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Is Somalia truly on the path of rebirth

Updated on February 12, 2013

Political map of Somalia


Rebirth or Repeat?

The United Nations have struck Somalia from the list of failed states, every country has recognized the New Somali president as legitimate, Al-Shabab terrorists are being captured and tried daily, even peace talks with the rebels in Somaliland and Puntland have begun, but many still stay skeptical. The humanitarian crisis is still present, terrorist groups, famine and hunger ravage the north, while pirates have control over the coastline. Is Somalia truly on the path of rebirth, or will history repeat itself and will Somalia fall into darkness again?

Although refugee camps in Ethiopia and Kenya are still very full with displaced people, they are beginning to empty and people are returning to the country, but only to find their houses and farms ravaged by terrorists and droughts. The United Nations have been in the past to nation, only to have failed and now only help indirectly by aiding the African Union force in Somalia. This has been received positively by the whole international community with a new motto arising - "From Africa, For Africa". Many new programs have been initiated to aid the rebirth of Somalia as a developing country. The United States of America have given 200$ Million in the last 2 years to Somalia, The Russian Federation and China 1.5$ Billion in aid and relief. Such donations and aid finances have allowed the federal government to create a system similar to the European Common Agricultural Policy, which allows the funding of farmers to aid them rebuild their damaged property and to start produce once again.

Although Pirates still ravage international ships, new institutions are being built for the reeducation of imprisoned pirates in order to bring back Somalia's once booming fishing business. The African Union have been discussing solutions to the drought, hunger and famine in the north - there have been many ideas ranging from the continuation of food relief to cloud seeding introduction. The terrorist group of Al-Shabab has nearly been exterminated by solely African forces and have retreated into small areas, which will soon be recaptured by African Union force.

Although many are still critical of Somalia's new path, the facts show that the situation has normalized in most of the territory, refugees are beginning to return to rebuild their farms and houses, governmental institutions are being built to deal with educational issues, the African Union and the Somali police force are combating successfully the Al-Shabab group, and cases of piracy are decreasing. Somalia has shown that it is ready to be reborn as a slowly, but steadily developing country for a hopefully brighter and better future .

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