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Is Trump Really Losing?

Updated on August 18, 2016

Are the Polls for Real?

Mitt Romney was starting to pick up momentum as people who weren't on-board with campaign for his entire primary season had finally started to see the light and put their support behind him. As the 2012 election drew near, massive crowds started arriving at rallies with unparalleled enthusiasm that could only be matched by Obama's election in 2004. Enthusiasm for Obama had waned and it almost seemed like he was ready to concede the election, pack his bags, and move back to Chicago. But one thing kept Obama from prematurely writing off his campaign. Polling data.

In 2012 the polls favored Obama the entire election season. It was unbelievable considering his failures to implement key policies that he had promised to deliver on, the disaster that Obamacare was starting to create, and the economic disparity being experienced across the country. Nobody in the conservative media believed the polling data and, instead, chose to believe that the polling data was rigged to shape public opinion. Well, November came around and it was quickly learned that the polling data was right all along.

August 2016, Donald Trump is drawing crowds to his rallies consisting of over 15,000 people. People that have never voted before are now enthusiastically casting their support behind Trump. Maybe most importantly, many Republican voters are starting to come to grips with what a Hillary Presidency would mean for the country and are now resentfully pledging their support to Trump. All the while, polling data shows that Trump is trailing far behind Hillary. Are we doomed to repeat the 2012 election?

Do You Remember Israel in 2015?

As a conservative, I am a little gun shy about saying that the polling data is rigged in favor of Hillary this time around. I want to believe it, but all of the conservatives in the media are now whole-heartedly choosing to believe the polls that show Hillary winning in a landslide. And why not? We doubted Obama's lead in 2012, how could we possibly doubt the reality that Hillary Clinton is slaughtering Trump in 2016?

Let's first acknowledge that things have changed since 2012. The media has never been so in the tank for a candidate as what it has been for Hillary; I'm including Obama in this. How can I say that the media is more in the tank for Hillary than Obama? you might ask. As shady of a figure that Obama was and has been, he did not get caught red-handed in a scandal that would have wrecked anyone else's political career. I contest that if emails had been uncovered that revealed that Obama was directly tied to Fast and Furious or was completely aware of the lies he was telling about the roll-out of Obamacare or that he was responsible for the stand down order in Benghazi, he would have been toast. Hillary, as a Clinton - correction - as THE Clinton that shielded and saved Bill Clinton's butt amid his series of affairs with women he was not married to - is more privileged than any politician that has ever walked the face of the earth. Let's be honest, had it been revealed that any other campaign had rigged a primary election, that candidate would have been run out of town on a poll. Speaking of polls, let's talk about a poll that was taken since the 2012 election.

Namely, let's talk about the polling data that was collected leading up to the re-election of Benjamin Netanyahu. In the months leading up to his re-election as Prime Minister of Israel, the polling data was starting to shape up pretty negatively toward him. His opponent was gaining ground so quickly that it appeared that they would be in a dead heat going into election day. The ballots were cast and the results were that Netanyahu won in a landslide victory over his opponent. If I'm not mistaken, Obama refused to call him and congratulate him. in fact, I think that he scolded Israel for re-electing a "Zionist."

Granted, I think the polls did show him nipping his opponent, but the trend was that his opponent was gaining ground so fast that he could have passed him by the time of the election. Polls are not perfect and we must be careful not to allow them to influence the way that we vote.

Are we Israel?

The same political atmosphere exists today in America that existed last year in Israel. In Israel, Netanyahu was facing an opponent that believed that they could live in harmony with people that religiously wanted them dead. Netanyahu promised to not allow such people into their country and to protect Israel at all costs. In America, Hillary Clinton is a candidate that thinks we should grant asylum to refugees from countries that have vowed to destroy the United States and Israel. Their leaders have actually announced their tactics to infiltrate the refugee program and send terrorists over under cover. Donald Trump, on the other hand, has vowed to defend the country at all costs and to deny those who want to harm Americans access into our country. This isn't rocket science, but who would you vote for if those were the only descriptors of your candidate for President?

People don't want to die. People don't want to be harmed. People don't want to live with the thought that they might get shot at the shopping mall, the bowling alley, at their school, at the movies, at military ceremonies. People don't want to live life in fear and allowing people who might be terrorists into our country creates fear. I find it hard to believe that Hillary Clinton is as popular as a door stop when it comes to this election season, but Romney did announce that 47% of people in this country will vote Democrat no matter what because they want their entitlements to be a guarantee.

Results are Results

Look, I'm not saying the pollsters are making the same mistakes as the ones in Israel did during Netanyahu's re-election bid. Despite the consistent polling data, Trump's overall unfavorable rating, and Hillary's willingness to give every voter a free puppy if she wins the Presidency, I find it very hard to believe that anyone trusts her, believes in her, or likes her. Yes, every day Trump says something outrageous that lights the media's fire, but, every day, one more scandal is being pulled out of Hillary's closet for the world to see.

All of that said, results are results. Is Trump really losing right now? I have no idea. I think that he stands a really good shot at winning the Presidency, but I have been very disappointed the past two Presidential election cycles. To add salt to the wound, the Republicans have chosen to repeat their cycle of totally ignoring their constituents. Voters are getting tired of GOP excuses as to why they couldn't stop Obama here or the Democrats there. They have both the House and the Senate for crying out loud!

But that's also why I have hope for Trump. This election season, thus far, has been about Outsiders vs. Establishment. You don't get anymore Establishment than Hillary. Whether or not Trump truly is an outsider...whatever, I don't even care anymore. He is a symbol to the American voter. He is a representation of the anger and outrage we have had toward career politicians that use and abuse their voters for the purpose of securing office. Through Donald Trump, we are saying, "No more." And he looks all too willing to say, "I've got the backs of the American people." Will the polls prove to be right? Only time will tell.


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    • Dont Taze Me Bro profile image

      Banned cause of pissants promisem and deantraylor 15 months ago from TWO OF THE MANY LYING LIB CRYBABIES OF HUB PAGES

      I agree with you Bill on this. the polls could just be wrong as they have been in the past, but as the election gets very close they will tighten up because the media does use polls they have tinkered with to sway public opinion, you see this in the past, polls with 12% more democrats polled or rigged questions, but nearer the election they need to be accurate so as not to appear worthless.

      When you read and study what the Clinton's have done in selling influence throughout the world,"Clinton Cash", how she is considered by the media and this administration to be above the law, how she bought the Super delegates in her own primary and used the DNC and media to squelch Bernie, it does beg the question "how can we possibly know what she is or isn't doing or getting away with to rig this election?"

      Just common sense dictates she can't be trusted on anything, the Clinton's are a crime family and the world has gone to hell in a hand basket when anyone thinks a 45 minute speech by any of the Clintons is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. I heard Chelsea now gets $75,000 for a speech....on what? What could she have to say about anything that anyone would want to pay to hear, that is after she takes the silver spoon out of her mouth to speak.

    • Perspycacious profile image

      Demas W Jasper 15 months ago from Today's America and The World Beyond

      The "Lock Her Up" voters may find more reasons to do so. Wait and see. She cannot say one thing to a congressional committee and the opposite in testimony to the FBI w/o guilt of perjuring. She would not be likely to get a full pardon from Trump, or he from Obama, if he needed one.Political lies are still lies. There should be just one standard: the law.