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Is The Pulse Club Orlando Shooting a Hoax, Staged or 100% Real?

Updated on June 21, 2016

What are your thoughts on the Orlando Shooting?

Do you believe:

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Crazed Loner Shoots Up Gay Nightclub in Orlando

All major news outlets reported that on the 12th June 2016, a crazed loner named Omar Mateen allegedly burst into Pulse, a well known gay latino nightclub in Orlando, Fl., and shot over 50 people to death, whilst leaving numerous others severely injured.

As more details emerge about this senseless killing spree, it seems not everything is adding up. Yes, we have many 'eye witness' accounts of what went on, from people who managed to get away and escape death in the wake of such a ferocious attack, but there are a lot of discrepancies in the accounts of these people.

Once you string together all the various information we have including witness accounts, camera footage and social media activity, it fast becomes obvious that this shooting may not have happened in exactly the way we are being led to believe.

Have a look at what I have come across thus far, turn off your emotional connection to the event, and let us know whether you feel this is 100% real, a false flag event to further a few political agendas, a complete hoax to instill fear in people, or a partially staged event.

In fact, lets do two polls, one before you read & watch all the footage & one after to see if the evidence has shaken your belief either way.

Now, let me make this clear. I have no vested interest either way. If people were in fact killed, I offer sincere condolences to their families and hope they have the peace & patience to deal with their loss. If no one was murdered and our emotions are being played with, then I hope this will be a wake up call so we can learn to better question what we are told by both the mainstream media and also those who govern us.

On that note, I will not be responding to trolls who feel it necessary to meaninglessly attack people like myself who dare to question the status quo at a sensitive time.

Puzzling Point #1 News of the Shooting Posted on Facebook on 11th June

This is the first and foremost point I find deeply disturbing. As you can see in the image above, someone on Facebook called A Tonyz Nation posted some videos on Facebook with the caption:

"Shots fired Pulse Orlando made it out just barely as we started to hear fire being shot!! People are screaming that people are dead!! Crazy..."

Now this is extremely worrying for two reasons. Firstly, all accounts from mainstream & social media stated that this occurred at 2am on 12th June. The screenshot above clearly shows that this was posted at 11:16pm on 11th June - in other words this person wrote shots fired HOURS before it actually happened.

Secondly, this discrepancy was bought to my attention when I was watching a video which referred to this whole thing as possibly being staged. I went and checked the Facebook account myself, and sure enough, the post had been deleted. I don't depend on others research normally, so I checked cached Facebook pages and found that this person DID actually post the above caption (hence I took a screenshot for corroboration) on June 11th at 11:16pm.

After doing some more digging, I actually came across these two posts (see the screenshot below). Again, note the date and time on these posts and what they actually say. If you are as devastated as you profess due to all these murders, why are you posting partying pics from the club at 5:43am and 4:48am on June 12th?

The shooter was apparently in there for 3 hours before being shot to death by police at around 5am, so this guy was apparently posting partying pics from the club whilst this whole thing was actively going down?

I think you will agree, there is something not quite right about the timings here.

Now before you all start going on about time differences and timezones, its all irrelevant. Why? Because these timings don't correspond with any adjustments due to varying timezones etc.

What do you make of this? How is it possible that this person documented the supposed shootings hours before they actually happened? If this person had prior knowledge, why didn't anyone take notice? If this was just an error with Facebook timings (timezones, etc.) then why did this guy delete the original post? Why are we being told it all went down at 2am?

Puzzling Point #2 Christine Leinonen Appears to Be Reading from Cue Cards

Now this is the first video of this entire incident I came across, and it just hit me right away that there was something insincere about this lady. Christine Leinonen is being interviewed by a reporter and at this point in time she does not know where her son is. Whether he is indeed alive or has been killed.

Watching her talk, I just felt her emotions were off. Her expressions were off. The content of what she was saying was totally off.

By the time I got to the end of the video, and she threw in the statement about banning assault rifles, it suddenly all clicked together. One question was going round and round in my head.

Take a look at the video below and then let me come back with my line of thought. Perhaps you will agree with me, maybe you wont, but watch the video for yourself so you can make an informed decision.

The thought that immediately popped into my head after watching this video to the end was this: Why would she throw in the impassioned plea to ban assault rifles when she could use that valuable screen time to reach out to people asking them for help in locating her son? Her son that she did not know to be dead or alive?

Other questions arise. Why are there no tears? Why is it blatantly obvious (even through her sunglasses) that she is reading from cue cards or a script behind the camera? I know grief does all kind of things to the brain, but her emotions are totally off.

