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Is This the End of the Bradley Manning Farce?

Updated on July 30, 2013
Bradley Manning
Bradley Manning | Source


Bradley Manning has been found not guilty of assisting the enemy but guilty of 57 other charges concerning the leaking of 70,000 documents to Wiki leaks, what a farce.

The whole security set up is a total mess and all the US Government can do is make a scapegoat of a young private first class. The whole concept of any security system anywhere is information should be available only on a need to know basis and so how did this PRIVATE have access to so much sensitive information? How was he able to copy the information?

The most important point here is that if he could get this information and give it to any media outlet, then professional espionage agencies would have already acquired all that information long before it was released to the media and so all that Bradley is really guilty of, is embarrassing the supposed security services of the US Government.

Yes of course he is guilty and should be charged because as a serving military man, regardless of rank, you are subject to certain rules and he broke them. The problem is though, that everybody is patting themselves on the back because they have seen justice done and that is a mockery.

Now they are venomously hunting down Snowden, a mere contract worker, not even a member of the military. How did he manage to get sensitive information? Once again this blatantly displays the ineptitude of the so called US security services but why should we be concerned?

We should be concerned because basically, the US has no secrets.

Now you add to this that they say they are entitled, for security reasons, to spy on our internet activities which means that WE have no secrets, as obviously with a security system that has more leaks than a wire mesh canoe, we may as well broadcast to the world our every thought.

Now today, the US Government is patting itself on the back for supposedly breaking a vice ring involving 76 cities countrywide and rescuing 105 teenagers from prostitution. Where is the big deal? The population of the United States is 316,668,567 and so this could be a big story in the Vatican or even perhaps in the Isle of Capri but for the US it is appalling, why?

If the United States clearly have the ability to capture information off the internet at will, why do they allow child pornography sites to continue in business? Instead of snooping on innocent individuals, the US Government should be using their seemingly limitless resources to secure their security system and eliminate child pornography.

All this will not happen though because they have two young boys who can be crucified and blamed for all of the United States woes. This means that they do not have to look into their security protocols that could mean ‘big heads’ rolling, nor do they have to worry about child pornography because they rescued a couple of teenagers who had been abused for years, after all it is in the United States interest not to destroy good money making businesses.

Where does all their supposed security information get them?

Saddam Hussien
Saddam Hussien | Source


Perhaps the wrongful invasion of Iraq? Oh yes, I forgot, as well as invading Iraq for non existent WMD and 9/11 terrorists, they also invaded to stop Saddam from killing Iraqis. Guess what, apart from thousands of brave American and other international soldiers lives lost in the Iraq war, in July of 2013 over 800 Iraqis have been killed by each other, probably a whey higher average than Saddam could attain.

The United States have far too many problems of their own, of their own making, to try and dictate to the world but they can’t stop, why?

Although they are quick to say that they pay the most into the United Nations, they are not so quick to mention that they receive far more than they put in. The United States, through funding by the UN of American soldiers around the world, receive far more in payments than they put in and if they were to in fact stop meddling around the world and their troops were returned to the US, the government could not pay them, house them or find them work. This means that the US government has to find countries where the troops are ‘needed’ or face their own political suicides.

Don’t worry though, now that the US Government can spy on anybody, at any time, when the next fiasco happens, they’ll be able to find a scapegoat far quicker than before.


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