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Is There a Dual Standand of Justice?

Updated on December 11, 2010

Justice for All?


Justice or Favoritism

In our great land of America, the home of the free we can live our dreams if there are no laws broken in obtaining them, or can we? It would be very difficult and time consuming to prove that the justice system overall is bias in any particular state or in all 50 states because it would mean researching many cases and depicting the situations. So I have chosen one particular subject to discuss. It appears that our justice system treats status and clout in trying our citizens for crime as oposed to hard evidence. It appears that if you are wealthy, have notoriety, or celebrity status that you have more of a chance of having your case exonerated than the average American. There are many celebrities such as athletes, particularly athletes as well as movie stars and politicians who seem to be excaping the raths of lawbreaking just because of status. This is shockingly true when it involves acts committed against females by males. How can this be true? In a lot of cases there are settlements that are made out of court thus clearing the defendant of being dound guilty of a wrong doing. This is not necessarily because the accuser is looking for money but because she usually does not want to go through the pain of dragging the case out in a public court where often the wealthy celebrity has the best possible lawyers. Furthermore the victim's character is often mutalated and they are made to look like immoral trash before the media by somone who may be idolized and made to look squeaky clean. In many cases the defendant is often depicted as someone being taken advantage of by someone who is looking for recognition of some kind, have jealoucy, or anger or have vengeance of some kind or just looking for an easy life without earning it. In many cases the victim's past is ofter brought up which often has nothing to do with relevancy of the case. Although harassment is sometimes difficult to proove, rape and sodomy could more easily be proven if evidence were allowed to go forth. However because the woman's character is so badly besmirched the case often ends in a settlement. Even if a woman was a call girl or an exotic dancer or anything related to sex or the stimulation of sex does not mean that she should be taken advantage of in a court of law to achieve exoneration of the guilty party. Even in cases of domestic abuse committed time and time again there is just no clear act of justice to help the victim. In the case of the famous O. J. Simson, although it had been proven that his wife was a victim of domestic violence, he was still exonerated even after recorded 911 calls had been introduced. Ask yourself this question, how could a wrongful death be tried in civil court when there was never a wrongful death proven in criminal court? Also if Mr. Simpson is not guilty why isn't a search being carried out for Nichole Simson's murderer? Idolization by the public of entertainers which also include athletes and politicians cannot continue to be a reason for false or unlawful exoneration of their crimes. If wealth, popularity, and celebrity status continues to allow how outcomes are arrived at in trials how fair is the justice sysem to it's subjects and is that within the guidelines of the constituation of the United States of which we so highly regard and revere. There can be no justice if it is not equal. Not even does this apply to male on female crimes but is cases of bribery, misuse of funds, and false testifying in a court of law and misuse of authority. If all men are created equal and women as well then how can we stand by this if equal treatment is not despursed in handing out just decissions and punishment in accordance with the law.



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