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Is President Trump Hitler-Like?

Updated on July 23, 2019

When the German magazine, Stern, had Trump on its cover in 2017 draped in the American flag with Hitler's salute, many Germans identified with it but in a BAD way. Many found his policies and actions very reminiscent of Hitler.

History Does and Can Repeat

Hitler was a nobody in the German political world in the 20's when he started his nationalist Nazi party using the swastika symbol taken from American Indian tribes. As he rose to power in the 30's until finally becoming the German leader, he spouted anti-hate rhetoric against people of color, which he called inferior races, and Jews, who were blamed for all the financial woes of Germany. He wanted to create a superior white race made up of mostly blonde hair, fair skinned, muscular men and women and even went as far as creating couples to do so. Of course, he went on to exterminate millions of Jews for no other reason than pure hate.

Not all Germans then agreed with Hitler on many issues, but he did create a better economy for Germany, which won him favor with those undecided. Those who were certain Hitler was evil, fled Germany before WW2 began. Those who did not, were forced into his policies reluctantly. These were the silent group. The supporters of Hitler would follow him wherever he wanted to go. They bought his propaganda and fake news that the Nazi party controlled in the media. There were few media outlets in German able to tell the truth. These followers were willing to die for Hitler and is dream of a superior race and attempt to be a God-like leader taking over the world.

Once WW2 began, the German people had no choice but to follow as the Gestapo, Hitler's secret police were everywhere and undercover. Any unrest or out spoken opposition was quickly terminated.


In 2017, when the Stern magazine declared Trump to be Hitler-like, many Germans could see why. But, even now, it is still the opinion of many Germans and Europeans looking at America.

Granted, Trump is not a Hitler. Hitler was truly evil incarnate, Trump just has some similar thoughts about people of color, women, his opposition, how he tries to control the media and those in his inner circle.

While the economy is fine for now, Trump acts like a wannabe Mussolini\Hitler of a fascist state. He instructs his staff to disobey the law, any subpoenas, calls people of color names who disagree with is policies and anyone who stand's up to him. He calls any news that puts him in bad light- fake news. He threatens countries in an lame attempt to get them to make a deal with him. Trump never tells the truth, at best, half-truth, and only if it serves him on an issue. White House press conferences have ended because reporters are asking questions they don't wish to answer. Trump, like Hitler, thinks he is a king of sorts. He can flaunt the law because nobody will stand up to him. His Republican senators are all just wimps.

At least Trump is not trying to create a superior race, but he is trying to make America white again. He is looking the other way with regards to Russia's interference because it helps him in 2020. His motto of, "Make America Great Again" begs the question, when was America NOT great? It infers he longs for a time when whites were the dominate population, like in the 50's, 60's, when there was no war and everyone looked up to America.

Trump is an old man from a different generation. A man who only lived in a privileged rich white world. Naturally, this is what he longs for again and so does his hardcore followers. Is this racist?

Yeah, and America is no longer like that and will never be that way again. America is now a nation of color with many diverse customs. Even the Republicans cannot change that.


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