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Is President Obama a Patriot or Closet Muslim?

Updated on February 21, 2015

Where did it start? The steady erosion of President Obama's foreign policy decisions now have over 50% of Americans unhappy about them. This has risen in just six months. Many of those are Republican members, but a growing number of Democrats, the more liberal ones, are now joining the chorus. The media, depending on which outlet one listens to either minimizes it because Obama can do no wrong, even when he is, or rant about it constantly, like on Fox.

The whole Middle East issue is Obama's problem. He inherited the end of the Iraq war and what he did with it has had bad repercussions. He left no residual forces there for security and Iraq simply fell apart between various factions that were in check while America was there, while even Saddam Hussein was there. Iraq became a free for all for Shiite and Sunni insurgents while the government tried and failed to cobble a real government. Of course, terrorists had their own ideas. As time went on, Iraq's president resented the USA, the Shiite and Sunni differences and inequities simply got worse. Obama in his rush to get American troops out, was unaware he was creating another mess. But, Obama was warned by all his generals. Then there is the whole Syrian red-line bluff that was called after Syria has used chemical weapons. The Saudis and other Arab countries were furious about this chicken shit move allowing Assad to hunker down and he is still there. The mighty USA was afraid to use, maybe 10 missiles upon hard fixed targets in around Damascus. Fear of collateral damage that innocents might be killed. Assad could have be targeted, but God forbid it happens. It certainly would saved a lot of fighting and lives since. Instead, Obama takes up an offer from Russia and Syria to remove the chemical weapons. What Obama should have done was both.

Obama wants to use force or war only as a last resort but even the red-lines he does not stay with. There are leaders that only understand force. So, any economic or mediation will be pointless. It comes down to will power. The will power of Obama is lukewarm at best, when it comes to anything using American power.

Now, the Middle East is aflame with ISIS, that extreme Islamist Muslim group with 20,000, tons of American equipment seized from the Iraqi Army that collapsed at the sight of a few thousand approaching Mosul. Of course, Obama called them a Junior Varsity team. He has been greatly hammered on this and he deserves the credit. Because of his attitude, there was no decision or direction of what to do. In contrast, a more decisive president would have done more faster and heed the advice his general's were providing. Obama was afraid to even allow combat air patrols over the Syrian-Turkish borders, a condition that Turkey wanted to enter Syria to create a buffer zone for millions of refugees. Had this been done, Turkish forces would have crossed and it would a far different situation. This happened again at Kobani, the town that became a "Stalingrad" for the Kurds. ISIS had nearly taken this town as Turkish tanks sat not more than a mile ready to intervene, if, Obama would provide combat air patrols for the Turks, a NATO member. Instead, the battle continued for over nine weeks, as Obama's wimpy coalition of airstrikes pounded ISIS. Instead of just getting the job done fast with American operations, Obama wants to include many so that it is not just an "American" operation. Why? The Arabs would be happy with that. With Obama, there is no America in the lead. Other presidents would "just do it".

But it gets worse. Now, Obama does not want to provide the most viable of all forces fighting ISIS the weapons they need, the Kurds. Yet, ISIS continues to seize Iraqi bases housing large amounts of American equipment, in effect, Obama is backing a loser and arming the enemy. If anything, it is the Kurds that should be receiving the weapons they need to really push ISIS back. They have already proven their worth.

All these bad decisions from a military point of view have many Americans doubting how patriotism. Obama is a patriot. Just because he was exposed to Islam growing up does not mean anything. What Obama is a wimpy president. He likes to use non-military force against those who simply take advantage of this with such force. Obama likes to resolve issues with discussion and negotiation. ISIS or Putin simply call him names behind his back. Obama can be diplomatic all he wants but as war wages on in Iraq, Libya or the Ukraine, America is made to look like a pathetic giant afraid to use its might. This is nothing new, it all started with the Vietnam war, and has plagued it since.


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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 2 years ago

      No doubt about that! At this point, i even think Hillary would be more resolute.

    • profile image

      Point2make 2 years ago

      More and more it appears that President Obama is confused and unsure of himself especially in the area of foreign affairs. I believe he is a patroit but his approach to the Middle East, and other hot spots, is seriously flawed.

    • perrya profile image

      perrya 2 years ago

      The greatest periods of influence are between 10-20 yrs, I think. So Obama has a combination of traditional and non-traditional. Obama thinks he can stand firm and negotiate with those who simply want to kill. He just thinks he can avoid using military force. If being a patriot means fighting with power, he is just a weak patriot. He is conflicted about all of this.

    • profile image

      Jayfort 2 years ago

      According to noted sociologist Dr. Morris Massey: "What You Are Is Where You Were When..." Your core personality and values are set during 3 periods of your life: 1. The Imprint Period - up to age 7 where we soak up everything, mostly from our parents. 2. The Modeling Period - from 8 to 13 where we copy our parents and others. 3. The Socialization Period - 13 to 21 where we are influenced by our peers. During the remainder of our lives we continue to follow these influences unless we encounter a significant emotional event (SEE) that can alter our core personality and values. Look at President Obama's influences throughout his life and ask yourself if he was raised on traditional American values?

      Good Hub! Voted Up and Interesting.