Its like someone told her to cry and be emotional during the interview and she put her all into trying to put that across to the viewers. I didn't get any sincerity from her entire interview. In addition to all this, in other videos, there is a blatant reflection of what looks suspiciously like studio lights in her sunglasses & the background seems to be a green screen as opposed to a live shot of her on the ground.

When I then watched another video of her with Anderson Cooper (after she knew her son was amongst those killed), she was smiling, ear to ear, a fact that even the interviewer found strange as he commented "'re smiling...". I just couldn't attach grief, loss, devastation, hopelessness, raw emotions to this lady - all characteristics of someone who is in deep shock after hearing that her son is not just no longer here, but has been violently shot to death.

Furthermore, her content is strange. Why is she saying that the police couldn't identify victims for hours? To even get into the club, you must have ID. Gunshots do not obliterate any and every form of ID, its just not plausible. Why is she on every news cast when she has not yet located her son? Why isn't she seeking comfort in her family, friends, colleagues, etc. instead of doing the rounds on national TV? After he has been confirmed dead, why is she still front and centre on the news?

Christine Leinonen Smiling in an Interview After Her Son Has Been Confirmed Dead

I just find it deeply disturbing that a mother wakes up at 3am, checks Facebook and sees her sons friend (someone called Brandon) has posted a status on Facebook about some shooting, and you are TEXTING this person to find out the whereabouts & welfare of your son?

If you have the number to text, you should be ringing to find out whats going on with your child. Her account just makes no sense whatsoever.

If my child is at a location where there has been reports of a shooting, my sons phone and his friends phones will be ringing off the hook. I'll get to the location real rapid. I wont be on news doing interviews. I wont be talking about assault rifles.

Just imagine this. A knife is used to slaughter people and one of the suspected victims family members is outside the location giving interviews. Would you find it weird if in the midst of that interview they start talking about banning knives? I know I would.

I sure as heck would not be smiling mere days after my child has been gunned down. Its not a normal human emotion to find any kind of joy even when remembering the greatest things about the deceased person, especially not if its your child, and especially not if they have just been killed less than two days ago.

Her entire demeanor, the forced crying with no tears, the reading from cue cards, the smiling during interviews, the plea to ban assault rifles... that and more convince me that this lady is not genuine in her portrayed grief. It makes me sad to say this, but if she did in fact lose her child, there is something really, horribly wrong with this ladies coping mechanisms.

Puzzling Point #3 Injured People Are Being Carried Back Towards the Pulse Nightclub, Not Away

Does this fact puzzle you? It certainly puzzles me.

You've just sustained multiple gunshot wounds. You don't have a clear idea of whats going on in the club just yet. There's NO ambulance in sight and you are unsure of the whereabouts or the plight of the shooter. Say you escaped and were carried away from the club...

What do you do next? Get carried back to the scene of the shooting of course!

Yes, you read it right. This video you are seeing below, where the people are carrying apparently injured people, they aren't running away from the scene of the shooting, they are actively carrying injured (allegedly) people back to the Pulse nightclub.

Now this right here makes absolutely NO sense whatsoever. The people that are being carried have tourniquets on their legs, but hardly any blood. If you are shot to the point where you need a makeshift tourniquet to prevent the loss of BLOOD, I expect to see copious amounts of... BLOOD.

I have provided images taken from google maps below, which clearly show the location of two buildings leading up to the Pulse Nightclub:

  • Stand up MRI of Orlando and
  • Dunkin' Donuts

If you watch the video above again, you can see the both of these buildings in the background, corroborating that these 'injured' people are being carried BACK to the club.

Now what does this mean exactly? Why would injured people be carried towards the scene of the shooting? When is it protocol for Police officers to carry injured people to the scene of a shooting? Who gave these people the crazy idea that they should be moving people with gunshot wounds? Why are we unable to see any ambulances when Christine Leinonen mentions her son's friend Brandon said he saw the boyfriend being carried out on a stretcher? Why wouldn't the ambulances come to the injured people, rather than ask them to be carried to a different location?! All this makes no sense to me. Does it make sense to you?

Puzzling Point #4 Reports of Multiple Shooters and Accomplices

Social media is a powerful research tool when it comes to real world events. Let me explain why. Not everything you see online is legit, in fact we all know of trolls who may be paid to side track people from getting educated on real world events. At the same time, if you look long enough, and hard enough, you will unearth some golden nuggets of information, that come from people who seem to be legitimate.

An example in point - the fact that numerous people who had friends and family inside the club at the time of the shooting stated that there were multiple shooters, and that there was an individual preventing people from exiting the club.

Multiple shooters. To me this seems more plausible, although I am not convinced that a few of these people are legitimate, and not crisis actors.

