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Is Rudeness and Aggressiveness the new "cool?"

Updated on August 12, 2015

No one stops evil anymore- they support it

You walk into the supermarket, trying to peacefully shop or mind your business, you get in line at the deli section, and next thing you know, someone is trying to butt in front of you. You politely say 'excuse me, I was next" but deep down you're fuming. Why are people just SO rude these days? Do they think they're the center of the universe and no one else exists? Although this is a mild example, far more serious ones can be found anywhere in everyday life. Hatred, anger and just flat out cruelty can be experienced anywhere you go. From people jumping in line in front of you, to people just being rude, angry, aggressive or mean towards you for no reason, rudeness, anger and hatred seems to be rampant amongst people in society and out there everywhere. The problem is not only the experiences that happen, but the idea that no one does anything about it either or even cares.

I walked into a mcdonald's one day to get a refill on an iced tea. Yes, I was walking in with a cup from a different Mcdonald's, but I've done it many times, and no one ever really says anything to me. However, this time when I walked in, a large Hispanic manager began yelling at me. She began saying "HEY"!!! "WHAT ARE YOU DOING"????? she continued yelling at me obnoxiously in front of others who didn't seem to care--she really had no idea where I came from or that I even came from outside. The place was pretty crowded and her actions were based on no real evidence of anything. She began yelling at me and I ignored her. Then she began walking towards me, threatening me. Really, i'm an attractive female and she was trying to pick a fight with me. I was even wearing interview clothes and was dressed nicely. I continued ignoring her, then she began threatening to get my license plate- I mean really--over a refill for an iced tea?? Totally crazy and absurd. I ended up leaving with her saying she's going to call the cops, while people sitting around found no qualms about this deranged woman treating me like a thief or deviant for getting a refill on a drink, mocking, harassing and threatening me. In fact, they saw it as entertainment- a pretty woman being abused, yelled at and harassed- these people would have defended the crazy manager in a heartbeat. Did this woman have a right to question me- she did yes. But the way she behaved was horrendous and unacceptable.

Ive been to drive thru's where I've been abused constantly- and have even had my credit card thrown at me several times by crazy employees. The scary thing about today's society is that, if you attempt to complain about an employee, nothing is ever done. In fact, an employee who was constantly abusive to me at a steak n' shake was in fact promoted after I tried to file a complaint about her. The manager mocked me to my face and she was then promoted. In today's society, it seems doing 'bad, evil, wrong' or being rude or abusive in any form Is the new 'cool and accepted' while being the 'decent person who tries to do what is right' is shunned, mocked, and even chastised for no reason. The good are persecuted, while the bad get away with just about anything. It seems to be a society full of psychopaths and narcissists who support each other's deviant actions and behavior and shun anyone who tries to put down these very deviant and twisted people.

What you will find in this society is an overall hatred for anything that is 'good or decent', noble righteous or any form of true justice. True morality is waning and deviousness and wrongdoing is rampant and the support of the wrongdoing through constant false reinforcement, brainwashing, and conditioning. Good is shunned, and the practice of shunning evil or wrongdoing is shunned as well. In the religion I follow, it states that if you see an evil, you try to stop it in some way if you can- whether it's by your actions, your words, or even your thoughts. This hardly exists anymore! If you try to stop and evil today, you will have a horde and masses of people chasing you, bullying and chastising you for trying to stop the bully, stop the hate or the wrong. It's truly a twisted and confused society we are embarking on, on a path to complete immorality and annihilation of purity. Those who inwardly possess any form of evil inside of them and promote or practice this evil, will be welcomed and supported by the majority and masses with open arms. Those who commit and practice deeds that are hurtful, harmful or harming another person will not be stopped, criticized put down insulted or punished- they will be WELCOMED and REWARDED.

I have been through many unjust and bizarre situations and in each and every situation, I've witnessed the same occurrence- the lack of wanting to stop the person committing the 'wrong deed' the 'bad action' the harm, rather to my dismay and shock, I have witnessed nothing except complete support for the 'abuser, narcissist, psychopath, sociopath' or person committing the crime or ill deed. This shocked me completely, as many of these people who 'supported' the person that committed these heinous deeds were people who appeared to be 'upstanding citizens' decent people and people of substance and morality. They were people who did not otherwise commit crimes, lived decent normal lives and many were even professionals in noble fields. Yet, when given a circumstance to help or save a 'victim' in any form, even take sides of a person who was being wronged or abused, treated unfairly, or even cruelly treated, over and over again I witnessed nothing except these very people rather than supporting the victim, helping the victim to gain strength, attempting to stop the evil- do anything other than these things. What I witnessed was these very people in fact supporting the person committing the and the crimes- shockingly enough not only joining the bandwagon but attempting to be like the abuser, narcissist or evildoer and seeing them as sort of a leader they wanted to 'latch onto' and join the game of abuse, rather than doing anything to help the victim.

Within these 'professionals' were dentists, doctors, educated people, and even some people I went to college with. It's shocking to witness that in most cases the human's choice of behavior in a situation in which they can amend a wrong, was rather to commit the wrong as well and give praise and accolades to the person committing the wrong. It's a shock to witness that human nature, and society today, seem to be declining in basic morality, contrary to what you'd feel would happen in a 'modern civilized' society even the most civilized of people, choose to commit evil over good.

Many humans of today, seem to enjoy jumping on the bandwagon of anything that could be evil, wrong or harmful to another person. Rather than stopping an evil or wrong, they support it. Those who are truly good and righteous people are at great risk of being persecuted and abused because there is an abundance of those who innately seek and choose to support evil over good, even if they appear to be good or decent people. It doesn't matter who is in the right, or who is correct or who is committing the wrong act or deed. Those who are innately for the 'wrong' will be supported by the masses or majority since these people will only support their own kind, and their kind are not the good righteous or pure out there. Those people are the ones who are at the very risk of being abused, mistreated, preyed upon, outcasted and ostracized in a society where there is so much love of deviousness, hatred, wrongdoing and evil actions.



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