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Is Terrorism a White Christian Male Thing

Updated on April 4, 2015

The plane crash in France is a categorical tragedy for the deceased families and anyone connected to it. However, reading articles regarding this catastrophe, I noticed this event, at least for now, has not been called a terror attack. I find this troubling as well as intriguing. You see, when a Muslim commits an act of terror, that act is immediately and invariably called terrorism, but when a non-Muslim, especially a White Christian, commits acts of obscene, stark terror, rarely, if not never, are these acts reported or considered terrorism. Why?

Terrorism is a forsooth “Muslim thing”, and the reason why Muslims are regarded as terrorists is simple: they are-like Afro-Americans and other brown people throughout the nation and world-the "others", and when you are the "other", it is difficult, if not impossible, to alter perception, especially in the so-called “information age”.

Still disagree? Well, consider, if you will, this: historically, there is no group that committed more acts of terror on American soil than White Christians, a fact that can't be gainsaid. I'll let that sink in now. Okay, Let’s explore my hypothesis. Looking at the last twenty years, White Christians, all men, I mind you, have been responsible for most terroristic acts. Timothy McVeigh, a White Christian male, in 1995, before there was a 9/11, committed the worst terroristic act in American history, killing 168 people and injuring 600, to revenge Federal government’s overreach in Waco Texas. The Olympic Park Bombing, which injured 111 people, killing one spectator-was committed by Eric Rudolph, a White male. Ted Kandinsky, better known as the Unabomber, a brilliant mind, was responsible for three deaths at least, and, let’s not forget, he was a White male.

Hey, I'm can go on and on here. I could include the KKK, a Christian White militant group, responsible for terrorizing Black Americans, bombing Black Churches, Black owned businesses, lynching countless numbers of Black men. KKK members were, at the time, pillars of their communities, many of whom occupied positions of power and prestige in towns and cities across the South. White people, despite what history suggests, are not deemed terrorists. I don’t recall Moderate White Christians having to apologize for the evil acts of White terrorists. Why? They’re the majority, so it is understood that most don’t commit such evil acts, but Muslim, particularly Arabs, are minorities in this country, and consequently, they’re the others and subjected to stupidity and ignorance.


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