There is no way that a lone shooter could take out so many people in such a short space of time, whilst preventing people from exiting the club, reloading the rifle multiple times, injuring many others, inflict more than one gunshot wound per person and hold people hostage in the club....all at the same damn time.

Its unbelievable, really and truly.

We are missing information, that is the only way this could make even a tiny bit of sense.

Puzzling Point #5 Gunshots from an AR-15 were Mistaken for Sound Effects & Firecrackers

Each point I make seems to make this story more and more ridiculous. How can you be in a club or any other location, and mistake rounds from an AR-15 for sound effects? People who go to indoor gun ranges will tell you without a shadow of a doubt that if you do not have appropriate ear wear, this sound will leave your ears ringing at best, or deafen you at worst.

So, how then can this shooter fire off hundreds of rounds and people are thinking it is a sound effect, a part of the music?

It is totally implausible to assume that people in the club saw other clubbers dropping like flies from AR-15 fire, and they weren't screaming? Running for cover? This scene should have alerted all others in the club to the fact that these were actual GUNSHOTS and not sound effects.

Again, there is something definitely amiss here. We are not being told the full story.

Puzzling Point #6 Pulse Orlando Posted a Tweet at 2.48am

Again the timings are totally off here. If you have an active shooter situation going on in your club, would you tweet out a message like this? Whilst the shooter has shot people already & is holding others hostage?

Even more curious is the fact that now if you go on the Pulse twitter page, the timing on the post has been changed to 10:58am.

None of this makes any sense whatsoever. Who tweeted this message out? How did they receive information amidst the active shooter situation? WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!???

What are your thoughts on the Orlando Shooting now?

Do you believe:

See results

List of Puzzling Questions

After spending a week going through the official narrative, the mainstream media disinformation and social media, I have more questions than I started with. I've covered most above, but there are others in here that people, including myself, would love to know the answers to so that this whole scenario can make just an iota of sense, at least.

  • Why was Christine Leinonen giving live interviews on multiple news stations when she did not know whether her son was alive or dead?
  • Why did she message her son's friend instead of calling him?
  • Why mention assault rifles when you do not even know where your son is? Whats more important?
  • Why was she laughing and looking elated after she had been told he was one of those killed?
  • Why are injured people being carried to the club?
  • Why would an ambulance not drive to the scene to pick the injured up?
  • Why are we seeing no ambulances after the wake of the attack even though Christopher Leinonen's mother said his friend saw his boyfriend being carried out on a stretcher?
  • Why are we seeing the same people that are being carried back to the club being able to stand as normal on the pavement?
  • Why is there such a lack of blood at the scene and on the people when 50 plus people were allegedly killed?
  • How did the suspected shooter Omar Mateen get into the club with ALL that ammo?
  • How was he able to shoot and kill all these people without being rushed by others in the club?
  • How is it possible that he reloaded magazines multiple times without being disarmed by others in the club?
  • How was he able to hold people hostage in the toilets with hundreds of people in the club?
  • Why is there no footage of him being shot dead? When we have footage of Saddam Hussain and Moammar Gaddafi meeting horrific ends?
  • Why are there such discrepancies in the times when people posted about the event on social media?
  • Why are we seeing so many actors a part of this event? (Omar Mateen, Luis Burbano, etc.)
  • Why are we not seeing any deceased individuals being carried out in masses?
  • If the times some of these statuses were posted were being inaccurately portrayed, why were these posts deleted?
  • Why are there numerous reports of multiple shooters?
  • How is someone shot 7 times (Angel Colon) discharged from hospital within two days, and then able to move and talk as usual?
  • How did people inside the club mistake AR-15 gunshots for sound effects and firecrackers when gun shooters will tell you the sound of this gun being fired even once or twice is deafening?

Ending thoughts...

I can't say for sure whether this event was real or a completely staged set up. I do know that a lot of things do not add up. In fact I can't really find any official information that seems legitimate or sincere.

I am not saying that people did not die, I just don't know if there are any fatalities. There is no evidence, and we are supposed to just blindly believe the people that the mainstream media put out there for us to watch, to listen to.

The same mainstream media that is owned by a select few people. I won't go into this here, do your research.

To me, the whole narrative is riddled with discrepancies and outright lies, and makes me take several steps back to analyse what is really going on here. What is the agenda?

Why make us believe a lone muslim, homophobic with gay inclinations (allegedly) US citizen with allegiances to numerous conflicting terrorist organisations (ISIS, Al Qaeda, Taliban - all of which are enemies of one another) was responsible for all this? What does the government and mainstream media gain from all this?

