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Is There An Economic Crisis

Updated on May 26, 2009

At What Point is Enough Enough

Many people say that we have a "bad economy", and then they want people to agree without doing a proper and thorough analysis about what that means. Economics is the study of how to allocate or distribute limited resource to the masses, where there are unlimited wants. O.K. well right off the bat this does look like an undesirable situation if you have "limited resources" trying to satisfy "unlimited wants" logic, reason and common sense will conclude that the economical situation naturally will appear unfavorable.

In a world with seven billion (7,000,000,000) people it actually is kind of scary. What is scary is that all we really need to survive and live in peace is for everyone and I do mean everyone to have enough food, water, air, shelter, good health and inner peace of being. Anything above the basic need is a want, that will cause material bondage.

The truth is as such the economy is not bad it is exactly the way that is should be at this point in time. Sound hard to swallow for some people, especially if they feel their needs are not met at the present time. Sounds unfavorable to myself on some days, but I know this statement to be accurate based on the following point of view.

The basic needs have not changed through out time as far as my research indicates. The ancient tribe and cultures all had to provide the basic needs for "their people", that is a fact. Basic needs are needs that with out a person will die, any thing else is a want. The economists claim that human being waste enough food in different parts of the world, that if this food was not wasted we would not have people going hungry. There is enough food, however, there is not enough people who want to use the energy to create a more intelligent distribution system. That is a fact or I could not even begin to make such a claim.

I have found through study and observation that excessive greed, hoarding, carelessness and ignorance are some of the major contributing factors to our "bad economy" on a planetary level. Some days I just sit and wonder what is really enough for some people, if they actually acquired the world the next thing they probably would want to own is the solar system and then the galaxy, until they own the universe. Then I think but that is not logical human life is so short, why do some people want to own more than they could use while so many others go without. Oh yes, carelessness, they do not care whose basic needs are met as long as they have their needs and wants. Then I think why do these people not care, oh yes, because they are ignorant. Ignorant does not mean that they lack education in this writing, it means that they just choose to ignore facts. They choose to ignore the fact that there are seven billion people, space is limited, resources are limited. They choose to ignore the fact that it take so many different distribution systems to get the various products that they enjoy to them. They choose to ignore the fact that with out other people making the physical and intellectual work happen their illusion would disappear.

No the economy is not "bad" we a a whole are all responsible for the economy by the choices that we make as a group of "civilized" human beings. When enough people truly understand the fundamental principles of economics then they will make more considerate decisions and the world economy will naturally get "better" until then, it will be what it is at the moment.

I am going to do my best to do my part to make "our" economy better by trying to be more considerate in my decisinos and wasting less. I hope all readers are encouraged to do the same.

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    • nms profile image


      9 years ago from Cochin

      yup......u right....use less resources and be more productive


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