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Is Snopes a Trusted, Unbiased, Fact Finding Search?

Updated on November 28, 2016
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Sometimes the creative writing bug just hits this author and there is no telling what that might be. This is one of those times!


Facts and Truth

A half truth is a whole lie. ~Yiddish Proverb

Do you trust Snopes for your answers? I bet most of you do. I see that many do but the more I hear and read about them the less I think I can. I wanted to take a good look at who Snopes is and what others think of them and I will take you along with me on my research so you can decide if you feel the same when we are through.

Quite shocking to me is that they are just a husband and wife team David and Barbara Mikkelson, from California, who make money since 1995 researching questions, to come up with their answers that they get online (google). I am starting to think they are a bit biased if not outright dangerous. OK, so I decided pretty fast, huh? Just stick with me if you care for the truth. There is more than a little proof that we all have let who they are go right over our heads!

I will start with the worst example I found but please read through to some very mysterious and surprising facts I am sure most of you had no idea about as I did not!

"Snopes doesn’t consider forced anal and/or oral penetration on a 5-year-old Rape. On August 4th 2016, Bretibart revealed during an exclusive interview some shocking new details on the Migrant rape case from Twin Falls Idaho. During the interview, and in court, it was revealed the migrants both orally and anally penetrated the 5-year-old girl."

Snopes says that this is not rape, how could they say that? There are easy ways to look up exactly what rape is to those for whom it is not perfectly clear but doesn't this idea of Snopes seem to represent a new liberal idea of looking at things? To me it is clearly damaging and wrong! (There is much more!) Please see video for the story goes much deeper as most of them do to show you Snopes does not stand for truth.

I would very much appreciate those as biased as Snopes at least watch the videos and listen to these witnesses before commenting and defending someone you just might not know as well as you think you do. Thank you.

Residents Say These People Don't Want to be Americans!

Did Snopes help cover-up?

Whose Pocket is Snopes In?

Clearly the local authorities are keeping this as quiet as possible and it appears Snopes is helping them to do that. That should outrage every American in my book and they should never be trusted for even the most minute bit of information and I personally will never have a good word for them as I am sure the people of the Twin Falls town in Idaho would agree!

They are very angry at the town government and calling them out on trying such a blatant cover-up because they know what trouble is coming from refugees but because our federal government is trying so hard to sell them to the national public they are covering up the many incidents going on around the country where these people are settling.

If a reputable search would look for facts and give them to us how much better off would we be instead of waking up one day surrounded by this mayhem? Surely they were lead to give these false facts and if here then in how many other things?

* Have included an update on the trial of this case and the lies that continue against a 5 year old American girl while her attackers move on and roam free. I wonder if Snopes has this information anywhere?

David and Barbara Mikkelsone
David and Barbara Mikkelsone | Source

The Snopes Team

“Every villain is a hero in his own mind.”

― Tom Hiddleston

Here you can hear about what Snopes really is. Was it started as a hoax or joke and so many bought into it they made millionaires out of a couple of pranksters? You judge.

Take a look here at this couple and the cat that may just give them some of their answers. Pretty entertaining look. They are from San Fernando Valley of California and started their website 'Snopes'. After awhile it began gaining popularity as people believed it to be unbiased and neutral but then in the past couple of years people have started asking questions when 'Snopes' was proven wrong in a number of their final meanings. Also there were criticisms that Mikkelsons were not really investigating and getting to the 'true' answers, but putting their own beliefs in controversial issues.

Snopes Take False Information Under This Reporter's Name


Old news but still false reports from Snopes!

A Reporter Snopes Corrects with Wrong Information!

This reporter wants to get a story straight before Snopes messes up the story even more with misinformation! She will tell you how they messed up and could be even a big hindrance.

They change her information that someone apparently someone had misquoted her so don't we really have to keep all that straight? They try to correct this reporter with the wrong answers! She uses factual information and never speculates although Snopes does, she says. They often use wrong information.

She points out who Snopes is and she does not trust them whatsoever!


