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Is The Place/Role Of A Woman To Be In The Home

Updated on January 22, 2010

Woman Attending To Her Familys Need,Not Realising Her True Potential

Do You Believe A Womans Place Is In The Home

Do you know that old cliché, the one that says,"the only place for a woman is in the home, and man is the main bread winner of his household." There are people out there who have grown up with this mentality, and actually believe in it, as it has been cemented in their heads from they were able to understand one plus one is two. I mean this was also taught in school: girls are to be housewives and men should go out and make the money.

Women were indoctrinated to believe that they serve no other purpose than being their spouses’ "slaves”, because ultimately that is what it comes to. A woman is expected to be the doting wife. She should cook, clean, take care of the kids, greet the man at the door when he comes in from a hard day at work, take his shoes and jacket and ask,’ how was your day honey”, get his meal, making sure that his plate has more food because guess what, 'he works harder than everybody else and so deserves more food’. She should be sexually available when the man wants to have sex. Do you know what the sole responsibility of the man was? He was responsible for the financial income of the family. Some may say yes it is a big responsibility, but, can you imagine if they had allowed women in the work force. Just think of the amount of money they could have accumulated together! I don’t think men had time to think of equality between men and women. They didn’t want their testosterone being challenged. It was their responsibility, and they wanted to be a man about it. They felt indispensable. Such chauvinistic behavior was so outlandish and unattractive but because they didn’t know better, it was widely accepted by society.

Then came the liberation of women. Hooray! Women got tired of the notion that they were not capable of doing a man’s job. They got tired of hearing that they didn’t have the intelligence to survive or perform in a man’s world. Women developed strength, confidence, vigor and determination to prove to themselves and society that, yes, they do belong here just as much as a man does. It was their main prerogative to eradicate all those ideologies/unorthodox beliefs that women were just not good enough, and that they need to just stay home and be the primary caregiver. But you know what; women have successfully revolutionized the way society thinks about them. They have elevated themselves in extremely high positions, and still take care of their home. They have shown the world that equality does exist between both sexes, and that when you work together as a team, you stand to gain more. In some homes today, men stay at home while the woman goes out to work. The strength of a woman is phenomenal and I am proud to call myself woman.

Woman Being The Main Breadwinner,Husband Stays At Home


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    • christryon profile image

      christryon 8 years ago

      Nice cartoon. I do believe in the traditional roles of men and women. However, I see nothing wrong with women working part-time to fill a financial need in the family.

      Not to mention, we have so many options now when it comes to opportunities to work out of our homes.

      There are a good number of network marketing companies that are low-cost and reasonably easy to earn a decent part-time income with.

    • profile image

      mel-angie 8 years ago

      This is a great piece! Hilarious cartoons!