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Is The Recession Encouraging People to Follow Their Dreams?

Updated on May 12, 2014

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In the current financial situation and what seems like a never ending recession, with such a high rate of unemployment and continuous stories of benefits being cut, are people now more likely to follow their dreams?

Let's face it, when you have nothing to lose, you are in a better situation in terms of starting a business or going into education. If, on the other hand, you are tied down to a stable, secure job that pays your bills, you are unlikely to make that leap. The decision to discard a stable lifestyle for an unsecure future is pretty daunting.

But what about those people who are on benefits, desperately applying for jobs, and running out of hope? What about those who have been penalised, and had their benefits cut because they didn't do enough star jumps? They aren't necessarily bad people. If this recession has shown anything, it is that nothing is sacred. No industry is safe. I have met scientists, engineers and teachers who are unemployed, and finding it hard to get a job.

So what's left? When you can't find a job, and the benefits system certainly can't provide a life of luxury? Do you give up, or do you try to go it alone?

Self employment levels have been steadily increasing over the last 5 years. Workers who have been made redundant often combine their redundancy payment with a unique skill to produce a business. Others can approach organisations such as business gateway for startup funds, or even pitch to investors in a "Dragon's Den" type of approach.

There are skilled tradespeople cropping up everywhere trying it on their own, which in itself is creating great value for customers as the new companies compete for business.

There are musicians and artists who have went all in and concentrated on their art, spending more time on it than would be possible if they were employed. Card makers, jewelry makers, artists, dressmakers- all setting up on etsy or something similar to make money from their creativity. Drummers, guitarists, pianists all setting up as private tutors or even recording their own albums and self publishing. Everyone is trying to find their unique selling point, and putting it into practice.

I have seen plenty of examples of this in my circle of friends and family, and all of them agree that they wouldn't have even tried setting up on their own if it hadn't been for the lack of job opportunities, and their present situation.

So, for them, has the recession been a blessing in disguise? After all, they now get to do something they love for a living!

I have been trying to set up my own Graphic Design & Crafts business recently, but with so many hours spent at work, it seems so far off for me. I certainly don't want to lose my job, but I have considered whether I would then be more likely to pursue my own business if this was to happen.

For many people, it seems to be working.They are following their dreams, and it looks like it's paying off. I can only hope that their success grows, along with the economy!


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