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Is President Trump with God or Against God?

Updated on February 23, 2017

Whether you are Christian or not, there is a movement to either derail or support President Trump. Depending on what you believe regarding whether we are in the End Times or not, Christians are divided about the new president.

One school of thought is that Trump was allowed to win for he is with God and the last chance for America to return to its roots "under God". America in prophecy is in code, as it is known to be the 13th Jewish tribe, Ephraim. This is the tribe that settled far away. America has veered away from God over the decades making it too secular. Back in 2007, one famous minister in prophecy actually predicted that Trump would become president in 2016. He predicted that Trump would be a "trumpet" for God and would create walls along the border. This sermon was recorded. He also predicted that Trump would serve two terms. Remember, this was in 2007.

America in prophecy generally is absent or has no longer the influence on world events as it once did. It is a time for chaos and disorder internally domestically. It remains a potent force militarily but seldom used. But, while all other nations will turn against Israel via the U.N. (which recently happened), America continued to stand by it, even if with apprehension. President Trump has made Israel its full ally again, and no doubt this will embolden Israel knowing America has its back. Trump wants to move to U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, a move that will happen, notwithstanding what prophecy states will happen when this occurs (it will infuriate many Arab states).

So, it seems that Trump may be "under God" because of his intentions. Yet, other prophecy experts state that Trump will cause more war, more hatred, more instability in the world and Middle East. They say he is "not" under God but is just another bad thing allowed to happen to America for its straying away from God. These ministers, at times, even call him the Antichrist and will deceive Israel in the end making America turn its back on them. The moving of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem can be seen as a deliberate, provocative, act to incite Muslims, as he knows that will happen.

It is far easier to Trump as a man NOT under God than the reverse. Chaos follows him wherever he goes and his policies are more divisive across America. His past sexual statements and his mannerisms do not fit a president, but just a guy will a lot of biases and ego. He wants to control the press and facts, he loves himself, and is in your face to intimidate any opposition. He surrounds himself with those who think he is a God of some sort, like a savior, to make America great again. All this smells of a Antichrist of some sort, or at least a president who will further make America more chaotic NOT as a person under God, who embraces all people etc.

America is divided between these two extremes. While only God knows, I tend to think Trump was allowed to win to further divide and weaken the 13th tribe so that it is inconsequential in the End Times.


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