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Is Our PM a Consultant to Govt of India.

Updated on February 16, 2013
skgrao profile image

A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

PM or Consultant.?

Checking the Plane to Fly to Mangalore.?

Ask any House Wife his Performance.He will get 0 /100.

Our Health Minister holds Bill Gates. but he does touch MCI Chairman is taking Bribes to sanction Medical Colleges with out any Infrastructure.

File Looks Nice & Very Heavy - Must be GDP.

Sir, Madam has sent you Flowers.
Sir, Madam has sent you Flowers.

Looks after the other Holy Cows.

Report Card,from Head Master & Madam on their Kids Performance.

Yes,The School Head MasterĀ  and Madam gave the report card of his students,to be taken to their Parents.That's Correct we the people are the parents.

We are not used to see in which subjects our kids fared well and scored high,we see where they did not do well.We are no stupids we are not going to pat our children if they score cant percent in few subjects and failed in all others.

To day's show of our Prime Minister's speech on his ministers performance was indeed a thing of the past undone.He is a minister since we were in schools but did not allow us to get in to which ever colleges we wanted.I wanted to study Cinematography or Automobile Engineering but could not due to want of minimum marks prescribed.I had to use influence through my father to get in to Textiles as he was in it and I had seen the Look of Textiles in Bangalore where we had the Gaint BINNY's which was run by the British.The Officers used to zoom past in their British Cars in spotless white dress.

The Prime Minister has himself admited that he did not perform as required.Very honest and he has a cent percent marks for that.Where did he fail he does not want to say for fear of being spanked.We know where he failed.

The Food Minister is Playing Cricket.

The Finance Minister is shouting GDP GDP GDP what is it and where is it can we eat it.

The Health Minister is checking something else where as his Hospitals do not have records that are needed for national needs and planning.

The Minister for Civil Aviation wanted to drop out of school but Kadak Master said No.

The other minister for cell phones since he does not want to know his kid BSNL has swollowed a whooping Rs,50,000 Crore and does not want to vomit nor swallow.

Yes all kids can go to school but parents do not want their children to go to school as they earn money daily and sending them to school means that they have to depend on daddy to lift some ATM machines or Few Autos or Bikes from their positions kept on foot paths.

Woman reservation, where is it.Why is it, How is it and can we see it.?

Our Industry and our Industrialists have taken our country forword not our Govt which does not know how to maintain Law and Order.

Human Rights Voilation our Police do know that better than humans.

The Junior External affairs minister had no was not given any work by the Senior so he went to play cricket and was dismised soon before he played a single ball.

Another Minister say's if a Nibel Prize is awarded for filth and garbage to any country it was only India that would get it.

Another Minister say's he did follow the procedure so well that Rs.50,000 Crore went missing and following complaints the Prime Minister Orders a CBI investigation to look for all the Rs.50,000 Crore up to the last SINGLE PAISA.

Another Minister does not want to go to the office as there were TV crew's sitting there day and night for his arrival since some foreign pilot tried to land his plane half way in the runway to avoid listening to his Indian Sardarji Pilot who had landed the plane going to the end of the runway to land and than wanted to see if he had seen the runway and went round the runway and landed 66 times on the same runway.

There were others who were still doing homework so he left out those who did not submit their homework.

Good Work Hon Prime Minister.


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