue. Not sure exactly how that would work, but I do understand that when a company like GM folds it's not just the auto workers who suffer, whole towns and regions close down.

      One thing I know we CAN agree on is that our great country is in a world of hurt like none of us has ever experienced. Pointing fingers doesn't solve the problems we are facing daily. Somehow the engine of commerce has got to start chugging again here in America. How to achieve that? I hope Obama's finance team is a lot smarter than the rest of us, that's all I can say! MM

    • puppascott profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Michigan (As far as you know...)

      Thanks and no apology necessary. I've been neglecting my "Hubbily" duties the past few days.

    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 

      9 years ago from Chicago

      Awesome Hub, dude.  Sorry I'm so late reading.  I was in Michigan on vacation and playing a little concert.  I agree with all your words.  Thanks for saying them so succinctly.

    • puppascott profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Michigan (As far as you know...)

      Good day Advisor, always glad to here from you.

      Be careful what you wish for Advisor. Universal health care looks good on paper but it has been proven to be a slippery slope in many instances, and our kids will have serious back problems from hauling around the debt. It is not the answer.

      Thanks for the comment.

      How are things on the left coast, Tony?

      Thanks for the information, and the comments. I'll take a look at that book when I go get Glenn Beck's Common Sense book. Its always amazing to see how things like transparency always apply to the other guy isn't it? Dead rhetoric from ungrateful public servants. It's frustrating.

      Oh, by the way, I see Ben Bernanke came to Californias aid today. What an idiot. "Katrina like?" Please.

      Thanks for stopping by.

    • tony0724 profile image


      9 years ago from san diego calif

      puppa beyond the shadow of a doubt Obama walked Into a pile of fertilizer , If you know what I mean and I am sure you do . But when you talk about him possibly being the fall guy , you could very well be tapping In to the truth .

      For starts Congressman Ron Paul of Texas has been trying to audit the Federal Reserve forever , because that Is the guys who control all the money and bailouts Tarp etc . And only now Is that notion beginning to gain any steam . There Is a book called " The Creature From Jekyll Island " that might Interest you . Secondly you might want to research an orginazation called the Bilderberg group ! Good hub Puppa !

    • advisor4qb profile image


      9 years ago from On New Footing

      Good hub.  I remember talking to a little old man right after Obama won the election.  He thought that McCain wasn't mean enough and should have done more mudslinging.

      I was a little frightened of Obama's ideas as well, but Obama is the future.  I am hoping that he will bring this country to a better place than it has been and maybe help us smooth over our relations with the rest of the world with his skill at diplomacy. 

      As a former welfare worker, I have to say that I saw a LOT of people saddened by their ineligibility for benefits that they desperately needed.  A man sat in my office that had a fishing hook embedded in his stomach (that's right, a fishing hook, I don't know how that happened), and the doctor would not remove it because the man had no insurance. 

      I don't know how true the story was, but it reached my heart as I saw the man sitting there in obvious pain.  He was not eligible because he did not have a minor child in the household, he was not on disability, and he was not elderly. 

      THIS is the type of thing that makes me realize how needed a national health plan would be.  Medicaid, however, goes state to state, as food stamps are federal.  So I do not know that other states have the same rules as Florida.  I think that eligibility should be the same wherever you go and that benefits should be more accessible.

      While it is true that taxpayers foot the bill for this type of thing, in my mind, it is our jobs as people of the world to take care of our fellow man, in brotherly love.


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