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Is There an Increase in Rude Customer Service These Days- I Think So!

Updated on January 30, 2013

Where Has Courteous Service Gone

Where is good customer service? You tell me please. On a sunny November day in 2009, I was doing clothes shopping at a noted department store(for ethical and privacy purposes the store shall remain nameless). I wanted to revamp my wardrobe so I shopped for a green ochre sweater set which included three tops and a cardigan sweater in a silk viscose material. In addition to that, I shopped for a black suede leather maxi skirt. I could not find the black suede maxi skirt although the skirt was advertised in a local newspaper as a sale.

Since I could not find the black suede maxi skirt, I asked the sales clerk if she could tell me where the leather suede skirt was because sometimes certain store items are moved to different locations when there is a final sale. The sales clerk was talking to another clerk regarding personal business, not store business. She looked at me, ignoring me and continued talking with her coworker. I again asked her to help me and she just looked at me, stating that this was not her area. I left and began to look for the black suede maxi skirt myself. I subsequently found the skirt in the sections marked items for final sale.

After I have finished shopping for the items I wanted, I took them to the cashier. The cashier hurriedly rung up the items. However, I noted that there was an overcharge of $ 40.00. I informed her that the black suede maxi skirt was on sale. The cashier angrily refuted this so I contacted the store supervisor who concurred with me that the item was on sale. The cashier angrily snatched the skirt from the supervisor's hand and huffily rang up the skirt. I thanked the supervisor for helping me while the cashier glared at me, mumbling that I had ruined her day.

Earlier this year on July 9, 2010, I received a parcel note from the post office indicating my parcel was at the post office. I called the central post office, instructing them to have the parcel delivered to me the next day, July 10, 2010. When I went to my mailbox on July 10,, 2010, I asked my carrier if there was a parcel for me and he answered no. I then called the post office and the clerk indicated that my parcel was lost. I asked the clerk how could the parcel be lost and the clerk banged the telphone and hung up. I then called the supervisor who informed me that "maybe I had gotten the parcel and had a memory lapse." I had never been so nonplussed in my life. I was on the verge of tears.

I was so incensed that I asked for the station manager of the post office. I informed her that my parcel was lost. She nonchalantly replied that "well, things happen". I was again perplexed by such unprofessional behavior. Several days later, I called the post office and spoke to another clerk who informed me that the package was returned to sender. I was aghast! I wondered how could this be! So the clerk explained to me that mistakes do happen. I realized that that minor mistakes do happen but not mistakes of this magnitude. If this was private industry, a mistake of this magnitude would result in someone being fired. As a result of this mistake, I chose to pick up my parcels at the post office instead of having it redelivered. At no time during this mishap did I receive an apology from the post office for my mail being lost.

I have noticed that service has gotten progressively worse over the years. Customer service used to be polite and/or cordial at best. Now clerks delight in being rude to customers. Even if a person complains to a superior, many times nothing is done to reprimand the clerk and/or subordinate. Many clerks and/or subordinates are just clockwatchers and see the customer as a easy mark to abuse. Will customer service improve in the future? My estimation is that it will get much, much worse before it gets better.


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    • Rastamermaid profile image


      7 years ago from Universe

      I think it's just an increase of rude people.

      Great hub!


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