There are many videos plastered across the internet talking about the Orlando Pulse Nightclub shooting being 100% staged, but you have to find those that give you corroborated evidence. Here are a few I've found that I feel give substantial information:

No Ambulances Seen

Crisis Actors Caught Off Guard & Laughing Thinking They are Off Camera

'Injured' People Being Carried To The Club

Survivor is a FOX Intern (Mainstream Media Ties)

Crisis Actors Emotions Are Totally Fake

Suspected Shooter Calls CNN during the Shooting

Is This Entire Thing Totally Staged?

Please Comment & Share...Lets Get Some Answers!!

Like I said at the beginning, I don't know exactly what has happened here, all I know is that there are a lot of questions that need answering. Whether it was a completely staged false flag event, or a set up where innocent people were classed as collateral damage, something (actually a lot of things) are just NOT RIGHT here.

Remove emotion, and think logically about what they are telling us. How could a legitimate mass shooting have so many unanswered questions and major discrepancies?

If something smells like crap, looks like crap, and acts like crap...start investigating and separate the bullsh*t from the facts.

If you have other questions or information I have not covered above, please list them in the comments. If you can answer any of these questions, we would love to hear.

No hate, no derogatory personal attacks, no abuse please.



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    • Ajax 2016 profile image

      Ajax 2016 

      2 years ago

      Check out false flag attacks. Do not try investigating the act itself but the benefit and strategy manufactured terror plays in achieving very direct results by our government. I just wrote a hub on false flags myself. Ask yourself why are these events happening? And remember everything fed to us by media is not exposing the government; rather being GIVEN to us by government. Do not think our government clumsy, sloppy, or weak. For a false flag attack to be successful you must have media control, country allies who will keep your secret, and strategic and effective covert ops. People in the democracy must be shell shocked into consent and threat of attacks is very effective in controlling citizen behavior. Great hub. Good luck!

    • profile image

      sharon gantenberg 

      2 years ago

      one guy supposedly shot 4 times, 1 shot shattering his hip, was shown doing therapy on a walker within 2 days, but wearing street clothes under hospital gown...also showed him sitting up in a chair for press conference...sorry, but a shattered hip is pretty bad...also chris hansen saved people carried shot people, yet had no blood on himself

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      I noticed that the parking lot didn't have that many cars in it... if there was supposed to be 300 people there, why didn't they have a full parking lot

    • Will Apse profile image

      Will Apse 

      2 years ago

      Someone might be interested in the people who died:

    • hinazille profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago from Planet Earth


      I get where you are coming from. I appreciate your honesty. I can understand why the mind would be hesitant to consider or indeed accept the possibility that they are staging events on home soil.

      Thank you for your complimentary words:)

    • Mel Carriere profile image

      Mel Carriere 

      2 years ago from San Diego California

      I'm not quite ready to accept that this was staged, but our intelligence services have staged false flag operations all over the world for various nefarious reasons, so I wouldn't say it is outside the realm of possibilities either. Great investigative footwork.

    • hinazille profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago from Planet Earth


      Thank you for your input on this whole situation. Gun legislation (specifically to ban assault rifles) had been on the cards for a long long time now Sandy Hook and the theatre shooting were all lead ups.

      I'm looking forward to hearing the comments too. I asked for feedback on the article in the forums and a few people feel I am being offensive and cruel to write this article. I really don't feel raising concerns about the legitimacy of yet another mass shooting is a bad thing to do.

      We should question official narrative as the government serves the people not the other way around.

    • hinazille profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago from Planet Earth


      Thank you for reading my hub and for taking your time to respond, it is very much appreciated.

      I agree. That is something that has been niggling me too. How could three whole hours pass? We have no evidence of a negotiation happening. Yet he had time to text his wife, ring news channels, call 911... it all seems so implausible.

      I can see why this distraction could have occurred when it did though... Gun legislation is being considered, bilderberg meeting was happening that same weekend, middle of gay pride month.... one stone, many birds!

    • Lipnancy profile image

      Nancy Yager 

      2 years ago from Hamburg, New York

      Your article does raise many questions. Thank you for bringing it to my attention so I can now be more observant of the videos. And I only realized today from the news that the event preceded another vote about gun control. Looking forward to the other comments to come.

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      The one thing I thought immediately I saw this on Sky News was "How could the police wait more than 3 hours before moving in? How could they stand there outside the club and listen to the shots and screaming...what happened to the Swat Team?"

      As for all the rest, your excellent article does raise a whole slew of doubts; I just hope the truth does come out...we have seen far too many of either hoaxes or wrongly ascribed perps over the years...Kennedy, Monroe, Princes Diane, etc., the list goes on.

      I will take more interest in this story as it unfolds - if it ever does.

      Best Bob


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