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Is She Really Blind?: A Look At Distributive Justice

Updated on February 7, 2015
tHErEDpILL profile image

Alem is an Entrepreneur and Writer with an A.S. in Digital Film Making.

What is the Process View of Distributive Justice?

An economic system is just if the process that creates it is just. We might see this as success through hard work and innovation, and honest competition.

By comparison, wealth obtained by fraud or coercion would be unjust. Consider as example the “robber barons” of the 19th Century.

In opposition to Egalitarian Economic Justice, I support the above idea of Distributive Justice. This is why;

The "American Dream" that so many people speak of is based on the idea of distributive justice. It was long believed and seemingly proved by numerous "Cinderella Stories" of our nations past that through hard work, innovation, and or honest competition, that everyone born in this country or abroad could have a chance to be wealthy. In other words we are given the right to "life liberty and the pursuit of happiness". Even though there are those that have benefited from this privilege given to us in our constitution, many people in America are realizing that the privilege has changed. Now it seems more like we have the right to "Life, liberty and the pursuit of crappiness."

If you study history (real history, not the crap they teach in American schools) you will discover the FACT that bankers have been stealing from people since the beginning of times. Even in religious stories of the past (if you believe in this) Jesus is known to have only gotten angry once in the whole bible. This was when he learned of the "Money Changers" collecting interest on money or goods that they lent to their fellow man. That's right, even God doesn't like bankers!

The robber barons of the 19th century still exist. The financial crash of 2008, the bailouts, the Wall Street glitches, and even as recently as MF Global hold up, they are still taking our money right in front of our faces. Fortunately people are starting to actually react to the bullying by the central bankers and global elites of the world. All this Occupy Wall Street protests and these revolutionary movements around the world are a result of the greedy fat cats starting to reap what they have sewn.

You see the people who are stealing our money want us to stay inside of the Matrix until they have used us all up, just like human batteries. Now we are seeing a lot of people taking the red pill and waking up to the real world. And just like in the movie the fight is going to be long and rough because we are attempting to fight the people who supply us with the means to live. If we occupy Wall Street, they steal 3 billion dollars and tell the people, good luck trying to do something about it. A lot of people don't like all three of the Matrix movies, I think it's because they don't understand the theme of the movie, there's always a theme. Maybe it's sort of confusing to figure it out through of the philosophical dialogue and symbolism but it's actually really simple. If you watch all three movies and pay close attention, you will realize that the theme of the whole trilogy is "choice". No matter what is stripped from you in this world every adult human on this planet has a choice. Maybe people will see past all of the reality shows and sports distractions and unplug. If not I fear we will be marched into our own demise...


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    • tHErEDpILL profile imageAUTHOR

      Alem Belton 

      6 years ago from New York

      Terri, how are you? Yes it has been awhile. If I made enough money doing this you would see me on here everyday. And you are so right about the red pill. I couldn't have said it better myself.

    • Terri Meredith profile image

      Terri Meredith 

      6 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Hello there Red...haven't seen you in a long time....where you been hiding? This is an excellent comparison. I couldn't have said it better...but....not enough people are choosing the red pill to make a difference YET. They'll be grabbing them by the hand fulls one day when it's too late...AFTER they've lost everything.


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