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Is World War 3 On Its Way? How Can You Be Prepared?

Updated on April 17, 2017

GBU-43B, the 21,000-pound conventional bomb

Tensions Rising

Between the GBU-43B ( A 21,000-pound convention bomb) that was just dropped on ISIS fighters in Afghanistan to the U.S and Japanese strike group right off the Korean peninsula. Not even to mention the Chemical Attack in Syrian and the U.S response to such actions. President Donald Trump seems ready and willing to go to war with rival country's.

Should We Be Concerned?

With all that is currently happening, seems like the question on many peoples minds is, could a third World War actually happen? The answer as of now, we really don't know. There was a time when it seemed like the idea of war between Russia, China, and the U.S (the 3 Major military players) had complete disappeared after the Cold War. But tense relationships could outbreak into another global conflict. Russia and America's involvement in the war with Syria has created a situation where both country's planes are flying dangerously close to each other on bombing raids. Vladimir Putin has also deployed warships to the Baltic Sea carrying nuclear-capable missiles. Russian media claimed the ships were strategically placed to have European cities in their sights.

How Can You Be Prepared?

Now more than ever is an excuse to stock up on emergency food and water, in order to prepared for what might happen. With World War 3 searches on google hitting an all time high since 2004, there is no double that you are not alone in your thought. This raises another question, how can we prepare ourselves?

  1. Develop alternative income streams, do not rely on a 9-5 job always being there for you
  2. Develop a plan to get out of the city you live in, especially if it is a big one.
  3. Stock up on at least one months supply of food and water for your entire family.
  4. Own an emergency radio so you can stay informed

Alternative Income Streams

Alternative income steams in short, are alternative ways you can make money, in the event you lose your job. This can be anything from a small online business, to selling homemade bread on the end of your street. As long as it can make you actual money, its considered income.

  1. Eliminate Debt: Before you can begin accumulating wealth, you need to understand the negative impact debt can have on your hard earned money. Eliminating debt needs to be your first and only priority. If you owe $250,000 on a home, and $30,000 on a car. You likely will pay $20,000 dollars extra once they are finally payed off. Debt is paralyzing and excessive debt will not permit you to accumulate any sort of real money. Weather this mean you stop eating fast food, or you stop going to see a movie once a week. Do what you have to do to pay off debt.
  2. Create wealth: I suggest you spend sometime researching affiliate marketing as this is by far one of the easiest ways to go about making some serious money in a short time, all from a computer screen.

Developing A Plan

Developing a plan might be one of the single most important things you can do to improve your chances if things really take a turn for the worst. Talk with close friends and family about what to do in the event of a 3rd World War, whether it is where to meet, or what to stock up on. Keeping your close ones in the loop can help everyone in the long run.

  1. Find alternative routes out of your city
  2. Select a meeting location
  3. Know what to bring
  4. Have a way of communication

Emergency Food and Water

Food and water are the two most essential things for life, and if a 3rd World War breaks out. Food shortages will be expected. It is best to stock up on at least one months worth of food and water for every member of the house hold, and then some. The more the better obviously. Canned foods are great, but they are also extremely heavy. Try to find a median between canned goods and other light weight survival food such as freeze dried items, or MREs. Bottled water is also great, but it has the potential to go bad, so some actual Emergency drinking water should suffice.

Owning An Emergency Radio

Owning an emergency radio is essential in order to stay informed when/ if T.V goes down. These are relatively inexpensive and some of them can actually charge your phone as well. I've heard of people making a few modification allowing them to actually talk to others via their emergency radio. But regardless your intentions with it, it will never hurt to own one in a situation where you need to hear what is going on in the outside world.


With only more bumpy roads of uncertainty ahead, it won't do any harm preparing for the possiblity of another World War. With the large North Korean holiday coming up on the 15th of April, and a U.S/Japanese fleet right off their coast, it is unsure what might happen. Whether North Korea decides to do another weapons test or not is unknown, and what might transpire from it is also not full of uncertainty.


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    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      bradmasterOCcal 9 months ago from Orange County California

      If you want to prepare then get your congress to reunify the United States. Divide and be conquered. We have a bigger divide today than we had since the Civil War, and in both cases the divide was created by the Democrats.

      If the voters get to their congress and demand that everyone gives the US the united front that we need to deal with the threats from the rest of the world that want to take us down.

      We did it on 911, do we want another 911 to reunite us or do we want to reunite to prevent another 911?