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Is There Anything 'Bad' That President Obama Is Responsible For?

Updated on August 8, 2011

Is There Anything 'Bad' That President Obama is Responsible For?

You know it would happen that those who are in the grip of President Obama’s cult of personality would place the blame of America's credit downgrade on everyone else, but the secular messiah, President Obama. It is no different from those who are quick to blame racism for any criticism of President Obama, neglecting the salient fact that many whites, given the voting population makeup, must have voted for President Obama. But this is the nature of those caught up in the cult of personality… whereby if our current President were caught doing the unthinkable with a boy in the Lincoln Bedroom, somehow President Bush, the younger or the Tea Party would be blamed.

When President Obama shepherd the operations that brought Bin laden to justice, he received the accolades, as he should have… but anything that goes bad under President Obama’s watch is placed at the feet of his predecessor or the biased media’s whipping boy, the Tea Party. Now, watch that if President Obama were to be re-elected and America keep spiraling into the abyss of dire straights, that George Bush would still be verbally burned in effigy. You bet that the ‘Standard and Poors’ credit ratings agency that down graded the USA, under the secular messiah’s watch, would be cast as being making a ‘political statement’ and an enemy and part of the few who are not caught up in the incubus that is the cult of personality surrounding President Obama.

Years ago, I pondered how brilliant people, gifted in mental faculties, could follow cult leaders like David Koresh or Jim Jones, to their demise – but I came to realize that it is not based on common sense, but emotional. I supposed that is what you would say too about how Verily Prime feels about Jesus, the Christ. I thank Jesus for not burdening me with looking at every issue through the prism of race and being able to be objective or be, at least, honest to convey when I am being biased. Over the weekend, I saw all of the Hollywood denizens – most of those who tacitly or expressly believe that anything morally goes - attending the White House party for President Obama’s birthday; that is all I need to know about who the President is. Count me among the few who is playing the role of the modern day Sadducee or Pharisee… making the Tea Party the Sanhedrin to the secular messiah, President Obama.


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