Do you use Snopes?

Will this chabge your mind about trusting Snopes for the facts?

See results

UPS and Passenger Flights?

This guy really finds them lacking. Very interesting take you may want to take a listen to. He thinks they are very biased although he at one time trusted them. This is a really interesting video everyone needs to hear! Here a Snopes story takes a very serious turn and I may should have not used it but what a story and Snopes was the start of the sorry to those who disagree and you are welcome to those who love a great mystery. Especially one that should concern us all!

I want to bring you all I find although I don't necessarily agree with all statements I cannot help but believe the ones with clear facts...all we should be after in a search for our information. Truth.

Federal Government Cover-up?


Pushing Your Ideas Onto Others

Whatever happens in the world is real, what one thinks should have happened is projection. We suffer more from our fictitious illusion and expectations of reality. ~Jacque Fresco

Is there a reason these trucks have been seen all over America? What does Snopes have to say about them?
Is there a reason these trucks have been seen all over America? What does Snopes have to say about them? | Source

They simply lied about this!

Military vehicles in the US

What about these trucks all over the US that people have been seeing and Snopes said they were for the UN. According to the people who make the trucks they never told Snopes they were for the UN.

No matter what you think of the reporter here please tell me why Snopes would tell us these are UN trucks? Who would want us to think that? Whose pocket then is Snopes in?

(I suspect this is a southern woman and perhaps she will be a bit much for some of you, although I am fine with her but it is worth the effort to get to these facts!)


Don't Stand on Slippery Snopes!

Snopes is not what many think it is and after all my research I am ready to say they are indeed biased. So now we must ask ourselves with all the money they have made starting out as a joke really, when and why did they become biased? We can clearly see the media in the US is biased, no two ways about that. I say that as an ex one political party and not quite another political party; seeing so much wrong in politics!

You use to turn on the TV and you got the news, you got the facts every day of your life. But no more! It can be days if not weeks before you can find out what happened to four dead Americans. We all know that is true. Unless we find the very few who report the news as it happens. Whether we agree with all their ideas or not they break the news and that is why I will never turn on NBC or ABC or CBS as I did all my life. Apparently they are owned...just like Snopes.

So is this how it is going to be with businesses like Snopes? Will we not be able to even do a search without finding out "who" they represent?

So why don't you tell us Snopes, whose back pocket you are in?

Fall City Update!

" It is not yet known whether or not the alleged ringleader of this appalling attack also assaulted the girl orally and anally, because he has not yet had to appear in court. But what was revealed Thursday coincides with and amplifies what the poor little girl’s mother got straight from the victim herself: “This is what my daughter has told me: that they grabbed her at knifepoint and forced her into the laundry room and told her that if she tried to leave, they would kill her. The seven-year-old boy took her clothes off. She tells me he put his private in her mouth and peed in her mouth, and put it in her private, and then peed all over her. And she said they recorded her, too… She also told the emergency room CARES doctor that they had a knife as well, and they found on her neck a cut. Then the day after, they claimed it was a scratch, when in fact it looked like a cut.”

It also provides confirmation of what the father reported to me about video he saw that the attacking boys took of their attack: “I watched the 8-year-old boy push my daughter up against a wall and pull her pants down and his pants down; he then attempted to penetrate her from behind. She was able to run away and crouch in a corner shaking in fear while the boy danced around naked laughing at her. I stopped watching after that.”

It also was revealed during the court hearing that the two Muslim migrant suspects who were required to appear in court Thursday have moved, and all three are not in custody – they are free. They roaming around loose and unsupervised."

- See more at:


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  • CharlieMadsen profile image

    CharlieMadsen 4 months ago

    Come on now, this is silly. Fact checking sites can't get it right 100% of the time, but that doesn't mean that they are biased. Just because Snopes has found things you thought were true to be false, it doesn't mean you should dismiss it.

  • Jackie Lynnley profile image

    Jackie Lynnley 4 months ago from The Beautiful South

    Facts should be facts, not maybes.

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