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Is Trump Today's Churchill ?

Updated on February 19, 2016
Donald Trump:  Another Churchill to stand up to the West's enemies?
Donald Trump: Another Churchill to stand up to the West's enemies? | Source
Winston Churchill who led the UK through WW II and many miss today his courage and toughness as a politician in today's politicians as the West faces new threats.
Winston Churchill who led the UK through WW II and many miss today his courage and toughness as a politician in today's politicians as the West faces new threats. | Source
Adolf Hitler at the height of his power.
Adolf Hitler at the height of his power. | Source
Joseph Stalin who Churchill correctly guessed would be the next threat to the West after Hitler.
Joseph Stalin who Churchill correctly guessed would be the next threat to the West after Hitler. | Source
Vlad Putin who has been compared to Hitler and Stalin.
Vlad Putin who has been compared to Hitler and Stalin. | Source
Al - Baghdadi leader of Islamic State and enemy of the West.
Al - Baghdadi leader of Islamic State and enemy of the West. | Source

Outspoken People.

What I am going to write here you may think I have taken leave of my senses and perhaps I have but this is what I am going to suggest: Donald Trump is this decades Winston Churchill.

Now have you taken this in reader, well it may sound astounding but there are parallels between Winnie as he was known and the Donald. Both were born into rich environments but both are in the Donald's case and were in Winston's case self made men.

Both men are in Trump's case and were in Churchill's case outspoken and both men made mistakes after all at the end of the day they were again in Winston's case and are in Donald's case human. Both men certainly thought again in Churchill's case and think in Trump's case a lot of themselves. In Churchill's case he thought it was his destiny to lead Britain when Hitler was threatening the country. I don't know if Trump feels like that but certainly in his mantra and seen on the signs of many supporters at Trump's rallies is 'Make America Great Again' or 'Greater' as he said recently at one of his gatherings.

Donald Trump has got himself into trouble by suggesting America should build a wall between itself and Mexico to stop Mexicans from sneaking into the US and to stop temporarily Muslims coming to the US while the conflict in the Middle East continues.

LIke wise Winston Churchill has been accused of being a Facist or racist in his attitude to Indians for example that they were like children and if Britain gave them their freedom India would quickly collapse with out the British into chaos from where the British found them. He too said that Islam was a war like faith and could find no accommodation with the West.

There are differences however, before Churchill was PM in 1940 he did hold office in government and oversaw and planned the campaign in Gallipoli which was mean't to shorten the first world war but instead turned out to be a stalemate. Many British, Australian, New Zealanders and other Commonwealth and Empire forces lost their lives in trying to storm the beaches of Turkey where they encountered stiff Turkish resistance. Churchill after this resigned and fought in the trenches on the western front fighting the Germans as a common Tommie.

Trump by contrast as far as I know has not seen any military service, If I'm wrong, I'm wrong, I welcome any reader out there to correct me. One thing I do know is this is the first time Trump has run for any political office in the US let alone the top job.

We all know what a great war leader Churchill turned out to be even though he suffered a stroke and a heart attack but all this was kept from the British people lest the enemy in WWII should find out and make propaganda capital out of it. He liked to drink and smoke his cigars and was eager to join the British Tommies going in the landing ships to the Normandy beaches in 1944 during the Allied invasion of German occupied Europe. However, he was restrained by the King who said that if Churchill went he as King must be seen to be supporting his PM and would go in the landing ships also. On hearing this Churchill did not go in the landing ships but later Churchill crossed the channel to the Normandy beaches when most of the fighting was done.

Churchill oversaw the contribution the UK made in the Allied fight against the Nazis which ended in victory in 1945. Churchill was voted out of office in 1945 because the British people wanted something different, however, Churchill returned to be PM in the 50s and died in 1966.

Many pundits now wonder where the Churchill of today's world is as we face mass migration from the Middle East, a dangerous threat from Islamic State and Putin doing an impression of Hitler in Syria and the Ukraine plus China plus North Korea.

Just possibly that man maybe Donald Trump if he is chosen to be the Republican nominee and so far his campaign has not come off the tracks even an attack by the Pope on his statements about Mexicans seems to have not put him off. If anything any attack on Trump only seems to make him more determined to carry on perhaps a little like Churchill there too.

Now if he does get to be President then and only then will we see what kind of leader he will be.

Princess Diana:  Relative of Churchill.
Princess Diana: Relative of Churchill. | Source

Small Biog Of Churchill.

Winston Churchill was known for smoking big cigars and drinking and being a larger than life character.

In the meetings he had with Joseph Stalin they would drink and smoke into the night not one side neither Churchill nor Stalin giving in.

Churchill loved his parties and gatherings especially when the champagne and wine was flowing plus the odd brandy.

He depended on the support of his wife Clementine or 'Clemy' as he called her, she was the power behind Churchill's throne. Many times when she used to leave him at Chartwell his residence to be with friends or his PM residence outside of No 10, Chequers, he would be glad to see her and she him.

Churchill's mother was American who he was very close to and his ancestral home was Blenheim Palce. Princess Diana was a relative of Winston Churchill and Lord Soames is the living relative of him today who was for a while a Conservative MP.

These are some facts about Churchill and his life and family.


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    • Nick Bishop profile imageAUTHOR

      Nick Bishop 

      2 years ago from Blackpool

      Thanks for your feed back.

    • emge profile image


      2 years ago from Abu Dhabi

      Good post, but only the analogy of Putin and Nazi is not correct. Yes, I do agree that in the long run Donald may just be the medicine the US and world needs.


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