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Is Society Becoming Hopelessly Rude?

Updated on August 31, 2011

Just today, I was trolling along a quiet parking lot when I stumbled across a young family with a child of around seven years old. As I was walking by, the mother lost grip of her hyperactive child (it happens) and he wandered toward the centre of the small parking lot. The mother expediently ran after him and recouped her child, but not before a taxi cab going approximately 5 kilometers per hour felt the need to come to an abrupt stop of no more than a few centimeters from the child. The taxi cab driver then felt the need to violently blast his horn disturbing the peace across the entire neighbourhood. When I looked at the taxi and the subsequent driver, imagine my surprise that he's approximately around 60 years old and twice my age. In 60 years of life experience, how could a person end up so rude and dumb at the same time? Surely he's learned some basics on how to behave properly in society throughout all that time? I guess not . . .

To make matters worse, the taxi cap driver was interrupted for no more than three seconds, give or take, then felt the need to flip the bird as he passed by. The father, for his part, rather disappointed me. He passively watched the event unfold and did nothing so to speak.

Now I'm not one to normally pass heavy judgments on people. I don't know all of the circumstances. I realize that perhaps this individual taxi cab driver could have been a professional his entire life, downgraded by the economy, and subsequently left with this little job "beneath him." He could possibly be in financial trouble or have health problems. I know for a fact he doesn't have an easy job and has to hustle, but I cannot in good conscience find any reasonable excuse for this behaviour.

And one cannot help but to ask I'm I doing any favours by tolerating it? I was right there, no more than a few meters from the scene, I did nothing. Since I was very young, I often got into trouble trying to be "the hero" and not minding my own business. So now that I'm older, I do just that, mind my own business and passively watch the events from all around me unfold. There was a time you could threaten to torture me and I would never succumb to this mind set. In fact, even today, I'm regarded as overly rebellious to the system, yet even I in this situation bowed to pressure of what is perceived as proper.

I can only think of one reason why someone is hopelessly rude till the point he has become a destructive individual around age 60. Throughout his entire life, nobody bothered telling him that he's rude. Everyone tolerated it. So how could he know? That's the point, he couldn't know, and unfortunately, that's as good an excuse as any. Excessive tolerance till the point there is no consequence, who exactly are we trying to help with this philosophy? The police, lawyers and government so they will have less work settling disputes between human parties? The philosophy serves nobody.

Now, I could have chosen to break the cycle that day for this man, because I believe it's never too late. Most likely he would not have listened, more likely he would have pulled a gun to my face, but at the very least he could no longer use ignorance as an excuse. If we continue to reward or tolerate bad behaviour, why should we be surprised that evil triumphs? If we threaten people who dare speak out against it, why should we be surprised that good is silenced? Why should we be surprised that what is evil is now perceived as good, and what is good, is now perceived as evil?

Maybe I'm off my rocker here, maybe I'm an anarchist psycho maniac prone to violence and conflict as I've been so diagnosed by the "mental health world order," or maybe I'm right that people need to SPEAK UP.

-Donovan D. Westhaver

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    • profile image

      Exzentriker 3 years ago

      Maybe the taxi driver was told that he will get fired if he doesn´t drive quick enough today and than this child ran onto the street and the man was angry as fuck and shouted. You can´t know. Maybe you are rude.

    • msorensson profile image

      msorensson 5 years ago

      We can never tell the state of mind of a person, unless we are in his shoes..

      Your question is valid.."In 60 years of life experience, how could a person end up so rude and dumb at the same time?"

      We don't know his pains, his concerns, his fears. If we remember this then it is good for us, in the long run.

      If you are rude to someone who was rude to you, then that makes two rude people.

      I enjoyed the hub. Thanks.

    • manthy profile image

      Mark 6 years ago from Alabama,USA

      Man you are on a roll with your writing, I like it.

      Voted up and awesome again