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Is Violence the new Normal?

Updated on December 29, 2012

Not just the USA

When you look at the news all you see is the incredible hate people propagate against another, not realizing they are all the same manifestations of the one. I am very worried about the world and the demise of civility and kindness. Each and every day we are faced with violence and the addiction to reporting about the violence from the world of the media. We hear some good things in the news, but often they are overshadowed by the bad things. People tell me daily that they do not watch the news for this very reason, but that is not enough to make it go away. Out of sight out of mind is not the solution.

America is not the only place where there is terror occurring daily. If you view the news you will see it on the Gaza strip, in Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea, India and many other places. There is war and death and rape and cruelty. Why are mentally ill people allowed to walk the streets of our cities? Because we will do nothing to give them the treatment they need? Why are veterans homeless? Why do prisoners get released from prisons that have done all manner of horrific crime upon man and womankind and then end up back in the system within less than a week? Why are we so sure we are not responsible for our fellow man?

We are looking at an abyss of hate that will continue just as sure as the day comes to an end. There will be no change to this horrible side of life if we do not all pledge to do our part to undo the hatred, the schisms, the horror, the misery and the pain that we inflict upon our fellow man/woman. I do not think there is an easy answer, even religion divides us. There is nothing we can agree on and no way we can come to a consensus. Even our own government will not budge when it comes to making decisions and compromising on bills and budgets and legislation. Everyone is stubbornly stuck in their own sense of morality, their own belief in the correctness of their position. As we continue to live, we are entering an even more bifurcated society that is resplendent with technology to keep our attention away from the things that need to be solved. We can barely write, barely communicate because we do not believe we need to with such things as texting and engaging in techno speak.

Is it any wonder that people feel completely alone in a world full of others? Is it difficult to see that if one if challenged by mental issues that they will do anything to garner the attention of the other, even if it means they are violent? Can we recognize the symptoms and manifestations of rage and retribution before it wreaks havoc upon the children? The vile underpinnings of society appear to be escalating in their need to remain in control of outdated legislation and revisionist history for what purpose? There is a reason we look at things in the past in order to move forward, we do it so we do not repeat the same mistakes over and over, and yet many will deny there was ever a mistake, an error so egregious that WE might have made in the past that would dictate our decision-making was somehow flawed. Just because it has always been done a certain way does not make it right!

This is the time to remember that it is only those who live in the present that can make the changes necessary in this world. Not some martyred past President or leader. Not an outdated piece of paper written in a different time period that is not aligned with current day reality. Not archaic and brutal divisive rhetoric. It is time for all of us, the entire WORLD to end brutality, war, anger, and violent acts upon each other. Life is a precious gift, not one to be taken lightly. Any action WE take can change one drop of water in the ocean of humanity. Volumes have been written, voluminous words have been spoken, and yet we still need to do our own work. Stop pointing fingers, start taking your own life as a model for the world! Do it while you are still breathing…the world needs you.


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    • Aley Martin profile imageAUTHOR

      Alice Lee Martin 

      5 years ago from Sumner, Washington,USA

      thank you Deborah. Happy New Year to you.

    • Deborah Brooks profile image

      Deborah Brooks Langford 

      5 years ago from Brownsville,TX

      what a wonderful hub. I agree the world needs each one of us.. to be kinder and more loving and not condemning and not judgmental

      I am sharing this great hub

      happy new year to you



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